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Cosmic Dancer

DYING? MARTA WASN'T AFRAID. She’d done it so many times before. Return to Earth? That was where all her traumas and her terrors lay.

But it was too late. Now she’s come back as Amelia, an aspiring ballerina with a mother who drinks too much and a boyfriend who moves too fast. She’s started to have visions of past lives and, strangest of all, of her life between lives. She’s terrified, because it’s 1969 in her small Michigan town and no one sane speaks of such things!
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The Liberator
SKU: 978-0-9824691-0-1

A story from the shared extraterrestrial history that haunts all Earth dwellers!

Readers have compared this book to Star Wars and Avatar, but it's a history, a channeled novel about a highly advanced Cosmic Being who takes on a physical incarnation to become Dalos, spiritual leader from the Pleiades. His mission is to save humanity from the widening destructive path of a single entity, Dalos’s fallen protégé Antares.
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Speed Your Evolution

Unleash your Infinite power!

This is the guidebook you need, complete with illustrations, anecdotes, and exercises, to:
  • Improve your psychic sensitivity
  • Find the truth about your past lives
  • Test and validate that information
  • Heal your past-life traumas, and
  • Burnish relationships with lovers, friends, family & bosses!
Learn how to build your Infinite connections to live a happier life now, save yourself lifetimes of trial & error, and speed your personal climb up the ladder of Cosmic Consciousness!
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Biography of an Archangel
SKU: 978-0-935097-19-1

"This is a love story of infinite proportion. It has no beginning, and no end, just as life, itself, has no terminating point. Our story stretches across the vast seas of energy that make up the infinite cosmos, touching upon the lives of trillions of souls living in countless planes and dimensions of expression...."

So begins Chapter One of this interdimensional history of the visitations to Earth by members of an "Angelic Hierarchy," a Brotherhood of Light. Sometimes incarnating to teach and lead; sometimes overshadowing from afar. It's a story told through a channeled text, though at times it reads like historical fiction. It begins in a higher world known as "Aries."
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