The Liberator

The Liberator

A Psychic-Spiritual History of the Orion Empire
Published by Jolibro Publishing, Spilled Secrets
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“Remarkable!” “inspiring…” “transforms the reader…”

Reviewers have compared this book to Star Wars and Avatar but unlike those fictional tales, The Liberator is a channeled history in the form of a novel, a space adventure about a highly advanced Cosmic Being who has taken on a physical incarnation to become Dalos, spiritual leader from the Pleiades. His mission is to save humanity from the widening destructive path of a single entity, Dalos’s fallen protégé Antares.

Antares lost his way while on an ill-advised “rescue” mission, undertaken against the advice of his spiritual mentors. He now rules over a highly mechanized society as Tyrantus, supreme ruler of the interplanetary Orion Empire. His military forces are rapidly taking over planets, destroying those who refuse to cooperate. Those who join the Empire are subjected to electronic and chemical controls and tortures that are damaging their mental structures to such an extent, even their future lifetimes will be affected. The ripples of this destruction are affecting the entire universe. Otherwise, Dalos and the legions of Light Beings supporting his mission, would not have become involved.

To rescue trillions, Dalos and his hand-picked starship crew from the Pleiades must travel into the dangerous heart of this diabolical nightmare to reach the well-guarded Emperor personally, to spark his memories of his spiritual self, Antares, and to bring a halt to the destruction of souls living on hundreds of planets. Yet even Dalos’s Pleiadian crew begins to fall victim to the unstoppable Orion machine . . .

With his expanded knowledge of Infinite Intelligence, can Dalos save himself long enough to make a significant change? Or will he and his Pleiadian entourage succumb to the temptations and tortures of the Orion Empire? Can he reach the soul of Antares, or has it disintegrated beneath the foul façade of Tyrantus?

The Liberator is one story from the shared history that haunts all Earth dwellers, constantly repeating, rising, falling, rising again—the same pattern of dictatorial control, decline, revolution, control, revolution, control. Willingly, we keep putting our hands in the shackles, submitting our minds to the drugs, lapping up the brainwashing. There is hope, but it lies not in politics or war. It lies within each of us. We will find it. And we’re not without help.


Influenced by the writings of visionary scientist Ernest L. Norman and the personal mentorship of Ruth Norman, author Lianne Downey has woven interdimensional concepts of life into her space opera, The Liberator: A Psychic-Spiritual History of the Orion Empire. As she was psychically shown the scenes by her Cosmic CoAuthors, like a movie unfolding, she voiced their descriptions on audio tape. Then her recorded words were transcribed verbatim. Attempts to alter or modernize the language fell flat, so she has published it as she heard it.

Many readers claim they find elements of their own distant, extraterrestrial past-life history among its pages, as did she. Perhaps you will find yourself here as well?

Some say the book explains our fascination with the never-ending stories set in the Star Wars universe, hints of our own other-planetary histories and personal experiences. According to the authors who dictated this book, the Orion Empire lasted thousands of years, and perhaps more, allowing us the opportunity to learn from the experiences it offered over numerous lifetimes.

This knowledge is key to our collective future evolutionary growth. Until we remember, we may repeat aspects of this history in our present lives, much to our detriment.


“I still am amazed what a fantastic effect reading The Liberator had on me.… It’s inspiring beyond words and helped me to step up and assume a greater responsibility in maintaining the positive direction of my life. Discovering the ultimate triumph of good over evil will keep you glued to the story as it unfolds in a star system not so long ago and not so far away.”—D. Taylor
“… the story is similar to Avatar, another spiritual allegory wrapped up in 3-D technology. The entire time I was reading Lianne's book, I kept thinking that I hope she writes a screenplay and someday
The Liberator is shown at theatres around the world - it's a story for the ages!”—L.B. Maxey

“I know that I am still changing from reading this book. … I saw so many examples of how our world controls us through the media, without most people even knowing it. They are told how to think and feel and believe themselves to be free and open, while their minds are closed off and they are in a deep sleep state, dreaming their world.”—R. A.

"The Liberator comes to us on many levels and gives us a new understanding of our mysterious past. At the same time it addresses our internal struggles and gives a shining example of how divine love works. Reading it transforms the reader as you are brought face to face with yourself."—Anonymous reader

"The Liberator is an engrossing novel with a beautiful call to action weaved within it. The characters feel like familiar archetypes of humanity playing out in a different setting; it was easy to feel a deep sense of connection to the society the book follows and to gain wisdom from the events that unfold. An incredible story from the Cosmos to remind us of our unity with all life & our purpose here as conscious human beings!"—M. Abel

ISBN 978-0-9824691-0-1 (Hardcover, laminated)
ISBN 978-0-9824691-6-3 (eBook)