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American Bombs Fell on my Husband

American Bombs Fell on my Husband
Nov 06, 2023 by Lianne Downey

I’ve never before shared this piece of my personal history on social media, but current headlines about Israel’s war of vengeance on Gaza has pressed me to break my silence.

In 1980, I married an American citizen who was born in Beirut. We lived in San Francisco, enjoying a terrifically fun, loving, and educational life. Educational for me, because I grew up in the Midwest, where Arab exchange students were a thing to be feared while I walked the campus at Michigan State. Or so I’d been told.

“If you look them in the eye and you’re an American girl, they think that means ‘yes,’” advised an older female friend. “So never do that!”

When I met my future Lebanese-American husband years later, he agreed. ...

Who Was Ernest L. Norman?

Who Was Ernest L. Norman?
Jul 20, 2023 by Lianne Downey
Because I often write about his work and his influence on my thinking, one of my blog readers in India asked me, "Who is Ernest L. Norman?"  Here's a brief, personalized biography of this visionary scientist and author whom I never met but whose books changed my life in wonderful ways. And still do.

Are You Race Neutral?

Are You Race Neutral?
Aug 19, 2017 by Lianne Downey
Last Friday, the day before an event in Charlottesville, Virginia, which may soon bring down a President, a total stranger and I experienced a profound moment that made the next day’s clashes that much more horrifying, and yet, gave us an insight into how the country might heal.

It’s not your usual rhetoric from social scientists, as helpful as that might be. Our solution is what you might consider “out there” in terms of its underlying philosophy. But if this stranger and I could see, feel, and understand it—simultaneously—isn’t there hope for others whose lives seem, on the surface, to come from completely different cultures? A divide we have trouble crossing?

What unites us? We are human. As human beings, we all...

Touching the Sounds of Silence at the Subtle Energy Retreat 2016

Touching the Sounds of Silence at the Subtle Energy Retreat 2016
Apr 27, 2016 by Lianne Downey
Close your eyes and listen. Are you one of the fortunate few who hear only a peaceful silence? Or are you like most of us, constantly surrounded by the cacophony that is life in the 21st century? So we seek for silent places in the world when we can: the dark woods, out on the ocean, lost in a tomb-like room we might have created in our homes for “retreat.” You think by now I’m going to say that Joseph and I ventured off to a silent retreat, right? But the annual Subtle Energy Retreat held at Blue Sky Ranch in the San Diego foothills is anything but silent ...

Subtle Energy Depletion: A Healer’s Bane

Subtle Energy Depletion: A Healer’s Bane
Jun 29, 2015 by Lianne Downey
Here’s how it happens:

The “Healer” opens her consciousness to the Infinite, the Universe, Source, God, with the intention of serving humanity. Or maybe just a single human. She fills herself with the Light energy that pours in. She is the empty vessel.

The Infinite overflows into her being, like water pouring out after a dam has broken. The Healer seeks this inflow as greedily as we seek water when thirsty, but the Infinite also requires the Healer. The Healer offers the negative pole in the electrical system, the deficit. The Infinite offers the positive pole, the surfeit. Energy, all up and down the frequency spectrum, from dimension to dimension, from pole to pole, from human to human, flows according to this...

Have You Gone Interstellar Yet?

Have You Gone <i>Interstellar</i> Yet?
Nov 13, 2014 by Lianne Downey
Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has expanded the morphic field with his newest film, Interstellar. Joseph and I snuck off to see it last Sunday and were happily impressed to discover his use of interdimensional concepts we’ve been studying for decades. In fact, I suspect he wanted to call it Interdimensional but producers and distributors said, “Who would ever go to see a film with that name?”

I’m not about to give away anything, but just in case, bookmark this post and come back to it later if you haven’t seen this exciting film everyone’s talking about. I want to elaborate on a concept (one of many) touched on so briefly in the midst of the most dramatic unfoldings, the notion of five-dimensional Beings...