Lianne Downey

Early in my career, I worked as a full-time freelancer covering a thriving San Diego theater beat for Southern California's largest newspaper. That is, until the day my boss announced he'd been ordered to "suspend" me for speaking publicly about my experiences with past life healing. (I'd been on a local TV talk show where they asked who I worked for, and I'd written several freelance articles about my experiences, which apparently riled some folks in the home office.)

Since I wasn't a formal employee, he simply killed all my stories in production (to the detriment of local theaters counting on the coverage), cancelled my work for the next two weeks during the busy theater season, and warned me never to speak of the forbidden subject again, so long as my (maiden) name and the newspaper's were intertwined.

I quit on the spot.
Lianne writing in vineyard
Despite the kerfuffle rival newspapers made of the "free speech" aspect, I starved a little for that glorious moment of righteous indignation. Then I became an author, book editor, and magazine contributor, while self-publishing three books on the interdimensional continuity of life, i.e., the science of reincarnation. (Meanwhile the former boss lost his own job when the local branch of the big newspaper closed up shop. He turned to freelancing, poor guy.)

My subsequent viral articles about past lives proved to me that there exists a global audience eager for more about this “forbidden” subject.

To meet that need, my husband Joseph and I launched Jolibro Publishing. We're a small traditional press dedicated to bringing forth “books for the unfettered mind.” I'm very excited about our newest imprint, Spilled Secrets™, featuring books of earned wisdom from a marginalized age group.

In the past, I served as co-director of classes in Past Life Therapy at the Unarius Academy of Science, on the Steering Committee of the San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN), and as co-founder of the Visionary Writers Retreat. I hold a combined B.A. in Theater/Film/Journalism from the University of California at Davis. I studied theater at Michigan State University and journalism at San Diego State University as well.

Lianne feed wild rabbitI love wild rabbits, gardening, and ballroom dancing with Joseph, who also shares my passion for books, movies, and, of course, theater. On a really great day, you might find me watching birds, mulling a movie, reading a book, and dancing a waltz, tango, or foxtrot across a ballroom floor with Joseph, while opening my mind to the deeper meanings in all of it.

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Biography of an Archangel
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