Animal Encounters

5 Lessons from Hawk Totem: The Harriers Who Live Here

5 Lessons from Hawk Totem: The Harriers Who Live Here
Jun 22, 2017 by Lianne Downey

For months now we’ve been learning from a pair of Northern Harrier hawks nesting near our three townhouse balconies, which overlook the San Diego River Gorge. Hawk totem. Teaching us how to be fierce in our creative commitments.

Whoosh! I was standing on the small balcony outside our bedroom when from behind the wall on my left swooped a v-shaped pair of gray wings that soared up into a tall eucalyptus, about four trees to my right. A few minutes later, I saw him soar back with a stick held perpendicularly in his beak, like a trapeze artist’s balancing bar, longer than his body length. It was early March, nesting season. How can he fly with that thing? I wondered ...

Overcoming My Fear of Bears (Part I)

Overcoming My Fear of Bears (Part I)
Nov 29, 2011 by Lianne Downey
I’ve had a terrifying phobia of bears all my life. The first time I saw one I was three years old and fell deathly ill. Ironically, my older sister is a bear expert, serving three seasons as a grizzly-viewing guide at a lodge in Alaska and writing a popular book about her experiences. She took this picture at close range. (!!)

Karma? You bet! But decades later in life, I still hadn’t overcome my knee-melting, stomach jolting FEAR at the very thought of bears. Until last week.

What Does It Mean When a Rabbit Crosses Your Path?

Sep 03, 2010 by Lianne Downey

Before we talk about the popular subject of animal totems, and at the risk of seeming un-humble, I am going to quote a comment posted on a previous blog entry: “Wow Lianne, your breadth and depth of knowledge of the metaphysical (and all that entails) is extraordinary. I've done my fair share of reading and research over the course of my adult life, but do not profess to have such a broad scope of information and understanding as you.” I’m so glad someone noticed because I AM NOT THAT SMART! As I’ve mentioned before, when I write something of this nature, I’ve learned how to link up with my Higher Resources and THEY are very smart indeed. They’re the ones with the...