Biography of an Archangel

Biography of an Archangel

The Accomplishments of Uriel
By Lianne Downey & Ruth E. Norman
Published by Unarius Publications


"This is a love story of infinite proportion. It has no beginning, and no end, just as life, itself, has no terminating point. Our story stretches across the vast seas of energy that make up the infinite cosmos, touching upon the lives of trillions of souls living in countless planes and dimensions of expression...."

So begins Chapter One of this interdimensional history of the visitations to Earth by members of an "Angelic Hierarchy," a Brotherhood of Light. Sometimes incarnating to teach and lead; sometimes overshadowing from afar. It's a story told through a channeled text, though at times it reads like historical fiction. It begins in a higher world known as "Aries."

These chapters were received through my consciousness (Lianne Downey) in thirty days' time, my first experience of this nature. It was then delivered to the world in book form under the name Ruth E. Norman (1900–1993), co-founder of the Unarius Academy of Science, publisher, and my spiritual mentor at the time.

In fact, through the process of creating this book, she taught me all I would need to know to launch my own publishing company in 1999, six years after she left this world. Although I had no plans to do any such thing at the time!  It's only in looking back that I see her clever teaching methods at work yet again. Which still makes me smile! I do miss her so!

I voiced each chapter on recording tape as it was mentally transmitted to me, then transcribed it without changing the words. After Mrs. Norman's green light, I typeset the chapters and Mrs. Norman saw fit to publish the book under her name. As she explains in her Foreword, "Each chapter of the book was transmitted by a different Elder Brother or leader, yet they function from and by their Higher Minds as One!" Therefore the "authorship" cannot be explained by a single name, but hers has been traditionally used to signify this process of "transceiving" (transmitting and receiving).

Numerous student artists then contributed full-color illustrations of the various leaders and teachers the book describes in its historical tour of Earth's spiritual ages and Mentors. In brief vignettes, it touches on the spiritual purpose and founding of long-lost civilizations such as Yu, Lemuria, Atlantis. It tells an unexpected story of such noted figures as Isis and Osiris, Akhenaton, Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, whose names have survived if not their true histories. And it weaves in the tales of influential leaders whose names have been lost, or whose connections with the spiritual Hierarchies were never known, or deliberately obscured.

Most importantly, however, it is a guideline for you, the reader, to rediscover your own history. To reconnect with your own spiritual Mentors. To fill in the missing pieces and find a more unified way to carry out your days. These lives of the Great Souls, as they have sometimes been called, are examples for every individual who desires to make spiritual progress while living on Earth.

Countless seekers have benefited from reading this book, which is why I am including it on my author website. Mrs. Norman left this world in 1993, but in me, she inspired a lifelong desire to share my awakening experiences with others. If this book opens a door for you, then my job will be complete.

The book is only available through its publishers, Unarius Academy of Science, for order via their website at

365 pages | 978-0-935097-19-1 | June 1, 1989