Our Tiny Urban Food Forest

Our Tiny Urban Food Forest
May 01, 2024 by Lianne Downey
Happy May Day 2024! Did you leave May baskets on your neighbors’ doorsteps? Ring the bell and run away? It’s an old custom we love. But in this time of digital social connections, we’re taking it as a day to celebrate our fledgling urban food forest.

What Does It Mean When a Beetle Lands in Your Hair?

What Does It Mean When a Beetle Lands in Your Hair?
Jul 17, 2015 by Lianne Downey
A little Messenger in the garden has graced me with his (or her) wisdom three times now, over the course of three days of lunching en plein air with Joseph. Not so little, actually. She’s a glittering, iridescent green, Figeater beetle, loud as a lawnmower, and she has insisted on landing in my hair while I’m eating. Which means she's become a totem for me, my beetle totem.

The third time she landed, she stayed so long Joseph was able to grab the camera for her closeups. I finally had to urge her gently away because lunch was over.

I will admit, I kept asking Joseph, “What is she doing? Is she leaving anything behind?!?”

Yes, she was. A message...

What Does It Mean When a Rabbit Crosses Your Path?

Sep 03, 2010 by Lianne Downey

Before we talk about the popular subject of animal totems, and at the risk of seeming un-humble, I am going to quote a comment posted on a previous blog entry: “Wow Lianne, your breadth and depth of knowledge of the metaphysical (and all that entails) is extraordinary. I've done my fair share of reading and research over the course of my adult life, but do not profess to have such a broad scope of information and understanding as you.” I’m so glad someone noticed because I AM NOT THAT SMART! As I’ve mentioned before, when I write something of this nature, I’ve learned how to link up with my Higher Resources and THEY are very smart indeed. They’re the ones with the...