Subtle Energy Depletion: A Healer’s Bane

Water flowing from pitcherHere’s how it happens:

The “Healer” opens her consciousness to the Infinite, the Universe, Source, God, with the intention of serving humanity. Or maybe just a single human. She fills herself with the Light energy that pours in. She is the empty vessel.

The Infinite overflows into her being, like water pouring out after a dam has broken. The Healer seeks this inflow as greedily as we seek water when thirsty, but the Infinite also requires the Healer. The Healer offers the negative pole in the electrical system, the deficit. The Infinite offers the positive pole, the surfeit. Energy, all up and down the frequency spectrum, from dimension to dimension, from pole to pole, from human to human, flows according to this pattern.Water flows from glass to pitcher

They connect, the Healer and Infinite Intelligence.

The power flows, and the charge reverses.

To the rest of Earth, the Healer has now become the charged, positive pole in the polarity equation. Many of her fellow humans still remain as empty vessels, offering their negative polarity to her. She can no longer stop this flow; her charge will seek them out and flow into them, leaving her vessel empty once again.

Whether physician, alternative healer, musician, artist, dancer, singer, public servant, waiter, waitress, writer, mother, father, lover, or cab driver, we all sometimes serve as the Healer. Something has filled us up with a surfeit of the beautiful, magnificent Power of Infinite Intelligence. We become supercharged with LOVE, the unconditional kind, the unlimited form that heals and soothes and transforms.

Our patients, audiences, customers, children, lovers, or passengers are needy. They are the empty vessels. Without our conscious awareness, our charge automatically flows into them, leaving us empty once again, while filling them with goodness.

We become depleted. We can feel it distinctly, this loss of subtle energy. Our motivation has evaporated. We are listless. We can barely tend to ourselves, let alone serve others. We lie around wondering what’s happened to us. We had felt so good, so charged up, so positive and certain. Where has it gone?

If you understand this continuous charge and discharge proposition, this universal pattern of subtle life energies flowing into you and out of you, your consciousness will not drop as your energy levels fall. You will know that you have merely become depleted. Subtle energy depletion is as common as thirst.

You know where to put your cup to receive from the Fountainhead and you must do so again. It may take a little while to fill, but fill it will. And then, you must drink some for yourself, and share a libation with the world around you.

As my Cosmic CoAuthors once told me, Share the fruits from your branches, but never give away the whole tree. That tree is your basic energy biofield that extends far up into the infinite reaches of multiple energy dimensions. It’s the blueprint that supports your body on earth.

It is vital that you maintain a balance, but a static state is not possible. You consist of a constant ebb and flow, charging and discharging your surfeit of subtle energies. If this process ever stops, your energies will dam up, you will suffer a serious blockage from the life-giving Source, and all your dreams of serving others will come to naught. Even your life itself might expire.

If you are a Healer—and we all can be at any unexpected moment—take the time to breathe in, and don’t forget to breathe out again. As soon as you do, inhale again. This is the pattern of Infinity, in which you are a precious facet.