Who Was Ernest L. Norman?

Ernest L. Norman
Fading photo of Ernest L. Norman
Ernest L. Norman (1904–1971) was a visionary scientist who authored seventeen extraordinary books outlining a future science for our planet, which he claimed was transmitted through his consciousness from more advanced Minds living in higher dimensional worlds. Sounds crazy, but much of what he wrote that was considered madness in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s has since become accepted science.

Dozens of ordinary individuals who studied his work, both during and immediately after his time on Earth, say that their lives were dramatically improved by applying his interdimensional energy principles to their everyday challenges.

I’m one of them. I never met the man, but I found his books in 1975.

What’s exciting now about these rare books is that they contain many more extraordinary ideas that conventional scientists have gradually approached but haven’t yet hit upon through traditional means. Their science is stuck in the third dimension, whereas Mr. Norman’s science crosses dimensional barriers they’ve yet to breach.

As he often said, one day, the right individuals will cross that threshold and prove his concepts to everyone’s satisfaction and our society will reap the benefits. He was writing for future generations, he explained, for people who would be prepared to understand and apply this knowledge.

What he called a “universal, articulate, interdimensional understanding of science,” or UNARIUS for short, explains the interdimensional physics involved in transmitting energy-intelligence from dimension to dimension to support all life. Although he wrote of this complex science in non-mathematical language that any reader can grasp. In simple terms, he sometimes described this new approach to the multiverse as “a joining of Science and Spirit.” We might today call it the long-sought “Theory of Everything.”

Personally, I have validated his interdimensional energy principles repeatedly, through my own life experience. A skeptic by nature, I never took a word of this new science on faith. I watched it in action, simply because of his logical explanations, and his ability to direct my attention to Nature’s inner workings.

Among many other things, his teachings encompass a more sophisticated view of reincarnation: how it works bio-energetically, the purpose of personal evolution through repeated incarnations, the science of consciousness that supports it, as well as how we can personally overcome shocks and traumas from past lives to improve our future lives.

Visionary Prodigy

In his books, Ernest Norman approached the “mysteries” and dilemmas we face collectively by explaining the interdimensional energy principles that drive all phenomena. With diagrams, he described how the back-and-forth flow of energy/information between dimensions both stores and replays that information. Nothing is destroyed; all is recorded. Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be changed. ETC.

If that sounds like a software program, that’s a good analogy. But it was not available for readers in the mid-20th century. The best he could do was to compare a human being to a television set, receiving signals from a remote broadcast system. (And he had to help that invention come into being before he could use the analogy. See below.)

During his lifetime, he was forbidden to present his work in academic circles because he did not possess the accepted credentials. He was a polymath, a self-taught prodigy.

In his early years, he accomplished amazing feats, including a conversation on a rainy afternoon in Utah during which he explained to a complete stranger how to build a cathode ray tube (which had not yet been “invented”). That young man turned out to be Philo T. Farnsworth, who capitalized on the information and built one. Farnsworth soon patented the invention that ked to the first television devices.

For forty-eight years of my own life, Ernest Norman’s explanations have proven accurate and life-saving in my daily encounters with the world. I have freed myself from health, social, and career crises using his energy principles, and also from psychological traumas that date back to previous lifetimes.

A Place to Study

For years, Norman’s books were only available in editions published by his late wife, Ruth E. Norman (1900–1993). Though extremely private and humble, a man who never wanted to create a following or establish an “ism,” as he called it, Mr. Norman’s writings nevertheless attracted a small group of individuals who discovered his books during his lifetime.

After his death, in 1975 Mrs. Norman opened a teaching center for those few to have a place to gather.

She eventually added to the library of his work, books that contained testimonials of individuals who found personal healing through the study of his science. She also attracted international attention by publicly proposing that we are not alone in the universe as intelligent humans.

The “extraterrestrial” theme was quickly exploited by media outlets. Filmmakers and television crews came to visit from around the world to splash colorful images across their reports and laugh at her naiveté. They did not take time to read or consider the late Mr. Norman’s interdimensional science, the logic-based resource underlying his wife’s proclamations.

Today, conventional science is still playing catch-up,though it is beginning to validate larger concepts of Earth’s small place in an infinite universe. Even UFOs are now fair game for serious consideration by governments, military officials, and scientific researchers, who have renamed them UAPs—Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Perhaps to distance their work from the media ridicule of prior decades?

New Editions

In Spring, 2021, Jolibro Publishing, which I own with my husband, began a project to release full-color, newly illustrated Collector’s Editions of Ernest Norman’s 5-part Pulse of Creation series.

The first two volumes are now available in the global marketplace, The Voice of Venus: Collector's Edition and The Voice of Eros: Collector's Edition, with more on the way. Readers around the world can investigate this new interdimensional yet personal science for themselves for the first time.

I love these books! I’ve never found anything that makes more sense to me, and I have looked. I still read and learn from them. They form the rock-solid foundation I stand upon, whenever life throws some seemingly bizarre and inexplicable new twist at me. Whether it’s a pandemic or a political fracas, a massacre or a miracle, I find logical explanations in Ernest Norman's writings, and a new, healthier, and reassuring perspective in their pages.

I believe that all books are living creations, so the consciousness behind them, which is always either evolving or devolving, matters greatly. I figure, if you have a choice, read the best, written by the best. How could I find anything better than these books that have inspired my own self-transformations over the years? I have not, in the forty-eight years since I stumbled into them. (Was that really an accident?)

As with Nikola Tesla and other pioneers, Ernest Norman’s name might not be recognized for decades to come, but you can zoom ahead. Consider his universal energy principles and test them out in your daily encounters with the craziness of this world. It’s not so crazy after all, when you put it under that microscope and expand your view to include your existence as a multi-dimensional, eternal, intelligent Being on a journey of self-development.