Have You Gone <i>Interstellar</i> Yet?

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has expanded the morphic field with his newest film, Interstellar. Joseph and I snuck off to see it last Sunday and were happily impressed to discover his use of interdimensional concepts we’ve been studying for decades. In fact, I suspect he wanted to call it Interdimensional but producers and distributors said, “Who would ever go to see a film with that name?”

I’m not about to give away anything, but just in case, bookmark this post and come back to it later if you haven’t seen this exciting film everyone’s talking about. I want to elaborate on a concept (one of many) touched on so briefly in the midst of the most dramatic unfoldings, the notion of five-dimensional Beings actually being Us, evolved beyond our current status.

Physicists are so excited about some of the more familiar science in the movie: space-time, black holes, wormholes, five dimensions, etc. But I’m thrilled to hear an intelligently devised work of art like this pose an idea that is life-and-breath to me: personal human evolution. The perception that we, as individuals, might evolve beyond our current limited state of awareness to grasp a larger spectrum of knowledge, to take abilities we possess but haven’t yet developed and learn how to apply them in order to sense beyond our three dimensions. In other words, to start using more of the Mind that has been designed into us.

When I speak of working with my “Cosmic CoAuthors,” I am literally referring to Beings who have done this very thing. They once lived in Earth bodies, well adapted to our physical three dimensions. But now, they have learned the interdimensional science of consciousness that powers a new type of body. We would perceive this to be a body of pure energy, but to them, it’s as real and “solid” as their earth bodies ever were. When they speak to me, they do so using mind power—mine and theirs.

A healer/scientist I admire said recently that she never uses the word psychic to describe something that to her is pure science, using her mental instrument to draw from a broader spectrum than most people do.

That is the new science, in a nutshell: Multi-dimensional perception, whether we develop instruments that can do it for us, or use the instrument that is not actually located between our ears, the energy-construct that we think of as mind function. It’s our finest instrument, and yet we’ve only learned on Earth to use a small fraction of it. Some crazy people still think it’s located inside physical brains.

I believe that our mandate is to develop our larger mental instrument further, through the experiences we’re having now. Each of us, individually, carries the potential to evolve into a “five-dimensional Being,” in fact, into something much grander than that.

We catch glimpses of our potential: The athlete who goes further than ever believed possible, hence “expanding the morphic field,” i.e. breaking through the generally held perceptions of what our limits are.

Or the child who vividly recalls details of a prior lifetime.

Or the friend who always knows when you’re going to call or what you were thinking about.

And what about the inspirations we receive from an unknown Source that we label in various ways, depending on our prior beliefs, when it feels undeniable that it came from an Intelligence beyond our own, and beyond our physical environment?

In the film, almost as a minor element of the plot, the primary characters seem to be influenced by what they at first consider to be an Intelligence beyond themselves. Later on, it tweaks in their minds that perhaps it’s not a “them,” but an “us.” Not “us” as we have been, but “us” evolved into living with full knowledge of more spectrums than humans have yet dreamed possible. And once we evolve into such awareness, our concern for those left behind on the evolutionary scale magnifies comparably. We have new motivations for helping.

It’s a great movie, one that should inspire long conversations about how far humans can evolve right now, without waiting eons for it. Perhaps it should have been called, Unlimited.