What Is a Soul Pursuit?

Jun 20, 2013 by Lianne Downey, in Cosmic CoAuthors
Baby blue stars When I was twenty-one, I stumbled into a study that caused me to look at my life through an interdimensional lens.

For decades now, I’ve gained greater peace by thinking in terms of my many lifetimes, my mandate for spiritual growth, and the countless ways I can expand my Superconscious understanding without waiting for anyone else or the world to catch up with me. Through this study, I was given “permission” to progress as fast as I can manage, without limitations, speeding my evolutionary development right off this backward planet, if necessary, to land in a better spot next time around if Earth doesn’t shape up soon.

To gain deeper insight into the energy science I was studying, I seem to have awakened a psychic communication with my Cosmic CoAuthors, as I call them. They are the Advanced Minds who responded when I reached for new answers.

They’ve taught me how to temper karmic influences from my past lives by helping me detect and defuse them. I learned to make better choices today, because the consequences will extend into my future lives—even if that’s only tomorrow or next week. They’ve shown me how to weigh ordinary events on a universal scale, so now you’ll often find me seeking the bigger picture of the tiniest things in the world around me and the world within me.

I call these Soul Pursuits, and I write about them in books and on this blog because it makes me extraordinarily happy to think other Truthseekers might find for themselves what I’ve learned on this fruitful and rewarding path that I stumbled upon so young.

The path begins in the heart of your being, and extends upward in a never-ending spiral of Consciousness, linking you by your very design to an Infinite Creative Intelligence. That’s a direct link. No intermediaries required. No set standards or limitations. If you tune into your Infinite nature, you’ll find it—as soon as you lay down any restrictions you’ve placed on your perception of yourself.

So pick up this interdimensional lens with me, while we examine the ways we’ve limited ourselves, and you and I will grow and learn together! Start, stop, fall down, get up, take a wrong turn, double back—it doesn’t matter. We just keep going. Like a role-playing game in which we’re gathering treasures and tools, we carry within us all that we’ll need to take the next rung up the spiral. We just have to remember to use what we’ve gathered, and to keep that bigger spiral at the forefront of our conscious awareness.The only mistakes would be forgetting our goal of Superconscious development, or clinging to the “old way,” or neglecting to reach for the insights offered by our Cosmic CoAuthors as we trudge along.

Like any good game, the rules change as our skills evolve, and the challenges grow more difficult. Yet with each rung conquered, we gain a greater vista of our Infinite Potential. Our hearts re-fuel from this Essence of Life revealed, and we find the strength to carry on. As we succeed and take on a brighter glow of confidence, others may see that Light and start their own way up the spiraling path of Cosmic Consciousness.

Our Soul Pursuits serve not only our own hearts, minds, and spirits, but we serve others who see our progress and find hope where it hadn’t existed. In that sense, we owe our fellow humanity the debt of our own spiritual pursuit. What we accomplish with ourselves becomes the inspiration for others. And so it is, never-endingly, into Eternity and the Light Beyond, into the heart and soul of Infinity.