Book Excerpt: Speed Your Evolution

Reader with Speed Your EvolutionHappy Book Day! Today, July 22, Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be takes off into the world!

To celebrate, I'd like to share an excerpt from the opening chapter with you. This comes from my Cosmic CoAuthors:
The science in this book has been brought to you from the top down, through the use of visionary mediums.

It has been nearly sixty years since the visionary scientist Ernest L. Norman first began publishing a “universal, articulate, interdimensional understanding of science,” i.e., his visionary cosmology. Since then, dozens or perhaps hundreds or maybe thousands of visionary individuals have followed in his footsteps, methodically proving—from the bottom up in their Earth-based situation—the principles of this universal energy science.

In all fields—astronomy, biology, physics, medicine—new “discoveries” are daily pushing the envelope of human understanding. The news of these Earth-changing developments may be slow to reach the public, due to political or ego-based or financial vested interests, but the tsunami of change cannot be held back much longer. Upheavals are underway, even in the field of Earth history!

You are fortunate to be leaping ahead of this new era of awakening. You are now holding the first tools for applying this advanced, new-era science in your personal life. But that’s no accident.

You, too, have chosen this time to appear on Earth and reap the benefits of this opportunity. Your own evolutionary development will depend on how well you are able to conceive and use the new science erupting in all fields, even as old systems and beliefs are decaying and deteriorating visibly all around you.

Be brave. Be bold. Do not hesitate to step ahead of the crowd and use what you know. You will not be alone, even if you feel yourself to be. Supporting you from higher dimensions will be millions of advanced Minds who have gone before you, who now “reach down” in thought to supply valuable insight and information through as many open channels as they can find.

The time for Earth’s rebirth has come and the new science is pouring into receptive minds as rapidly as it can be accommodated.

We welcome you into our Brotherhood of Light with open arms, and pledge ourselves to your personal, creative, evolutionary development with our minds, with our hearts, and with our words. So be it.

Your Cosmic CoAuthors

June, 2013"
You can see a larger preview of the book at this Amazon site by clicking on the book's cover: Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be