Housekeeping: An Act of Psychic Development?

Purple broom and dustpanWant to sharpen your psychic skills? Clean the house! So say my interdimensional Tutors.
I’d been fretting over the need to take time off from the burgeoning publishing business to properly clean the house. Work is so much more exciting! I don’t dislike cleaning; actually I enjoy the results and the chores aren’t that horrendous. They are somewhat meditative to me, in fact. Once I’m into it, the time just floats along and it’s fun to make things sparkle and shine. But, oh, how I begrudge that time, when I think of having to spend it on something that is only going to get dirty again!!

Being a Violet life color (if you don’t know about Life Colors, stay tuned; sooner or later I will write about them) means I am happiest when doing something meaningful that aligns with my goals and aspirations, which usually have something to do with dragging the world into some kind of spiritual awakening or total reformation! (The goals of a Violet life color are never small.) Cleaning the house is an interminable delay, when I think about it in advance. So I avoid it as long as my sensibilities, and the guest schedule, will allow.

That critical moment, when even Joseph is beginning to notice, arrived yesterday. But there were so many other, more urgent things to be done! It happened that my morning study time led me to read from a book called The Voice of Muse, Unarius, Elysium by Ernest L. Norman, a chapter dictated via mental communication with one of my favorite teachers, the Mahatma Gandhi, as he was introduced in the text.

If you’ve read my blog, you will recall that Ernest Norman wrote the books that have shaped my adult life in the most positive way, and if you’ve read my novel, Cosmic Dancer, you’ll know how I feel about Gandhi and you’ll also know that this method of mental communication with more advanced individuals is how Ernest L. Norman wrote his books and also how I’ve learned to communicate interdimensionally. So here’s what happened:

After reading a bit, I grabbed my journal to capture a new level of understanding that had come to me. I wrote:

“The chapter gave me a clearer flash of why it’s called 'the voice within' in spiritual teachings: because that’s how energy from higher frequencies and dimensions flows into our third-dimensional world, seemingly from 'within' the atom, from 'within' the deeper layers of consciousness, out into the conscious mind or physical reality.

“Let’s say the room I’m sitting in: Joseph and I have decorated it from ideas and visions that have manifested 'within' our conscious minds. We’ve manipulated objects that we’ve manifested in our lives by finding them, being attracted to them, purchasing them, keeping them with us as we moved about, and making them a part of our energy field. Anything affecting them, in turn reshapes our own energy selves by association—for instance, a breakdown, an accumulation of dirt and dust (spent energy, stagnation), etc.

“I don’t fancy a housekeeper because they impart their own energies into the place.”

And here is where my “inner” Teachers stepped in (the Other Voices, for Cosmic Dancer fans) and took over the narrative in my journal:

“When you do it, you/we are able to re-polarize all that you touch with a surcharge of higher frequencies. That is one reason you find it a much more pleasurable task when Joseph—who has stored trauma in this area—is not at home. He is ‘blocked off’ by the wave forms of traumatic experience which reside in his psychic anatomy that he has not yet fully rectified.”

I must explain that reference. Certain cleaning chores (shoving the sheets under a mattress, for instance) tune Joseph back to horrific past-life experiences. Losing hands under a fallen boulder? Losing life from toiling as a slave? They rocket through his inner self with the reattunement and lay him out flat—literally! I have come into a room countless times, after he tried to help, to find him laid out flat on his back, grey and pasty as a corpse, speaking incoherently if at all, cold as ice, and unable to get up off the floor.

Fortunately we learned Eden Energy Medicine techniques that I can perform to get his energies back into the present lifetime. His color comes back and he’s right as rain. Unless he repeats the chore that sent his psychic energies whirring back to the past, whatever it was.

With all we know of past life awareness, he has yet to hit on the exact key to unlock and free him from this pattern. For now, we simply do what we can to bring him back. And I try to do most of the cleaning while he’s not home. Bless his heart, he suffers it out to come in and quickly do the vacuuming, or help me with the harder tasks in short fifteen- minute bursts. Then we repair (re-tune) his traumatized energy system and go on with the present.

Yes, of course, in our early years together I thought it was a marvelous melodramatic performance, a clever way to get out of work! But after 22 years, I’ve begun to recognize that this is a serious psychic trauma and it pains him far more than any simple cleaning chore ever would. As my Teachers confirmed in their remarks in my journal yesterday.

They continued, “When you clean—your desk or your home—you are reattuning all of your material surroundings to a higher resonant frequency. This gives you a feeling of joy and contentment, does it not? Moreover, your conscious intention to perform this reattunement provides a greater opening for this infusion of higher frequencies to flow into your consciousness and, therefrom, into your material surroundings.

“Think of your cleaning hours as a time of psychic readjustment, and then they will not seem as separate from your work as a psychic transceiver as you have believed them to be. In the picture we have painted, you can see what a vital role your surroundings do play in all of your efforts at producing material that sings with the beautiful resonance of the higher worlds!

“You’ve joked about sprinkling fairy dust around the house when you clean, but that is not so far from the truth!

“Go with our Love, dear, no matter the task, and you will find it all goes more smoothly and harmonizes all aspects of your life, down to the tiniest detail! Remember these energy principles in all that you do … You’ll find life to be a much more pleasant—and pleasurable—learning experience!"

And then they signed it, apparently knowing that I would be sharing this with you:

“Love to all our Children,
       Uriel and the Unarius Brotherhood of Light”