Are You Gender Neutral?

Woman wearing tieI recently caught a story on NPR’s website about a trend they termed, “The End of Gender.” The article pointed to evidence such as an androgynous Australian model who walks runways for both women’s and men’s fashion, parents raising a child in gender-neutral fashion to allow the fullest room for choice, and a J. Crew advertisement featuring a boy with pink toenails. Not surprised by this supposed trend, I instantly thought of at least three good reasons for it, viewed through my multidimensional lens.

1. More Indigo Personalities Populate Our Planet

My first thought? Folks might think there’s a shift toward a genderless society because there are so many Indigo Life Color personalities now populating the planet. One of the first ways to recognize these youthful additions to the planetary landscape is by their gender neutral, though still beautiful, appearance. How often have you encountered a youthful person of indeterminate gender in recent years? You do a puzzled double-take; boy or girl? Man or woman? Not sure. REALLY not sure. They’re probably Indigos.

Our favorite life-color expert, Pamala Oslie, says this about people whose basic life frequency becomes visible by an Indigo color in their auras, in her book, Life Colors:
“An unusual characteristic of Indigos is that they frequently appear androgynous. It is often difficult to tell if Indigos are male or female, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or asexual. It's as if Indigos have both the yin and yang, male and female qualities within them. Their sexuality is not their primary concern however; it is their spirituality.”

2. Phyto-estrogens Are Affecting Our Bodies

Rampant excessive exposure to phyto-hormones, in our food and via pesticides, plastics, and other sources as yet unidentified, has created large numbers of visibly effeminate young and older men. Young men’s bodies are not developing in the ways they should, while girls are developing faster. I’ve even heard that more girls are being born than boys. Older men are also affected by this infusion of phyto-estrogens into their bodies. Impotence is on the rise (if you’ll pardon my phrase); Viagra sales are soaring.

Fifteen years ago, a renegade scientist wanted me to edit a book she was writing about the shocking loss of male virility on the planet. She claimed that while conventional science was largely ignoring the trend, shocking statistics were available among human and frog populations pointing to the damaging influence of environmental estrogens on gender expression. The editing partnership never happened but I’ve been paying attention ever since. The NPR story didn’t surprise me.

But perhaps the most important facts to consider about gender neutrality are evolutionary at the most personal level.

3. We Need to Balance Our Gender from Life to Life

Notice I haven’t mentioned homosexuality until this paragraph? It’s really another subject altogether, that of sexual preference, although the NPR story treats it as if it’s the same as gender expression. It is not.

In the universal scheme of reincarnation to which I subscribe, gender is a moot question. We all live as both genders in order to further our understanding of universal energy principles, of the dual-polarity Infinite Intelligence of which we are a part. No, I don’t mean the universe is a bi-polar crazy place (although it can seem that way). I mean it’s all a question of balance and flow between two poles, the plus and the minus. In electricity, the positive charge and the negative charge. In human gender, the male and the female.

So a series of lifetimes as a male on this planet has taught certain lessons. A series of lives as a female has taught different lessons. Put them together and you have a more complete universal human. That’s our objective as we travel from life to life, and spend our time between lifetimes as a soul whose “gender” is totally irrelevant.

But you can easily enough assume quite a few lives in a row as a particular gender for learning purposes, and then, between lives, realize that your gender balance is out of adjustment. So you choose to return as the opposite gender, but internally, you’ve developed a bias to the other gender. This can be confusing.

Gender vs. Sexuality

Gender confusion can, but does not necessarily lead to a homosexual lifestyle! That all depends on the individual, the strength of habits developed in previous lifetimes, the strength of spiritual awareness or even flat-out knowledge of one’s previous lives, and the relationships you’ve formed to other individuals in those prior lives.

Joseph and I have often wondered if we would have considered a sexual relationship if we’d happened to incarnate as the same gender, but we suspect we may have “been there, done that” in prior lives. Our point being that our relationship is so strongly developed, it transcends gender concerns. It feels as if nothing would keep us apart, particularly if the society in which we lived condoned same-sex partnerships (as in ancient Greece, for instance). We usually end this discussion by deciding we’d be terrific friends and the rest would be a choice that would all depend on so many factors, it’s not a question one could decide in advance. Love is love.

So sexual preference isn’t the issue I’m discussing.

No Outsider Should Ever Interfere

Gender choice is extremely important to an individual’s evolutionary development, to their learning experiences while on Earth. And for a more advanced or “older” soul, that choice was made in higher-dimensional worlds.

Parents who think they’re being liberal by raising a confused child in a forced "gender neutral" environment would merely make that soul’s present incarnation more difficult than it has to be. If that soul has already chosen a male or female anatomy, then that choice will promote their spiritual growth, which needs to be a product of their own free will. No outsider—not even a parent—should dream of interfering!

It’s important to understand one’s past life history. That concept should be considered in all discussions of gender bias and sexual expression. It’s sad that our society limits its reactions and assessments by basing them solely on the "here and now," when we are beings who live so far beyond that limitation.

Perhaps if there is a trend toward a gender neutral society, it’s a progressive step toward a multidimensional perspective. In such a world, judgment might not be suspended, but it might be better informed.

Gender neutral? Yes. We all are.

And you are wise to be learning more about why, for your future self-determination and spiritual growth. Thanks for reading and sharing!