Past Life Awareness May Have Saved His Life

Past lives of Roberto GaetanIn my past life workbook, Speed Your Evolution, I suggest that even if you can’t relate to it at the present moment, you shouldn’t completely discard past life information that comes to you from an outside or untested source (say, a psychic reader or a hypnotic regression, neither of which are as reliable as your own inner knowing). Keep it in a back pocket. Decades from now, it might save your life. Ask Roberto Gaetan, aka author Robert Maxxim. I heard Roberto’s story online and asked if he’d be willing to share it with my blog readers. He graciously agreed and sent me the following:

“I was born in Cuba, 1957. I experienced several sleep-time visits to other worlds as a child, past life recalls, scientific revelations, and witnessed countless alien craft, even into recent times. Those visions continue to date in both wake and sleep states.

“At age three, I started a career in concert piano but changed my calling to science following my visionary experiences. I dedicated my life to study science, religion, the Science of Life introduced by Ernest L. Norman, co-founder of Unarius, and the books of UFO contactee George Adamski. Their teachings and witnessed accounts validated my visions and launched my life into an eternal quest for love, experiences, and lessons that I document in a five-part novel series called Legacy under pen name, Robert Maxxim.

“Cuauhtemoc's lifetime was first introduced to me in 1977 by Ruth Norman, Dr. Norman’s wife and co-founder of Unarius. I recall I was composing music for the Unarius documentary The Underground Cities of Mars when she surprised me from behind and told me about it. At the time, I felt I didn't fit the part and left it alone. I married a Mexican lady and traveled to Mexico countless times, but no impact. I read extensively about his life but again, no impact...until the following happened.

“On the morning of January 27 of this year [2015], I was suddenly awakened by a peculiar ill feeling. I was unable to swallow, and finding it unusually difficult to breathe. The rear of my palate burned tightly and body aches were beginning to set in. For two more days the illness persisted in me until I surrendered to my bed's comforting folds, barely able to move. I found it difficult to swallow and foods had no taste. I was stricken by massive migraines that conquered my best fighting will to stand fast and attune to higher realms.

“I am allergic to just about every type of medication out there, so I braved the illness without medical aids, yet hoping I could. The illness progressed, worsened, and I had to take off from work with no end in sight.

“Two days later, at the peak of illness, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling unusually nervous and sick to my stomach. Inexplicable, nerve-wracking panic ran through my body like electrifying claustrophobia. I was unsure what was causing it. I ran to the restroom hoping it would pass, but it worsened to the point that I could barely function physically and mentally. Trying to return to bed, my eyesight shrank, breath receded, everything went pitch black, and my brain shut off like a light switch. I plummeted to the floor face first from a standing position but did not witness the event. Some distance away, a glowing blue flame stood calmly but it was only but a brief moment before I came to.

“I was out for almost a minute when I heard my wife screaming but I could not respond, move, or speak. I was pale, cold, lifeless, and barely had a pulse. The fall had damaged my neck and I could not move my head in any direction. My heart felt weak but its pulses slammed painfully against my neck as if it failed to pass blood through it. My wife slipped pants and a shirt on me while my son dragged me to the car and rushed me to the hospital where I recovered.

“I spent another four days bedridden, feverish, and in such pain that death seemed the desired option. But unexpectedly, I woke up in the middle of the night and had a flash vision of being in a forest, dragged toward a tree by Spanish soldiers, a rope tied around my neck, and then swiftly hung from it.

“Moments later, the neck pains and fever suddenly vanished, and so did my heart palpitations. I promptly realized that this was a past life recall of Cuauhtemoc's execution, the last official Aztec emperor. He was betrayed by Cortez, who feared he was planning an Indian revolt. A week has passed since the vision and I'm back working out at the gym, no back or neck problems to speak of.”


If you’d like to learn more about what to do when drastic past life incidents replay themselves in your present lifetime, Speed Your Evolution offers exercises to sharpen your awareness, hone your inner knowing, and test the validity of past life information, whatever the source. It also provides numerous examples demonstrating how to sleuth out the truth, and how to heal yourself.

Or, like Roberto and me, you can go straight to the source that began our past life education: The Voice of Venus  or any other books by Ernest L. Norman.