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What Does It Mean When a Rabbit Crosses Your Path?

Rabbit outside my kitchen window staring at me
Rabbit eating outside my kitchen window
Rabbit hiding near my bird bath not far from the street
Me at my kitchen sink, pondering the meaning of totem rabbit outside the window

Before we talk about the popular subject of animal totems, and at the risk of seeming un-humble, I am going to quote a comment posted on a previous blog entry:

“Wow Lianne, your breadth and depth of knowledge of the metaphysical (and all that entails) is extraordinary. I’ve done my fair share of reading and research over the course of my adult life, but do not profess to have such a broad scope of information and understanding as you.”

I’m so glad someone noticed because I AM NOT THAT SMART! As I’ve mentioned before, when I write something of this nature, I’ve learned how to link up with my Higher Resources and THEY are very smart indeed. They’re the ones with the depth and breadth; especially because they are so numerous, they cover many areas of expertise. It’s their “frequency” that you may sense in my writing. (Other times, well, only I can take the blame for that stuff.)

I know, I know; other people tell me I should take full credit for the good stuff, too, but these Other Voices are so present in my own awareness it just seems like a shoddy thing to do, and not fair to any of you. Because truth is, anyone can learn to use this interconnected consciousness if you learn about the energy principles involved, if you first realize how populated your multi-dimensional universe is. Then you discover the practice of discernment. Or, as we’re about to discuss, frequency relationship.

I’ve spent at least 42 consciously-aware years in that study in my present lifetime, and many prior lives striving for this awareness and practicing my communication skills inter-dimensionally. Most importantly, I’m trying to develop a keener discernment about those with whom I am communicating. I look for keys to raise my frequency to a higher level. (One must be very choosy and careful.)

Many of you have likewise spent time in such study and preparation. I’m pretty sure of that. Otherwise, why would you be reading this now? And why would some of you notice that there’s more here than a single mind should have acquired in a single lifetime? And really, if you look at the words I’ve used, they seem pretty ordinary. Casual, in fact. But lurking behind them are often Minds of a development more advanced than we’re accustomed to associating with on this planet. At least, in our day-to-day experience.

Okay, enough of that. I’m guessing we’ll come back to it later on in this blog, many times. But my CoAuthors don’t like a lot of personal attention, name-dropping, and such. No one here wants to set up shop and become a frequently-sought-out guru or anything. So on to Rabbits and other “animal totems.”

Coincidence? Or Frequency Relationship?

Rabbit totem is not actually a different subject, because the underlying energy principle in the subject of animal totems is the same principle of “frequency and harmonics” that guides my association with higher Minds, Teachers, CoAuthors, whatever you wish to call the millions of members of the benevolent brotherhood of Beings with whom I associate. It’s also the same principle people are striving to understand with all their laws, secrets, and attractions, if you know what I mean.

If you were walking in the woods and a large tree limb crashed down in front of you, missing by mere inches, you’d find it very significant, wouldn’t you? Aren’t you the kind of person who would, after recovering your breath, stop and ponder? You’d wonder, “What if I’d been a little bit faster?” Or even, “What powers of goodness kept me from colliding with that limb, or that limb from colliding with me?” In my way of thinking, it would be almost inhuman not to have such wonderings.

So when we lived in our tribal or more primitive lives on this planet, we developed all sorts of explanations for such events. And we noticed, vividly, probably even more vividly than we do now, our intersections with every living element of the natural world.

I grew up dawdling around in Michigan woods and streams, and so I often came across things that did not seem coincidental. If a particular creature made a grand or unusual entrance—i.e., crossed my path—I wondered about it. Surely it meant something? That bird seemed to be looking at me in a distinct way. What was it trying to say? Who sent it? And why?

I can look back now and say that perhaps that was some of my training between lives echoing into my conscious mind, and even indeed some of those I’ve called my CoAuthors sending their little messengers to lighten my day. But that’s hindsight.

Owl Totem

When I heard of Medicine Cards back in the 90s (a kind of oracle based loosely on Native American animal associations), I thought “There! That’s the explanation I’ve been looking for!” I was immersed in my other studies at the time, but a friend owned a set so I asked him, “What do they say it means when an owl perches in broad daylight outside our office window in plain view, and stays all day despite the little birds pecking at him?”

The mystical answer from that author’s perspective was that the owl is associated with “clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic.” One out of three wasn’t bad. As I said, whenever I’m writing, clairvoyance is a part of the equation. The owl was perched outside the room where this work took place.

The physical answer came from my famous animal-tracker sister, Linda Jo Hunter. She pointed out that Joseph had been trapping the mice overrunning our rural home at the time and, unbeknownst to me, throwing them out the front door (right near my office) so as not to deny them their rightful place in the natural world. She’d spent time with an owl biologist in the Pacific Northwest, and that’s how they “called down the owls” for research—with dead mice as lures! Joseph had done an admirable job of “calling” this owl to us. He’d apparently decided it was easier to wait right there for his supper, just in case some other owl might get there first if he’d had any flight delays.

Oh, how the mind imagines! And conjures motivations and mysteries! But it all makes deeper sense and does indeed involve a little bit of “magic” (if you take that view of complex inter-dimensional relationships). I say inter-dimensional, because the principles of frequency and harmonics function at invisible levels, hence, they are “other-dimensional” since our physical senses do not generally detect them.

According to my copy of Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by the late Ted Andrews, owl symbolism is widely disagreed upon, if you study the various cultural associations. Andrews speculates that because the owl is a night bird and humans have always found the night mysterious, they were bound to conjure some dramatic meanings whenever an owl made its presence known.

So it’s really up to Joseph and me to decide: What did the owl’s presence mean to us, if anything? Because whether Joseph called it with dead mice, or whether it was attracted by our resonating frequencies of thought, deed, and emotion, it chose to stay in our presence.

In other words, we were all harmonically compatible. So did it have anything to tell us about our current state of being, reflecting as it did our entire milieu of life at that junction?

Did it symbolize the reincarnation of the dead, as some traditions claimed? Or fertility, as the Welsh believed? Well, birth and rebirth (reincarnation) is definitely a subject we were writing about at the time the owl perched outside our office. What about the Roman belief that owls could aid in the extraction of secrets? I’ve certainly been a Roman in prior lives and I have been thoroughly engaged in a quest to extract the secrets of the Infinite in my work and study. It goes on and on like that.

Why We Attract What We Attract

The point to be gained from the experience, or my retelling of it, is that of being observant and open-minded about the meaning of everything we attract, through frequency-relationship, in the course of our lives. To know that we are little beacons emitting a certain radio-frequency, and receiving back answers that are harmonically tuned to that frequency.

What surrounds us is a reflection of what we have been (even back into previous lifetimes) and what we are in the present moment.

This is true whether it comes in the form of an owl, or as Joseph once experienced on a horrible, rainy day of job hunting, a passing truck full of pig manure that unfortunately found its way onto his windshield. Horrible, yes, but that might have been the “attraction” that broke the cycle of despair and made him laugh, thus changing his frequency to one that took the “horrible” out of the entire experience! And surely made the rest of his day more bearable.

Which is why the notion of trying to resonate only a “positive attitude” or focused visualization out into the world simply doesn’t work for me. Our reality is constantly reflecting back to us things from which we can learn, or use to propel change, or to expand our understanding of the Infinite (an understanding which of course never comes to an end). I do try to remain upbeat, finding the silver linings in all things, but something about the rote application of the “attraction” principle (missing the other side of the wave form, the “repulsion” principle) seems wrong to me.

It seems like a place you might get stuck, where you’ve got half an energy principle that is valid, but you’re missing an entire universe of other energy principles just as valid and vitally important to your growth in understanding and well-being. I can’t see how that approach could prove fruitful or lastingly effective. It reminds me of the time I was touring Greece and Lebanon and lost one contact lens. The rest of my experience was tilted, half-seen through filtered light, slightly unreal.

However, I’m willing to concede that recognizing that “like attracts like” and that thoughts are like radio beacons could be helpful as a starting place. I’m saddened, though, by how many people are willing to cast off their own abilities as inter-dimensional communicators in favor of having someone else perform this task for them. It surely leads to mental and spiritual atrophy. Especially when that particular information source is confining their thinking so narrowly.

Rabbit Totem

But now, at last, the Rabbit: Yes, when I opened the kitchen blinds one morning to see a rabbit sitting square in the middle of what Feng Shui terms the “career” area of our home (which happens to be outdoors), I paid attention.

He was staring at me intently, clearly determined to hold his freeze until I NOTICED HIM. It was blinding midday, and there’s not much out there for him to eat; mostly rock landscaping designed for drought tolerance, with a few scraggly tufts of yellow gazania that blew over from neighbors’ yards, which he might have considered dessert to a heartier meal. I know he normally hangs out across the street, where there’s lots of green grass and lovely, dense bushes. That’s one of the reasons his presence captivated me and made me finally say aloud, “What?! What are you trying to tell me?”

Rabbit in my front yard

At the time, I’d been once again haggling with myself over the career issue of to blog or not to blog. I mean literally, weighing it over in my mind at that very moment. So I knew he might be a factor in the answer. Had he been sent by one of my Advisors? Or did I “attract” him through frequency relationship, something that would symbolize and embody the message that my higher self was trying to get through to me? A symbol that could break through my insecurities and conscious-mind resistance?

While living in the owl-haunted home, Joseph and I had learned many animal lessons. We had decided that the rabbits on that property were teaching us by their behavior to be alert to the present moment, to seize opportunities that might appear suddenly, and to progress by sudden leaps and hops, always with a wary eye for danger. Never lapse in your alertness, Rabbit shows us. And move quickly when you have the opportunity. As you can see, I seized this one.

Did I need the rabbit to tell me? I suppose not, if some other way had been found to gain my attention.

Did I interpret it rightly, act on the right impulse, seize the moment? Well, that’s the thing about seizing moments; you don’t really know, do you?

But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with this living Teacher rabbit, who still visits that same area. Matter of fact, last week I observed that certain areas in that bank of rough grey granite chunks were actually flattened and smoothed, as if an entire family or families of rabbits had spent some time on them, like the acorn-grinding slabs we found worn into the boulders on that property we’d once rented, remnants of our Native predecessors. On closer inspection, sure enough I found enough rabbit droppings in those spots to fertilize an entire lawn!

Future tenants in this house are going to wonder how those green things have managed to sprout up through a foot of granite despite the plastic underlining. Only the rabbits and we two (and you) will know!

I see I’ve wandered off from my subject of frequency and harmonics, so I’ll have to continue on another day, seize another opportunity to expand on this most important principle. Until then—bon chance! May all your seized opportunities bring you pleasure, wisdom, and grace! So say my CoAuthors.

* * * *
Update: If you enjoyed this post, you might like to read my three-part series on Gardening with the Fairies. My Cosmic CoAuthors weigh in on that subject as well. Also, What Does It Mean When a Beetle Lands in Your Hair? and my newest, 5 Lessons from Hawk Totem: The Harriers Who Live Here I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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  1. Kaz Kaz

    Good Morning

    I am a Father of 3 children.
    I randomly found your blog by googling what does it mean when a rabbit crosses your path. I do believe that things happen for a reason and nature has a way of telling us things. I am curious about the meanings of certain events that help or guide us to make decisions or take advantage of opportunities that are presented to us. Recently, I have been directing my focus toward real estate and taken steps to become financially free. This morning my son couldn’t find his permission slip for a field trip he claimed he showed me a week ago. Actually 3 weeks ago lol. He didn’t find it, so I immediately wrote a letter for him. Further more when it was time for me to take my smaller 2 children to school, I couldn’t find my cars keys lol. Sometimes mornings can be a bit chaotic in family life.
    Luckily, I had a second key on the fridge. On the way home a rabbit hopped out of nowhere into my path in the middle of the street while driving. It actually stopped and sat right in front of my car as if I wasn’t there. It only moved when I honked the horn. So I found it interesting to see what the meaning was. I usually set an alert on my phone with the message saying “pay attention.” It brings me to the present to what whatever I’m doing. I found my keys moments later. I believe it it a sign for me to act quickly on moving toward my goals in real estate. Thank you! I have enjoyed your reading your blog and comments from your regular readers experiencing the same thing.

    • Hello Kaz! Thank you for sharing your story. I love the way you paid attention to so many random events throughout the morning that put you in the right place, at the right moment, to connect with that rabbit. 🙂 Leap! Stay alert for predators! And keep paying attention to the subtle details in your life. Wonder surrounds and spins within us in this electrical universe.

      And best wishes on the investments. I’ve read some of those books (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” — excellent). So far, my husband & I have discovered that real estate is not our thing. But eliminating debt, now that was brilliant.
      Happy hopping! 😉

  2. Karen Karen

    So ever since I moved into our new home a few months ago I keep seeing a small rabbit much like the one in the pictures above in the story. It is weird. My husband keeps saying impossible but I keep seeing it. Just now I was at my back door and had opened it for a minute. When I closed it the rabbit hopped to right in front of the door and stopped and stared at me intensely for a few seconds before it wandered off. We had a stare down one might say. This has happened more than once. It seems to know I open the door and comes to stare at me at odd times when I am not expecting it. This time my cat saw it as when I came inside he was staring intently out the window at it in the dark. I am perplexed as I don’t recall rabbits being this brave or even seeing them much before I moved in. This one seems to wander by a lot just to check in? Not sure what to think about it. Any comments? Ideas? Suggestions?

    • Hi Karen! How fun! What is that rabbit trying to tell you? Let’s see if I can trigger some ideas for you:

      What are you thinking about when it appears? Anything significant? Is it always the same?

      What do rabbits make you think of in general? Do they represent fertility? Is that an issue in your life right now? Okay, how about alertness and wariness? If you watch the rabbit, you’ll see that they can freeze in the presence of danger, but sometimes they’re just sitting and they will flip their ears around to check out what’s around them before they move (become visible to predators). They are very cautious and very quick to dash to safety. How comfortable are you in your new house? How safe do you feel?

      Do you need to “leap” on a decision, make a quick change in your life? And so on.

      Remember, you have attracted this animal messenger by the little radio beacons of energy that you, yourself, are sending out into the world. This rabbit is oscillating in harmony with you. Or, in some cases, may have been urged your way by someone, either spiritual Teacher or dead relative or whatever you believe, who lives in higher worlds now (i.e. not this physical planet) who is trying to get your attention in a particular way, and without interfering in your life directly, urging you to give thought to something in your present life. In my experience, animal messengers (those who behave strangely and cross our paths repeatedly) almost always either alert me to pay attention to something in my life, to take it seriously, or to change my direction in a more constructive, positive way. I’d love to hear what you come up with! And thank you so much for sharing your experience! Those rabbits are quite compelling, aren’t they? 🙂 Best wishes,
      Lianne & her rabbit friends

  3. Crystal Crystal

    It is winter, raining, and about 10:30 at night. My partner and I were siting in the car, in a quite parking lot, having a heated argument. The head lights were on. Something drew my attention to look out the front window and a rabbit was just sitting there, in the rain, looking at us. It eventually continued on. I knew it meant something……but what?

    • Hi Crystal! Thank you so much for posting your comment and sharing your story with us. By now, I wonder if you don’t have your own ideas about what this rabbit was trying to tell you. That’s the thing; it’s much like dreams. The symbolism will convey its meaning distinctly to you. What does it feel like he or she was saying? Did you stop your argument? Did it affect the flow of conversation at all? Did it suddenly alert you to that deep inner part of your Being that pays attention to the Flow of Nature around you? That inner, spiritual core of sensitivity? The place within where you connect to Infinite Intelligence?

      That alone could be enough to slow or even halt your descent into a state of mind that none of us want to linger in, the one that comes over us when we’re in the midst of an argument. That steep downslide into darkness. You know, “down the rabbit hole” — you’ve heard the expression? Suddenly, your attention was drawn away from your point of view, or your partner’s. Did those points really matter in the larger scheme of life? In that sense, your furry messenger might have been sent by Those who look out for you, helping you stay on your spiritual path.

      The conventional way to interpret an animal encounter (startling or unusual one-time encounter) or totem (constant association with the same animal) is to consider that animal’s habits and behavior. I’ve mentioned a few rabbit habits in my blog post (pay attention, stay alert, LEAP). When I first read your query, it popped into my mind that Rabbit also represents fertility and that perhaps you needed to think of that topic for whatever reasons.

      Since I know nothing about you, your partner, and/or your situation or even topic of discussion that night, only YOU can interpret this event. But I’m so glad you paused and took note of it! I’m certain that was no accident. I’d love to hear what you come up with — trust your inner guidance on this. Believe what comes to you! And share if you feel it’s appropriate. We will all learn something! Best wishes to you!!! Lianne

  4. Dee Dee

    Hi. Just read your blog for the first time. I have always believed in symbolism and things happening for reasons. This morning at about 7:05 a.m., after waking my youngest, I opened the front door to randomly peek outside. There in the center of the yard was this huge rabbit. It was just sitting there in an upright position. I thought how odd. I have never seen a rabbit out front in the open like that in all of the soon to be fourteen years of living here. Immediately I felt it had symbolism, and so I google what it might mean. Of all the posts, yours caught my eye. I believe again for a reason I was pulled to yours. After reading about the job growth and career opportunities associated with seeing the rabbit, I feel this may be what my encounter was about. Two days ago, I had an interview. I feel this will be a positive sign for me. Thank you so much for your insight.

    • Hello, Dee! How wonderful! I wish you all the very best from that interview. And if that’s not the one, the rabbit symbolism would indicate that if you look about and stay alert, the right one will make itself known very very soon. 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. It helps all of us pay closer attention to the energy signs around us, from hour to hour and day to day. Best wishes, Lianne

  5. Judith Judith

    Very interested in your blog and what you have to say just hoping to stay connected.

    • Thank you for your comment, Judith! Me too. 🙂 You’ve inspired me to write something new today, which I will post soon.
      My best to you — and all of you who’ve taken the time to comment here! It’s deeply appreciated.

  6. LP LP

    I have always seen a large bunny in our backyard but the other day our two dogs (labs) were sniffing around and I noticed there was a bunny den that they found. Four bunnies inside. Very small and clearly still too young to wonder. I decided to keep the dogs out of that backyard to give them space. About three days later I noticed one of the little guys bouncing around the back yard. The grass was recently mowed and weeded must have brought him out. The others were wondering around as well but one bunny kept following me and jumping onto our shoes and all. We are trying to conceive for two years now and after a miscarriage of twins in February we are even more impatient to have a baby. I couldn’t help but feel relieved to read that rabbits are a sign of fertility. I know in my heart we will be pregnant once again and have a baby but these little bunnies are holding even more promise !

    • Dear LP, I LOVE baby bunnies! What a marvelous experience, to have them feel so comfortable with you, as if saying thank-you for keeping the dogs out of the back yard. And I love your interpretation of their message of hope to you: happy confidence! And thank you for sharing this delightful story here. May all your dreams come true! — L.

  7. Me Me

    Hello Lianne :). I don’t think it’s a mistake I landed on your page today. I could write a book about my life over the 14 years. I have been hit by so many storms it’s amazing my life and marriage is still intact. I had five deaths in our family followed by me failing out of nursing school 8 weeks shy of graduation then getting hit with my husband having a five year affair all
    While living at home and shoving it in my face daily. I have lost all my friends and had to quit my job last year because what has finally been diagnosed as chronic Lyme had hit a climax and my health was spiraling. My health is much better now than it was but not totally back to normal, my marriage is great and both of my kids have left home, married and moved out of state. My husband works out of country so I went from mass craziness to being left completely and I mean completely alone. I’m actually still young. 43 and I guess because of all the years of facing challenges and Havjng to do it by myself I’m used to being alone but today…. I broke down sobbing , chest is hurting and I went to my kitchen window and out loud said why do I keep having to go through so much crap?! When will it ever end? I’m tired of being alone and Havjng to walk on egg shells to not start more drama with remaining family that don’t even live in my state . Anyhow, at that moment I look out the window and aww a wild rabbit fighting with a red Cardinal. I have to say it caught me off guard as I looked out the window. They too stopped as if they knew I was looking and then they both ran away. As I contemplated what just happened and found your site I heard a bird chirping and looked and the cardinal was sitting in my butterfly bush just outside my kitchen window :). I decided to take out the trash and when I opened the front door the biggest and most beatific black and blue butterfly met me at the door. I’m not new to birds and butterflies always showing up around me and hanging out but today was odd. It’ all happen Just after I shouted out my frustration and fears. I also wanted to mention we have a male Cardinal that frequently
    Comes on our back deck and stares in our kitchen window. We have a squirrel and frog that do the same thing. What do think my message was here? What could today have meant ? Thanks for your insight 🙂

    • Dear “Me” — wow, that’s a reminder to me, isn’t it? That I am often speaking to myself as well as my readers?

      I’ve read your story with interest and one thing puzzles me. You say you now have a great marriage, but this husband cheated on you for five years and now he leaves you alone for long periods of time? I don’t understand that. Why are you still married to someone who keeps you trapped in this unhappy situation? (Perhaps you should read some of my other posts re relationships.) But I do understand the beautiful animal messengers that came to you the day you also found my blog post! They are trying to reach you, tell you that you are never alone in this world. We all have wonderful spiritual helpers around us at all times, waiting for us to look up and notice them. They will not interfere. They will not tell you how to live your life. But if you turn up the dial of your consciousness and can lift it out of the muck & mire for just a moment, they will inject a beautiful ray of natural LIGHT into your life to help you find your way back home, to the place where you find peace in your soul and love in your heart. Where you feel as loved and beautiful as you are inside! And you, in turn, radiate that Love back out into the world.

      Rabbit, cardinal, butterfly, squirrel, and frog — what do they symbolize to you? Each one? They all have character and personality.

      For instance, if it were me, I would view rabbit as hopping away to freedom, always ALERT to traps and danger, and cardinal by name alone as something out of a long-distant (past lifetime) religious history, a symbol of limitation and ego, and a force of confinement into rigid values. I would see this “fight” you describe and take it as a message, a symbol as powerful as a dream can be. I would realize that the choice of which I will be is my own. But you might view these two animals in a different way, sending a different kind of message to you. Same with Butterfly, Squirrel, and Frog.

      One thing is sure: You called out for help. Help arrived. But in a non-interfering way. Just a variety of Light forces to guide you, speaking through an infinite number of channels. Are you listening? You are not alone. But you must tune your mind up to a higher train of thoughts, get out of the poor-me lower frequency, and up to “I know I have help if I can listen” kind of attitude, and all help will come to your aid. The choice is always yours.

      Love and good wishes to you!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I feel like instead of you going to the zoo to look at the animals, the animals are coming to watch you in your captivity. They’re trying to tell you to be free.

  8. Jana Jana

    I walked out of my house this morning, and saw something run fast across my path. And in my perifial saw it stop in my yard dead across from me. When I looked and faced it, it was a wild cotton tail rabbit staring at me. Just about 5 feet from me. It stood there for about 3 minutes. Long enough for me to take a pic. When it hopped off in a hurry I left to run my errands. My day went down hill from there. So I decided to see if there was a meaning to have a rabbit cross your path and stumbled upon your site, and various others. Not sure what the siting meant. It was a bit late in the day here for a rabbit siting. Here in Texas they are out predawn, when I saw it it was almost 8am. So a bit unusual.

    • Hi Jana —
      Keep asking yourself questions: What opportunities are present for me right now that I must leap on? What am I missing that I should be alert to, in terms of either danger or opportunity? What associations do I have to rabbits personally? And here’s a tricky one: Do I know anyone on the other side (beyond the veil, etc.) who might want to send me a message by putting a rabbit in my path, either someone who knows and loves me and vice versa, or a spiritual guide who might be trying to remind me of something I forgot?

      I always ask myself similar questions about animal encounters that seem, well, unusual like this (unusual time of day). You knew instinctively that this was rare, right? Because you went off looking for some insight online. So, in fact, the message, whatever it is, was received by the more sensitive parts of your mind/consciousness. Let your inner wisdom work. It might surface in a dream, or in a calm or distracted moment when your conscious mind (busy brain) relaxes and you allow it to surface. Quiet inner listening.

      For instance, a couple of days ago a little golden butterfly landed on my bare foot in the garden where I was sitting. One of those less flashy, mostly ignored but still magnificent little butterflies. I went to my trusty Ted Andrews Animal-Speak volume (, and reading the info there told me what was relevant for my life right now. I’m in the midst of a big career transition and have been very stressed over some legal details and business requirements. But butterfly was a reminder for me that transitions can be beautiful, fun, and joyful. Indeed, this is a long wished-for kind of opportunity for me. I had forgotten that! Got myself bogged down in the details and was missing the best parts. Butterfly reminded me. So that is how I think of Rabbit and all other natural encounters. What can they teach or remind us about? Hope you figure it out! And if you feel like it, drop back in here and let us know what you’ve learned for yourself. Everyone is different.

      Best wishes to you —

  9. D D

    I’ve recently been released from a 3.5yr sentence and ever since I came home a rabbit stopped by the balcony every couple days almost every day I was thinking it was my step father who recently passed or maybe my father who passed a few years ago, it’s nice to to read that it means growth because I believe I’m in state of growth myself.

    • Looks like you’re facing a lot of new opportunities — leap!! 🙂 Just make sure they’re the right ones. And keep those ears twitching and alert for signs of trouble. Best wishes! — Lianne

  10. The other day I was fasting I went to pray in the mountain , when I was going up the mountain I came across one rabbit I proceeded and while I was praying I saw another one few metres away from me I finished praying when I was leaving going down the mountain I saw another one and I left . I believe this was a sign from God I wonder what He was trying to tell me .

    • Keep those inner ears open! I’m guessing you will know soon. 🙂

  11. Dan Dan

    Thank you so much for this message!!! I so needed to see this. I had a rabbit cross my path yesterday and today. I am in the midst of a career change and you completely answered my question! I am two classes away from getting my Associates Degree in Computer Programming. I was working full time and going to school full time and then got laid off back in March 2014. However, I was allowed to stay on unemployment until I finish school. Unfortunately, my unemployment stops when I end school on March 22nd of this year. I have all A’s. This message showed me that an opportunity for employment is coming and I need to grab it and good luck is on my side. Thank you!!!

    • And thank YOU for posting this! Best wishes on that new job! 😉

  12. I enjoyed reading all the articles and comments on rabbits,mine is a lil different,it’s actually a vision of two rabbits sitting very close together,beautiful rabbits unlike any rabbits I’ve ever encountered on earth, I do believe it’s a spiritual thing,what do you think Lianne? … SSharon

    • Because it means so much to you, what else could it be other than “a spiritual thing?” Sounds lovely! Can you relate it to anything in your current life?

  13. grandmomrabbitfoot grandmomrabbitfoot

    Thanks for your article ♥ grandmotherrabbitfoot is my spiritual name given me by my ancestors. When I went looking on line for totem meaning all I read was negative things.. Thanks for your great perspective.

    • You are most welcome, Grandmotherrabbitfoot! I’m so happy you found it, and thank you for posting! Feel free to tell us more about how your ancestors gave you that spiritual name. Psychically, i.e., in your mind? or in a ritual? Or ??? I love such stories.

  14. Emilie Emilie

    Great post! I especially liked the part about only resonating “positive attitude” as I completely agree with you on that subject. One has to acknowledge both the yin and the yang in order to feel the whole balance.

    Now on to rabbits. Ever since dating my boyfriend since November, I have been seeing snowshoe hares every single time I leave his house. They are quite beautiful creatures in the winter with their white coats. Sometimes I only see one, and at other times I see the whole family! I have yet to figure out completely what this means (as I do understand that I should not be asking other people for the significance of this but to look for it within), but I feel as though it has something to do with growing love and with being aware of my fears (I am quite a shy person) in order to let myself love and be loved.

    Thank you for this blog post, I really appreciated it. 🙂

    • I would love to see a snowshoe hare! Makes me wonder what part of the world you live in! And it sounds like you have answered your own question. Trust those inner feelings, and let yourself love and be loved! The rabbit wouldn’t hesitate, would he or she? 🙂 Thank you so much for posting a comment! And best wishes to you —

  15. Meg Meg

    Having fertility issues so am undergoing ivf, was heading into the clinic which is located in the city centre for the egg collection procedure and a brown rabbit ran straight across the path of my husband and I. Too significant to be ignored, and with rabbits symbolising fertility I am still in amazement and wonder as to what this may mean. The positive approach to a rabbit crossing my path will certainly help in me finding it’s meaning but I am still in shock and wonder!

    • Haha Meg, best wishes on your ivf! But of course, “frequency relationship” with your concerns about fertility so uppermost in your mind at the time. You attracted another entity also very well associated with the same subject. Not magic, but energy science! Thanks for posting your experience! And best wishes to you and your family!

  16. MaKayla MaKayla

    Wow, its amazing how often people come across moments like this and dismiss them as coincidence. I found it ironic as i had searched what does it mean when a brown rabbit crosses your path and came across some similar thoughts that you described. I’m 16 and I had just came home from the dance with my almost bf Joseph. We got out of the car as he insisted walking me to the door when all of a sudden their was a brown rabbit upon us. It didn’t run, instead it stood their but eventually hopped away after a lengthy period of time. Then we walked up their and our first kiss together happened. I was kind of shocked since i thought he was going to wait a bit longer. I mean we have been talking an hanging for about 5months. But i just couldn’t forget about that rabbit no matter how floaty and electricy i felt. I mean was that a sign? Or just coincidence? Ill probably never know.

    • MaKayla, I’m going to say that you will always associate brown rabbits with that moment! I hope it will be a good and happy association for you, something special to signify a very special experience. (Sorry it took me so long to find your comment!) Best wishes to you, and thank you very much for reading and commenting on my blog.

  17. Thank you, this has helped so much as I have been encountering a large number of rabbits in my path lately. I’ve seen at least 40 in the last few weeks! Every time I see a rabbit, I have the great sense of something spiritual happening to me and sense I have been doing a lot of meditation, this seems fitting. I know in my heart the rabbit is my animal totem.


    • Thank you for sharing that, James! 40 rabbits! Wow! If it’s not THE animal totem for your life, it certainly is at the moment. I hope you are seizing all opportunities and keeping a weather eye out for trouble, as they say.

      My new book will be finished up very soon–perhaps today, in fact! The title is “Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be” and it will be showing up on Amazon in the next couple of months. I believe you’ll all find a lot more information on these subjects between its pages, as it is authored by “Lianne Downey and her Cosmic CoAuthors.” And this is the first moment I’ve posted the title anywhere — I like to keep creative projects under wraps until the right moment for releasing that energy into the world. James, you’ve just given me 40 rabbits worth of hints that I, too, should “seize the opportunity” to tell the world about the new book.

      Thank you, thank you! And thanks for visiting! Come back & post again if you figure out what those rabbits are exactly urging you to do. 🙂

  18. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I have been seeing a rabbit for the last week or so, over time he has gotten closer to our house. This morning while I was outside he finally came in our yard and just sat there for a while. He was a few feet from me and I stood on my porch and watched him for a little while. I felt very relaxed while I was watching the rabbit and I have felt that relaxed in a while, for a few months.

    I am looking forward to more of your writings!

    • Thank you for posting, Sabrina, and of course for the compliment! I guess you can tell that I just loved watching the rabbit, too.

      Good point you make: This contemplative observance of nature is indeed a wonderful stress-reliever! I often do it without planning, but I’m thinking I will add it to the anti-stress breaks I’m supposed to take from my workday. A few moments to step outside or even look through a window and see what Nature’s up to … 🙂

      Thanks for reading — I have been so busy working on a new book, I haven’t posted in a while, but you’re encouraging me. (As with my novels, the new book will be available on Amazon when finished. This one is nonfiction, with a reincarnation theme.)
      Many good wishes to you!

  19. That’s the spirit, Cardinal Rabbit! Seize the opportunity, and keep a watchful eye …

  20. Anonymous Anonymous

    Thank you Lianne for a positive connotation to this symbol. There are too many negative things posted about this symbolism, and quite frankly, I don’t buy it. I have been experiencing seeing rabbits crossing my path for almost two months now, too often that it stopped being coincidence. Every time I see this, my heart and soul feel elated and humbled, never fearful. And yes, an opportunity has come up in my professional life and I will seize it.

    Blessings to you and everyone!
    -Cardinal Rabbit

  21. What Does It Mean When a Rabbit Crosses Your Path?

    It means that you are in a grow condition: your heart, spirit, and soul are growing…
    You still have a child inside you and it is good! You are a creative person and it is from the heaven…
    You are light and can fly in your dreams, or dance Tango, your eyes are light up, – that’s all mean many good things…
    Lucky those who saw a Rabbit Crosses the Path…
    Watch him, follow and enjoy…

    Elena Pankey
    Love with Light

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