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Kidnapper: A Case of Astral Obsession

I don’t want to dwell on this crime excessively, but it’s such a clear case of astral obsession (destructive entity influence) that Joseph & I felt we needed to speak up. It is not “coincidence” that the kidnapper who killed the 16-year-old’s mother and brother and fled with her into the Idaho wilderness was performing copycat actions of his own father, who had committed suicide 15 years to the day that his son was shot and killed by FBI agents as they rescued the son’s victim, Hannah Anderson.

This story began here in San Diego, so perhaps we’ve heard more details. Here’s a link to the local CBS news story, breaking the information that the kidnapper’s own father had similarly threatened a 16-year-old girl at gunpoint in 1989, wearing a ski mask and carrying a sawed-off shotgun.

Just as in the current crime, the man in 1989, who had been seeing this girl’s mother, wanted the 16-year-old to come away with him. She escaped, and thankfully he did not kill her boyfriend as threatened. But the next day his son—the very same perpetrator of the current crime—brought her a message at school that his father would be waiting for her after school let out. She quit school that day, changed her name, and has been living incognito ever since, now working as a nurse. So similar to his son’s present-day copycat crime!

Local newspaper archives proved the woman’s  story to be accurate, and that the current kidnapper’s father was subsequently arrested for the crime, as well as for beating two people with a baseball bat. Then, 15 years ago, he committed “drug-related” suicide.

Aside from the hell his son must have grown up in, we have facts that tell us it is very likely that the father influenced his son’s crime in the present by superimposing his will over his son’s from the other side. In other words, his son was possessed, or the term we prefer (because the “victim” of this is not permanently owned), obsessed. He may also have been influenced by the same subastral forces that influenced his father.

This form of mental aberration was well-known and considered an important facet of mental health care up until Freud’s influence. William James, the “father of modern psychiatry,” wrote about it, and generations prior understood the necessity to keep oneself elevated above such influence. Abused by witch-hunters, certainly, but the concept of exorcism is one that even modern practitioners have used without admitting what they were doing: shock therapy (electric, insulin, water) causes so much physical distress that any obessing entities will flee—for a time, seemingly improving the patient’s state of mind. That is, until they come back after the body recovers from this damage and the patient repeats whatever caused the weakened opening of their consciousness to begin with.

Native shamans danced, wore fierce masks, and in other ways attempted to remove spirits from the patient’s mental domain. Contemporary therapies that urge individuals to “practice gratitude” or “keep positive” are reinforcing one’s mental strength against the lowering of the consciousness into low-frequency, susceptible radio bands of fear, hate, anger, deceit, addiction, and so on.

If you haven’t read my post, Who Are Your Astral Companions? or my new book, Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be, detailing the energy science behind astral obsession, now would be a good time to review the principles of consciousness that allow this to happen.

We all possess a natural psychic protection from the lower astral realms, where miscreants and derelicts and criminals and other human refuse hold sway and seek out living persons to satisfy their various needs and desires by attaching themselves to our consciousness and influencing us to act out their wishes. Our protection consists of maintaining a state of mind that oscillates at a frequency too high for them to reach. That means a generally positive attitude, clear control of our consciousness, and lack of addiction to substances or behaviors that would appeal to the lower echelons of life. Since none of us are perfect, our next best protection is to understand the problem, and learn how to cast such unwanted visitors from our minds if and when they intrude.

We also have spiritual guides and guardians within our mental reach, but they cannot interfere in our personal choice, so as I describe in my other writings, our own thoughts can and often do lead us into trouble. Usually that’s brief: a fit a temper or depression, a stray criticism, a brief dabble in whatever, and so on. Generally a progressing soul doesn’t feel so hot after such experimentation with lower frequencies suffusing the consciousness and so he or she doesn’t persist. As our frequency rises back up, and we drop the destructive habit of thought or practice, our unwanted “friends” move on to find a more pliable victim in which to place their sucking energy-straw.

Their goal is to try to relive their physical life habits, but they’re stuck in a disembodied state—so we are their best opportunity to try to re-experience those things. BUT ONLY IF WE OSCILLATE ON SUCH LOWER FREQUENCIES, and especially if we do so for extended periods of time.

Now here’s the kicker:

Current pharmaceutical drugs are apparently causing individuals to open the back door of consciousness, allowing astral influences to pour in. We know this because if you look closely at crime reports, you can find the clues and sometimes outright admission that the perpetrator of the latest horrific crime was “being treated for depression” or taking meds for mental aberrations. Suicides, mass murders, insane gun violence—so very often the perpetrators are taking these new drugs. More recently, as the evidence piles up, the threat of lawsuits keeps this common feature of such crimes out of public reports and news stories. But we can use our detective skills, and our knowledge of the interdimensional science of consciousness, to put the picture together.

In the current case, it is known that the perpetrator was losing his house to the bank. That’s a long process, likely to cause depression. It’s also known that he was raised by a violent, undoubtedly controlling father. Either situation could land him in the hands of “psychiatric treatment” at some point in his life, which in this day and age mean a high probability that he was or had been on some kind of psychotropic drug therapy. But that’s speculation.

Even if he never drank a drop or experimented with illegal substance or took prescription medication, a parent-child connection is sufficient for a case of astral obsession, if our current perpetrator dropped into any kind of negative or destructive thinking for a period of time. That would open the back gate of his mind, so to speak, to any astral force looking to “chime in” on his life.

Now let’s look at the other side of the equation. A soul who commits suicide, as his father did, shatters their ability to reincarnate in a whole, healthy body for quite some time. Without repair in the higher worlds at the hands of skilled and highly Advanced Beings, such a soul can wander in the lower worlds endlessly, seeking to re-experience what they’ve lost of a physical life, including habits and addictions. Without some spiritual connection to the aid that is available, they will be unreachable until someone intervenes on their behalf (say, a relative with powerful Friends in higher-astral places), or until they reach out for that help of their own volition.

This father sounds like a very troubled soul, influenced by his own crew of astral entities, and it’s likely he has remained in that sorry state. After his suicide, his own obsessing influences could easily have transferred to the still-living son, urging him to repeat their prior desires—kidnapping the 16-year-old, for instance.

And so the endless repetition of such crimes by “unlikely criminals” down through the generations—until someone breaks the circuit and halts the astral influence by their positive thoughts, deeds, and aspirations, and by their internal strengthening of consciousness throughout life.

Why do we point to the current influx of drug therapy for mental aberrations? Because so many copy-cat crimes like this are replaying in our society, with horrifying similarities. And so many of those have been perpetrated by previously normal, healthy, and happy individuals whose minds have been suddenly cracked open to free astral access by the prescription drugs they’ve been given, perhaps even for minor bouts of depression or vague complaints of anxiety! I believe these crimes are on the rise because of the recent invention and influx of these drugs—given out like candy—into our society. I am writing this post because education about the real, behind-the-scenes, interdimensional influence may be the only way to stop this disturbing development.

I want to leave this grim story on a positive note: the cure for this growing societal problem is education, not fear. Fear is one of those lower-frequency emotions that cause us problems. Dispel your fear by learning as much as you can about the mechanics of the consciousness you possess—the interdimensional principles of energy which determine where, how, and with whom you are connected. You are completely in charge! When these tragedies appear in the news, don’t go down into that sewer of despair about the decline of society. Instead, use what you know to identify the mechanics of frequency relationship unfolding, the past-life patterns and connections, the influence of astral partners, if any, and the ways in which things might have been improved and violence avoided. Turn tragedy to knowledge, knowledge to wisdom.

The more you learn, the more wisely your own life will unfold and the stronger your native protection against such unwanted influences will become! Remember, if a lower state of mind attracts undesirables—a positive attitude and a reaching toward higher states of awareness will put you in company with your most beneficial, uplifting, and illuminating Cosmic Partners! Make every thought and action the kind that will attract the best company!

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