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I flippantly promised Helen I’d explain what it means when a rabbit crosses your path (the fascinating subject of animal totems), but then I realized that I can’t talk about any Soul Pursuits of that nature until I try to explain the energy universe in which I live.

You see, when I was 21, my first Soul Pursuit came upon me without warning and it changed my perceptions of everything. From my observations since then, I’d have to say that I live in a different universe from a lot of other folks, so we’d better start there if we’re going to have a reasonable conversation.

I was a drama/journalism student at San Diego State when I came across a book called The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation by Ernest L. Norman. It stopped me cold in my pell-mell rush through life and stood me and everything I’d ever been taught on its head.

Then it wrapped me up in visions of an infinite universe in which everything lives interdimensionally, all propelled into being by an Infinite Creative Intelligence that swirls into our lives through our personal connections with it. Our energy connections. This web of being never ceases—not when we’re born, not when we die to this dimension, not when we’re reborn in a higher dimension, nor when we return to this one later on, after we’ve absorbed some new ideas about life continuous that we want to try out here.

The creatures around us are part of this energy web, and so are the plants, rocks, and your 1965 Mustang or whatever floats your boat.

Think like that for long enough (three and a half decades for me), and the world around you takes on some new, pardon my term, dimensions. Watch a bee and you know it’s following the impulses of Infinite Intelligence coursing through its own interdimensional connections and propelling its actions here in the third dimension. You realize that’s why strictly third-dimensional scientists still can’t explain bees or ants or even many functions of their own bodies!

Then you gradually realize that your own higher-dimensional energy body (psychic anatomy, to use Dr. Norman’s term for it) is storing everything you think, say, and do in an indestructible form. It’s from this interdimensional matrix that you create your Earth life: the way you look, the people you are drawn to or repelled by, events that unfold (again) in your present life. Your beliefs in the present moment are completely colored by your past, and past-life, and higher-life experiences. The very energies which fuel your life are continually passing through this filter you’ve personally constructed over the course of many lifetimes of experience in this world, and out of it.

Whoa. So what I’m thinking now (eating now, saying now, doing now, complaining about now)—it’s all going to stay with me and replay again at some future date? Only this time, I’ll be the victim of my own little negative quirks and habits? I can’t just lash out at the person who treated me so unfairly without paying the price for it later?? It’s all going to boomerang back on me?

You think about that for a while and you start to change your behavior. But first, of course, you see how everyone else is screwing up. That’s much easier.

Then you start to see that in this web of interconnected energy, you’re just one small facet but vital. Whatever happens to the Universal Matrix affects you, and whatever you do affects It. You stop killing spiders for a time. Then you realize that you’re eating some of the creatures who share this energy universe with you. Okay, so you try to stop eating the ones that walk & crawl & swim. But wait—plants are no less alive than animals and insects! And just as intelligent. They’ve even been proven to scream, fear, and so on. Vegetarianism isn’t the no-killing diet you thought it might be. Not when you really conceive how closely interlinked we all are in this Infinite Matrix. You sigh, pick up your fork, and thank every single morsel on your plate for giving its life for you.

To live in this world, this physical, third dimension, you must eat of the energies of life from another living being. And one day, the ants and bacteria and worms will eat you, or your ashes will fertilize another plant-being. The energy you’ve consumed from other living creatures? You will be passing it along, all through your life. And then you will give over your very last bit of it.

But wait. Not ALL of it. Only the physical bits. The rest goes with you, all the higher-dimensional energy structures you’ve been storing up for your entire life (lives). They are indestructible. But changeable.

Aye, there’s the rub: How to change what you don’t like? How to reconfigure your personal psychic anatomy, which you built, energy vortex upon energy vortex, and which now serves as your filter of the Infinite Intelligence flowing into your present existence. How do you “correct” the filter of indestructible (E=MC²) energy you built for yourself back when you were making decisions you thought brilliant, which you now think of as horrible mistakes? Must those mistakes replay in all your future lives? Forever?

And that brings us back to my endless Soul Pursuits.

(Next time: My Greatest Soul Pursuit of All: Working Out Negative Karma, or, The Power in Me!)
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  1. Very true, the things you say about attraction, Helen. But I think we can expand on it in a few ways, and Joseph & I will take that up in future blog posts!

    Thanks again for taking time to add to our blog! It makes the experience so much richer for us, and for our readers, I should think. And you’ve expressed very clearly an energy principle many people are trying to understand and apply these days, this “law of attraction.” Keep reading & we’ll go further into it!
    Love & Light —

  2. Helen Helen

    OK… One more try!! =)

    In response to your query re: “but the actions of others only affect us if we allow them to”. Yes you are correct, I do mean we are in control of our emotional response to events we observe or experience. And yes, it is not easy to master, but as one has the desire for mastery and works towards that, it becomes easier to control our thoughts and thus the emotions we experience regarding a particular subject. I believe fully in the idea of “Law of Attraction” and that we are vibrational by nature. Basically we get what we think about whether we want it or not. If we are distressed by events we observe, we become part of the problem and are then also in the process of inviting more of the same into our experience. When we are focussed on either a solution or how we would like things to be we contribute to positive outcomes for ourselves and in a broader context. When we realise we control our own world and the experiences we have, that is true self empowerment. We also offer the greatest influence from that perspective. One positively focussed, steadfast, clear thinking individual has far greater influence than 100 who are immersed in the problem and have scattered thinking.

    Thank you for your response Lianne. I continue to enjoy your point of view and all that you bring to the discussion. A wonderful opportunity for reflection =)

    Your sister’s work sounds just so fascinating. I look forward to reading her book. I have for as long I can remember had the desire to travel to Alaska. I am sure that I shall one day. Maybe your sister can give me her views on rabbits also!!

  3. Helen Helen


    The above comment is going to look really confusing. I signed up for a google account and posted under that. Unfortunately it deleted itself =(
    It was in response to your query regarding one of my statements. Maybe my third attempt will work!! It will have to be tomorrow as it’s 9.00 p.m. and the kids await.
    ….until next time =)

  4. Helen Helen

    Hi Lianne,

    I am now “hmclough”, so that post above was from me =)

    Cheers… Helen

  5. Tom Youngholm Tom Youngholm

    Interesting info Lianne. First of all, really liked how you dealt with the food issue. It is an issue for me that I keep forgetting to do, bless my food and water before I intake. I spent time with some shamans in Equador and the heart of the Amamzon and that is just a way of life -to give thanks to everything you ingest, everything that provides shelter, everything that supports your journey. You know that I like to imbibe every once in awhile;-)Before you drink of their spirits (chichi, guaro, or any such concoction)you toast to each direction, or volcanoe, or god. Then you drink leaving a little in your cup and then spill the remainder on the earth and say “Pachamama” (Mother Earth)It is difficult to put into words but it changes your experience. Placing gratitude and awareness into the process of drinking shifted it into another subtle dimension that was meaningful and heart felt. Anyways thanks for writing your blog maybe it will inspire me to do the same.

  6. Helen, I feel exactly the same way about my big sister, who’s come to my aid so many times: Thank the Infinite I’ve got her!

    You might enjoy her book, *Lonesome for Bears* about her work as a grizzly tour (not hunting) guide in Alaska and her unconventional approach to the subject. She’s on FB as herself, Linda Jo Hunter, and has a fan page for the book, “Lonesome for Bears.” She’s author, professional tracker, artist, and a lot of other things and I’ll bet she’s got a lot to say about finding rabbits in your path! 🙂 But I promise, I will get to that subject soon.

    Thank you for your comment and all your lovely words. I too believe we did not meet by chance, although we seemed to. (I never asked how you know Siena, but I met her briefly at a friend’s party in a distant city very recently & we clicked, too. Part of the energy web!) It’s so exciting to be meeting people on the other side of the planet! And trading ideas & thoughts. Very reassuring about the future! I’m glad to know you!

    I love your life philosophy, and it resonates so closely with my own. You did say one thing I’d like to consider further, though. I know what you mean when you say, “But the actions of others only affect us, if we allow them to.” At least I think I know what you meant. It’s our emotional reaction to the actions of others that we can control and that is extremely important and a big key to our own happiness. It takes a lot of practice and self-mastery & I’m sure we’ve spent lifetimes working on that particular truth and I can say that I still haven’t mastered the self-control part of it! 🙂 But I’m working on it.

    Yet lately I’ve started to consider another aspect of this statement. In an energetic sense, in terms of the planet’s Life Web, we’ll call it, the actions of others do affect the whole, which in turn affects us personally. I think we’ve had some outstanding, if you want to describe them as such, examples of that ripple effect. Just consider the BP oil spill, which is such a visible example of the actions of others affecting the life on this planet. That’s surely going to ripple through the ocean and have its impact, and that impact affects us. Less tangible is the ripple effect of mass or group consciousness, for better or for worse. But it is also energy, nevertheless, which ripples out just like that oil spill and affects the very atmosphere in which we live.

    Or, another example, the kinds of things that radiate out on the airwaves of the electronic media that represent what I (not so humbly) consider to be the erosion of the society I was born into, the foul-mouthed rudeness of ordinary TV shows these days which seem to be encouraging the worst behavior, the lowest attitudes, the most selfish thought. Yes, I can work to moderate my personal, emotional reaction to it, (and we’ve disconnected from cable TV), but how much does the gradual, creeping mainstreaming of such behavior affect and change the world in which I am living? It does have an effect. It maybe be short-term, it may be slow, it may be rapid and long-lasting–we don’t know. But energetically, it changes the social environment in which we live. Some would argue that it changes the physical environment eventually as well (and I’d have to agree with that).

    Of course, our remedy — the best we can do — is to live as you’ve described, from an inner, higher attunement and perspective. To keep our feet elevated just out of that particular mud puddle, whatever it is. Still, it’s important to know and observe how the Whole responds to the sum of its parts.

    Just some thoughts I’m currently going ’round with. 🙂 Thanks for letting me write about them!

  7. Linda, it doesn’t surprise me that we’ve come to similar conclusions. It’s all right there for the taking if you look for it. I just chose a method that had fewer mosquitos! 🙂

  8. Helen Helen

    OK… so now I’m a bit famous 😉 hahaha.

    Anway, You are so succinct and articulate Lianne and I love this blog. We’re all on the spiritual journey, some of us are just more aware of it than others.

    Throughout my life experiences and extensive reading on all things metaphysical and the esoteric, I have to realise that I am essentially non-physical energy currently having a physical experience. I also know that in this life I have absolute control over the people, events and experiences that come my way. When I realised this, fully understood it, my life was transformed. I guess you could say I live life from the inside out. Sometimes I feel that I’m in the eye of the storm, observing the chaos around me! I am rock solid in my belief of the energetic nature of the Universe and my ability to “live the life of my dreams”. I know that I bring to this life the knowledge and wisdom gained from my many previous lives (physical) and non-physical perspective. Of course this influences the particular current life experience but does not determine how it will pan out. For me, this is true free will and in any given moment I can start a fresh. When I focus my thoughts, words, actions to those which align with my true nature… ahhhh, that is when creation at it’s best occurs. And yes we sure are interconnected… our actions towards others will reflect on ourselves. But the actions of others only affect us, if we allow them to. And as we go along, expecting the best, living our life from this non-physical perspective, those ‘negative’ aspects become less and less apparent. Individuals, yet intimately and intricately entwined. It’s a wonderfully empowering way to live… in fact the only way to live really.

    I have not met you by chance and I am so enjoying the energy and positive outlook you bring to the Planet.

    I see your sister has commented above on the parallel nature of your journey. Interestingly, I have the same experience with my sister. There’s no doubting that WE had a soul agreement to support each other this time around. I am so lucky to have her!!

    Looking forward to the next blog… AND hearing about the rabbit token =). (I guess I could google it, but maybe I’ll wait to see what you say about it)

    with love Helen

  9. Amazing that we have arrived at a lot of the same conclusions in life by different paths. . for me it is looking in the eyes of a wild grizzly bear and seeing all you describe right there for the teaching. Keep up the good work. Your sister.

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