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Easily Protect Yourself from Spirit Possession and Astral Obsession

[Originally published July 5, 2011]: We spent a lovely Fourth-of-July weekend enjoying our own uncrowded fairy garden, Joseph’s gourmet cooking, and seven consecutive episodes of the BBC series, Downton Abbey, Season 1, courtesy of Netflix streaming into our TV. We love that series, those characters, both “good” and “evil.” But as Joseph pointed out this morning, the last episode contained a brilliant illustration of a vital energy principle of consciousness: that of astral obsession, or some might call it entity attachment or spirit possession, or even demonic possession. That last term is a bit too melodramatic. The association of our minds with those of disembodied spirits happens naturally and often. The trouble arises when the spirits are of a destructive nature.

We first learned of this principle from reading the works of the visionary scientist Ernest L. Norman. He preferred the term “obsession,” most likely because it is our own mind that “obsesses” at a particular frequency, thus attracting this kind of astral or sub-astral influence and maintaining the connection through our repetitive thought.

When I speak of astral obsession, I am generally referring to the destructive type of entity influence on one’s thoughts and actions in the present lifetime. These are entities who are not positively-oriented, who have fallen into an astral state that is often termed “lower,” although in actual fact, their frequency is “higher” than third-dimensional because they are oscillating in a fourth-dimensional state—i.e., a non-physical, invisible-to-the-Earth-eye state of being. This is an inter-dimensional connection.

Scary? Don’t be scared; just become informed. How do these entities, these lost astral souls, attach to us and influence our choices and our words? By frequency association.

When we think a thought, it’s like a radio beacon, broadcasting a certain frequency out into the universe. If you learn a little about frequency and harmonic association, you’ll realize that our thoughts not only radiate outward, but also bring energy back to you, oscillating along the carrier wave of energy that you’ve created by your thought. And the nature of that thought determines the nature of the energy you bring back to you.

Uh-oh! We’ve just stumbled across some tiny element of that ol’ Law of Attraction everyone’s so excited to discover these days. But there are so many more implications of the actual energy principle behind that fragmented idea people have now. And it is a principle, not a law. Laws can be broken, Universal Energy principles cannot, to paraphrase my Cosmic Co-Authors in Speed Your Evolution.

Perhaps our discussion of the obsession aspect of the principle of frequency and harmonic attraction will help clear up some of the confusion folks have about this attraction business—and some terrible mistakes they may be making.

*** Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers ***

Okay, you’ve been warned; I’ll try not to, but I can’t guarantee I won’t give away something vital. One of the characters in Downton Abbey is so evil, so mean-spirited, cruel, selfish, grasping, and cold-hearted,  you just want to shake her as the episodes unfold and it becomes clear that she’s not like ordinary humans. Because ordinary humans are never fully evil. She’s a literary character, created to make the plot nice and juicy, and she does a brilliant job of it—she and all the others. Still, her actions in the seventh episode clearly demonstrate the principle of obsession that Joseph pointed out.

Ever since we first met this character, she’s spoken nothing but vile sentiments, nursed nothing but negative attitudes, fueled her jealousy, fed her anger, believed the worst of everyone and everything. Ugh! By the seventh episode, she’s been caught up short a couple of times, but still persists in her foul and destructive state of mind. Now, at last, she’s become the victim of her own negative thinking. She fully believes that others are about to treat her as she’s been treating them, and this only gives her more justification for, not only foul thoughts, but foul deeds. The most unthinkably foul deed! One that is life-threatening to another: a murderous act!

In the midst of it, she catches her reflection in a mirror and speaks to herself, musing that this is not like her real self. At last! A moment of self-reflection (quite literally). For a split second we think there’s hope for this character and at last we’ll see a turn in her attitude … until we hear the scream. Too late. The deed was done and no amount of guilt could undo it.

We still don’t know what will become of her. Will she change? Or persist? Or be worse? Or succumb to the hell she’s created for herself?

But right there, in that moment of choice to act as she did, the principle was clear as crystal: she allowed astral obsessions, destructive entities connected to her by so-called “spirit possession” or “demonic possession” to propel her actions. But she had let them in by letting down the guard rails of her own consciousness. No one “possessed” her; the choice had actually been her own, albeit the kind of choice we often make without realizing it.

We Are Not Powerless

How did she evaporate her natural barriers of protection from the subastral worlds? In the only way we connect to non-physical worlds of any frequency: via her thoughts, streamed out day and night, sending their beacons off into the universe.

The vile nature of this character’s thoughts, reinforced by actions that gave them even more power, attracted the vilest of influences. They tilted her balance even further from her own personality, damaged as it was.

As I said before, a real human (versus a literary character) always has at heart a more positive spark of Infinity, always has the potential to do the right thing. Unless, of course, they’re pushed over the edge into bad behavior by inner demons—literally—who’ve been unwittingly invited to stream their influence into one’s consciousness, just as we streamed those Netflix videos into our living room.

Such destructive entities often live in astral states of partial-being—at a level that is no longer fit to establish a physical body for a sojourn of learning on an earth world like ours. Having lived degenerate lives of their own, lives that deteriorated their consciousness into this low level of non-existence and have kept them from ascending into higher-frequency worlds where they might find some corrective assistance, they are now stuck. They’ve not learned a better way. They’ve chosen their path, and now must derive their sustenance from the energy-thoughts and lives of others, people who are living physical lives and might be persuaded to carry out what the astral entity no longer has the body to carry out.

They might want to drink, or smoke, or take a drug, whether prescribed or black-market. These might be addictions they still feel but can no longer satisfy without help. Or they might simply want to continue committing the crimes they’d committed during their physical lives. If they could, they’d seize a womb and find their way back into our world. But their damaged energy bodies no longer maintain enough cohesion to do that. These entities we’re describing are among the lowest of the low, and the most troublesome for Earth inhabitants.

Crimes of passion often have this hidden energy reality, the principle of harmonic association, at their root. How often do citizens, ignorant of this principle, unwittingly commit terrible deeds of murder and mayhem, and then “wake up” some time later as they regain their own sense of self to discover the horrible result? They plead an insanity defense, and in truth, it is a form of mental lapse. But it is preventable, and we do not have to be victims of the general ignorance of this harmonic principle!

Your Life Is a Constant Invitation

Shudders. Yes, it can happen to any of us. And it does happen more sleekly than we realize, more often than we’d like to know. Of course, for most of us, the influence does not stay beyond that flash of temper, that cruel thought, that jealous surge when we say something we dearly regret and hopefully do not go further than that.

Most of us catch ourselves and realize that nursing such a state of mind is not fun. Some are sensitive enough to physically feel the plunge in consciousness: the sickness at the pit of the stomach, the choking in the back of the throat. These are two areas where astral entities may attach to our energy bodies or biofields.

Upon feeling this subtle discomfort, most of us change our thoughts almost immediately and instinctively go back to a more positive state of mind, a general tone of upbeat attitude. We set down our glass of wine and say, okay, I’ve had enough now, or we consider that maybe eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or drinking six cups of coffee a day might be a bad idea. We stop nurturing anger, hate, resentment, guilt, inferiority, or any other emotion that becomes “obsessive.”

Indulging in addictive substances or habits or prescriptions is another way to wear down your natural protection. When you choose to partake, you invite in the astral beings who wish to indulge but cannot. They’re happy to join in your fun. If your habit is long-lasting or strongly pursued, so much the worse. Your personality changes noticeably under this astral influence, as their own personalities begin to dominate, or come to the fore merely now and then. If truth could be known, and visibly seen, many would throw down the addiction in question and never touch it again!

I just read a paragraph to Joseph and he says to cue the creepy music! I feel like I’m writing a ghost story. Actually, I am. But wait—the difference is that not ALL astral entities are evil, but not ALL are happy spiritual guardians or deceased relatives come to offer their assistance, either. Not ALL are lost souls—some love what they’re doing; they thrive on playing mischief. (Remember the character in Ghost, the guy in the subway?) Some are worse than others, some are wonderful. It’s up to us to learn who is who, what is what, and to practice discernment when we choose our companions from the astral worlds, just as we do when we choose our life partners in our physical lives.

How do we choose when it seems as if we have no choice about who visits us in the dark of night? First we must know that WE DO HAVE CHOICE. We always have this choice. But merely putting a veil of protection, Christ Light, or other shield around us won’t work if our thoughts—our energy beacons—are sending out a conflicting message.

I was called by a friend the other day who was being troubled by nighttime visitations of unwanted dark forces. How could she get rid of them, send them packing?

The answer is always the same: we attract such things by our thoughts, by what we carry around in our minds during the day.

A few questions on my part revealed that the woman in question had suffered a recent trauma, an injury in her immediate family that was devastating, both financially and emotionally, requiring her loved one to undergo repeated surgeries and draining bank accounts. She’d also taken up a nighttime drinking habit.

So no, it wasn’t the “angels sent to her house by participation in a chain letter” who turned out to be “evil.”  It was rather a chain of thoughts and worries and emotions, following a sudden breakdown of her natural protective forces (her daily positive approach to life), that produced, shall we say, a gap in her back fence through which unwanted entities were raiding her life’s storehouse. And she was continuing in her negative attitudes, which only fueled their intrusions.

So how can we break a vicious circle of negative thinking, followed by negative astral chiming-in, further strengthening the dark and dour thoughts? Or influencing our behavior, as with the Downton Abbey character who portrayed the worst-case scenario for us?

Discover Your Natural Protection

For each of us, it’s a different method, but we must change the channel of our thinking to a higher frequency. Not that we should ever suppress our emotions! That invariably leads to other problems. But that we should refrain from carrying our mental baggage around hour after hour, sending out that radio beacon of negativity that only the worst of the worst thrive upon. Feel it, recognize it, let it go.

For some, that means putting our minds on the kind of endeavor that makes time disappear for us—you know, the thing you love doing so much, the hours disappear. For others who are more mentally nimble, perhaps they might succeed in an effort to stop every negative thought in its track and replace it with another perspective on the issue at hand. Some may find benefit in various alternative healing practices, such as past-life awareness, biofield tuning, energy medicine, or energy psychology. I have used them all with great success.

Be your happy, cheerful self. It really does pay off. This is the source of our natural protection. If the general frequency of your daily thoughts is high, no lower frequency can resonate in harmony with you for long, invading the peacefulness of your calm life. If you greet problems with a positive attitude, you’re strengthening that protection while attracting all the positive forces in the universe into your private world.

Meanwhile, until you’ve mastered that, learn as much as you can about the myriad levels of consciousness existing in this sea of Infinite Intelligence in which we all swim together, linked and relinked by harmonic association. Learn how to steer your ship in and out of troubled waters, without taking on the sea monsters at the edge of the whirlpool of destruction. When necessary, seek the advice and help of those who can help you release unwanted associations of an astral nature. Gain all the energy tools you can for extricating yourself from tricky connections that are not serving you constructively. We all encounter them from time to time.

Some advice if you’re exploring that “law of attraction” that’s become a popular catch-phrase: Check your motivations carefully if you’re doing affirmations, chanting, meditating, or visualizing. Be scrupulously honest with yourself, because these set up one of those “wave-trains” of thought, sending a strong beacon into the universe that will be discerned, not by the words you may use to color it, but by the basic energy frequency at its root—by your unconscious motivations, in other words.

For instance, are you really trying to  “manifest” something constructive for the benefit of others? Or something personal you think you deserve? Is it possible that you’re unknowingly sending a very powerful message of self-centeredness, self-interest, greed, ignorance, or acquisitiveness? Are you ready for the individuals who share those attributes to come and share your life with you, following up on the invitation you’ve sent?

And when you pray, are you praying for selfish motivations? Or for the good of others? Prayer, too, is a powerful tool of energy, a proven healing aid which can be used by the highest forces for good in our universe to add to their healing projections. But it can also be used for destruction if that is the actual frequency this earnest thought-form carries into the universe. And if you are sending destruction or harm, a la the voodoo practices of old, you will inevitably become the victim of your own foul intentions. Just as our sorry character in the wonderful Downton Abbey series! (And in subsequent seasons, you can follow how she handles her self-made situation.)

Who are your astral companions? What channel have you streamed in? Please share your stories and thoughts in the Comments below.

* * * *

Helpful books:
Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation (An Introduction to the Interdimensional Cosmos)
by Ernest L. Norman; The Voice of Venus by Ernest L. Norman; The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession by Dr. Edith Fiore; Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be by Lianne Downey

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    • Hello Sudipta, thank you for asking!

      Ernest L. Norman (born in 1904; died in 1971) was an author and visionary scientist who described in his books an interdimensional science of life that was far ahead of its time, in terms of accepted scientific knowledge during his lifetime. He wrote 16 books, most of which are still available via online sources such as, the primary text of his science being The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation. Since his passing, many new scientific discoveries have validated his hypotheses of a universal energy that carries the Intelligence of life from dimension to dimension, thus supporting and creating life on Earth and elsewhere in third-dimensional forms. He is my primary source of knowledge about the universe and the life I am living, my first and most important spiritual teacher, because his premise of life, which I have studied for 41 years now, has never failed to prove itself out in my own personal circumstances.

      His theories, among many other things, encompassed a more sophisticated view of reincarnation: how it works, the purpose of personal evolution through repeated incarnations, the science of consciousness that supports it. He also answered every “mystery” or dilemma we face in the modern world by describing the energy principles, based on this back-and-forth flow between dimensions. He favored a scientific explanation for everything, yet the science of the world during his lifetime did not recognize his work. Quantum physics and new theories of the Electric Universe now support his work completely, although they have yet to achieve the full picture of that his books detail. That will come in time, I hope. Every week I learn of some new credentialed researcher or area of endeavor that is proving out what I began reading in his books 40 years ago. So I still re-read them! They are “evergreen” in that sense.

      He had a small group of individuals who discovered his books during his lifetime, as his wife, Ruth Norman, managed to self-publish them when that was an unknown thing to do, in the 1960s-1980s. She also established an educational foundation that gave students of his work a place to study during her lifetime (she died in 1993). Although I never met Ernest Norman personally (I didn’t stumble across his books until 1975), I became her student and she served as my second most important spiritual teacher in this lifetime until the time of her departure from Earth. At that time, others took over her spiritual school and have since turned it into something that no longer resembles the place I studied, so I remain an independent fan, along with many thousands of others who were fortunate to “discover” Ernest Norman’s unrecognized genius and the books that an anonymous donor has put online for an extremely low cost. If you Google him, you may also find various groups that have sprung up in his honor, each of them sharing some bits and pieces of his work online, and all of them interpreting it differently. I think the best way to know what he was about is to read it in his own words. His explanations certainly have changed and improved my life dramatically, influencing my choices and my fortune in life! I cannot recommend strongly enough to my blog readers that they investigate, not the groups that are attempting to interpret, but the actual works of this incredible author. Your own life will take off like the wind if you can grasp even a small portion what he’s saying and teaching, and what has since been validated by scientific advancements.

      (Thank you so much for asking about him. I’ve decided to expand on this a little and post it as a separate post on my blog. — Best wishes to you, Sudipta kar!)

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