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10 Steps to Survive a Death Reliving

I saved this post for after Halloween so as not to freak you out too much. But you might have relived one of your deaths last week. (Yes, I’m discussing a serious side-effect of reincarnation.)

What was your costume? Did it have blood? Any implements of death or torture sticking out of you? Or were you a Naughty Nurse? An Aging Crone? A Starfleet Officer? A Priest?

You see, death has come in many ways, and not all of them as gruesome as you might think. Given how many times we’ve passed through it, the simplest of farmer’s coveralls might be the ones you were wearing the day the bull got the best of you. You’ve undoubtedly “relived a death,” or re-attuned to lives in which you died, hundreds of times already.

So why are we even discussing it? Because some deaths caused more trauma than others, and those might be the ones you’ve decided to arrange a healing around. If you reach a point in your life where your Plan is to address lingering fears and physical weaknesses—the psychic scars of this traumatic “death” experience in your eternal life—then you will probably relive that death with more drama. You might actually think and fear that you are going to die—again.

How Do You Know When You’re Reliving A Death?

First of all, you’re afraid. Secondly, you might still carry physical scars, birth marks, or impairments. Or they might suddenly arise during the course of your ordinary present life. A death-reliving can really knock you down, as you might imagine. You might be suddenly terribly ill—or you might be clinging to a ledge by your fingernails.

We’re not going to talk about the easy deaths, which you’ve been dancing through during all of your present lifetime. They left no slimy residue that must now be overcome. Your transitions out of a physical lifetime were actually an elevation to a better state of being, and so most of your thousands of deaths left little or no trauma. (Getting born here, on the other hand, yikes! But that’s a story for another article.) We’re going to talk about the big ones, the real doozies where you’ve still got lingering fear, anxiety, guilt, panic, regret, resistance, or resentment. Sudden departures of an unnatural sort.

Now if you’re here reliving a death experience that is not actually going to take you completely out of your present body this time around, then you’re engaged in a healing endeavor. You have planned and prepared to face this thing again. You have psychic assistance from whatever higher Beings or spiritual agencies you’ve been working with between lifetimes, and during your present life. They won’t interfere, but they’re standing by to respond to your inquiries. You may have made agreements with them to “soften” certain blows, in order for you to remain embodied so that you can complete your self-test of overcoming. This depends on your present state of mental/spiritual evolution, and how well you’ve learned to work with this assistance. Even if that’s new to you, though, the steps you’ll find in this article can guide you through successfully. It’s being prepared by my own Cosmic CoAuthors to help you.

The goal is personal, spiritual, evolutionary growth. You set out to conquer a fear. You want to eliminate this fiasco from your Extended Biofield so that it will no longer trip you up in future lifetimes and send you out of body before your time. With counseling, you create a Plan for your self-healing before you reincarnate. The ways in which we co-engineer such events are so wide and variable, I can’t begin to lay out a common pattern. But I can give a few examples that spring to mind.

Close Calls

One of the students in our past-life therapy class shared with her classmates a most astounding event she’d experienced over the weekend. She’d been driving down a two-lane country road and suddenly the colors around her grew extraordinarily brilliant. Time seemed to alter and things were moving in slow motion. As she drove straight down a steep hill into a narrow valley and prepared to ascend the opposite side, two cars suddenly appeared at the top of hill speeding straight toward her. One was in her lane, crazily passing the other, despite the blind spot that had kept him from seeing the road—and our student—ahead of him. Somehow, no one died that day.

She’d been studying the science of interdimensional consciousness, keeping journals, and elevating her psychic skills for weeks in our class. That day, the altered reality and slow motion sensation she experienced must have been the result of her mental faculties speeding up to a higher frequency when her Higher Mind kicked in, undoubtedly with the help of many Lighted Ones working with her. In a prior life, that catapulting automobile had been something that resulted in her sudden, unexpected, premature, and traumatic death. This time, she survived to tell us about it, and lost much fear in the process, benefitting all her future lives.

My husband Joseph has reached the age of 45, an age which, in so many prior lifetimes, he did not live beyond. I have watched him tackle one past-life trauma after another: death from pneumonia, death from typhoid fever; death from wounds and blows and starvation and so on—each one bringing its “symptoms” to light in various ways in the present. Each time he survives one of these relivings, he is stronger and more capable physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Me, too. As a child, someone kidnapped me—but my mother chased her down and snatched me back. I fell countless times, I nearly drowned, the sight of bears sent me into a deep illness, my twirler’s batons landed on my nose, [cannon] balls struck me in the face and body every time I tried to play certain sports, and so on. You have your own stories, yes?

When in my 20s, it was the near-miss accidents. I vividly recall while flying in a small airplane, my Cosmic CoAuthors had to appear in brilliant Blue Light flashes to alert me to look up and around to see another plane flying straight at us. I yelled at the pilot who changed course just in time. In my 30s and 40s, when I’d died young in so many earlier eras, I, too, suffered illnesses and blows and wounds, bleeding to death countless times as a woman bearing children or a warrier bearing blows. Thankfully, my knowledge of both past lives and Cosmic CoAuthors has been “saving” my life consistently since my early 20s.

The Zombie Effect

Feel like the walking dead? Check back through recent days. Did anything unusual occur? Strange illnesses or accidents, even minor ones? Any kind of encounter with something new or someone you didn’t know before, or a move or visit to a new geographical location?

Sometimes you don’t know you’ve re-attuned to a prior death until afterwards, when you start to relive being dead. If you’re feeling particularly “out of it,” you might be reliving the aftermath of death: being dead and not quite departed from this world. You might feel foggy-headed, numb, fatigued, as if there’s a buffer between you and your surroundings. You could be feeling emotions you felt back then. (I wonder now if chronic fatigue syndrome is related to reliving a past-life death? Or depression?)

I know, this sounds preposterous but it’s happened to Joseph and me so many times, we no longer think it’s funny. We’ve watched friends go through it after trips to foreign countries. Unfortunately, they weren’t open to the idea so we didn’t dare mention that they might, in mind if not in body, be walking around like a real-life zombie, just back from the dead. In fact, this happened on our honeymoon.

We’d been married the day before, but too poor for an exotic journey, we opted for a fancy restaurant in nearby La Jolla, a short freeway drive away. Seconds after passing over the highest bridge in San Diego, our right front tire blew out at 75 mph in the fast lane and Joseph safely navigated us through three lanes of traffic to the side of the road. We wound up driving back toward home on a spare, to the shop where we’d bought the tires. An hour or so later, with the tire fixed and us determined to celebrate, we set out again for La Jolla, only now we arrived too late for lunch. The Crab Catcher, where we had a two-for-one coupon at the restaurant with a famous ocean view, was now closed until dinner.

No worries; it’s a beautiful place for a waterfront stroll—on a normal day. But by then the fog was rolling in like San Francisco, thick and blinding. We couldn’t even see the water, some fifty feet below the sandstone cliffs that line La Jolla Cove. We were standing just above a well-known sea cave when Joseph stepped over a barricade onto a wide, flat stretch of dusky sandstone, apparently to point out where his older sisters used to dive in at high tide in order to miss the jutting boulders below.

Instantly, with no preamble, I was screaming hysterically at him to step back! I got hold of his arm and pulled with superhuman strength. He thought I was crazy but my hysteria eventually scared him into complying because I was making a scene.

Safely inside the warm restaurant, we were surrounded by glass windows completely enveloped in fog and so were our minds. We sat there and marveled together at the feeling, the slight out-of-body unreality of it all. And then we each began to remember details of our prior lifetime, bit by bit, as our Cosmic CoAuthors fed us the information before the first course arrived. It was the tire blowout! We had just relived a death! And now, we were walking around, not only literally in a fog, but figuratively. We were reliving being dead. And on such a joyous occasion!

Over the years, that past-life event has come back around a few times, so that now we pretty much have the whole story: We were married and set off in a carriage toward our honeymoon destination, driving along a coastline in Great Britain. A carriage wheel that had not been properly repaired broke, sending the carriage flying off a high cliff to plummet toward the rocks and water below. Joseph hit his head and died instantly. I had time to contemplate my drowning, his death, and the unborn child in my womb! Perhaps I was the only one who knew, or perhaps he knew too, but this is why that particular accident has stayed with us so vividly. We had plenty of emotional reasons to linger after that death: How about a honeymoon cut short and an unborn child lost? Expected happiness dashed on the rocks and sunk beneath the waves? For a time, we might have been among the ghosts haunting that particular coastline. But with each reliving and the passing years, we have steadily quelled the emotions and dismantled the destructive energy that had remained in our Extended Biofields, following us into the present life.

However, our anniversary this year was fraught with high emotion, and when we got our little electric Fiat back from a routine dealer visit, our fancy new tire monitors indicated that the right front tire was far out of balance with the others. The service tech swore the tires had been properly inflated.

Once you recognize a past-life pattern, don’t be surprised if it comes around again for further adjustment. And check your tires!

A Path to Healing

One last thing before you read the Steps: Know that these relivings are essential to our spiritual growth and personal development as a soul. We are learning to overcome our fear of birth and death, those natural transitions in and out of various planes of existence. As my spiritual mentor Ruth Norman used to say, “You have to get in, to get out.” She meant that you must relive the elements of these traumas in order to overcome them and be free of their odious residual hangups, phobias, and neuroses. That reliving needs to take place in the same dimension in which they originated (i.e., on earth).

This week my new kinesiology coach has instructed me to roll around on a soft kid’s ball to help break up and dissipate the 25x16x13-centimeter fibroid tumors lingering in my abdomen after menopause. The ball she handed me was jet black, about 5 inches in diameter—exactly like the Civil War era cannonball I saw entering my body in one of my past-life flashbacks a dozen years ago! I’ve had a knee-jerk but justifiable fear of balls flying at me my entire life, and they inevitably hit me. But now that sphere will be an instrument of my healing.*

(*Many past-life incidents have contributed to my present-life tumors. I wrote here last week about some of those as women, including the carriage incident; this week it’s karma from my lives as a man. A “scar” as serious as this one usually has many, many regenerations of negative energy feeding it from prior lives. One by one, we address them and eventually we find the one thread that unravels the whole sweater, er, tumor. )

10 Steps To Conquer Death

Here’s what to do if you suspect you are “reliving a death” experience:

  1.  Recognize that your current ailment or predicament is not the first time. You’ve been here before. And guess what? In the big picture, you have survived it.
  2.  Use this knowledge to reduce your fear. But use your fear to induce respect for your circumstances. Do what you must to survive, be that consulting doctors or calling the rescue team.
  3.  Tune up your mental frequency! That’s right: Ring up your Spirit Guides, Counselors, Teachers, Guardian Angels—whatever you want to call them. Make sure you keep your consciousness aligned to your ultimate life-guides. Listen closely. They will not interfere in your present life but they are there to guide and counsel in their amazing, “synchronistic” ways. You’ve experienced this, right? So tune in to their wisdom and keep your antenna out for information from any of your psychic counselors.
  4.  Inhale deeply through your nose, exhale out through your mouth. Again. Long, deep breaths. It helps if you say a long, breathy, “haaaaaaa” on the exhale. This energy medicine exercise will reduce any panic starting to rise through your body and mind.
  5.  Know that your physical body may have died last time, but it is not necessarily a requirement this time around. You are only “remembering” dying; even your cells remember it. But it might not be your time yet, especially if you mentally separate your present life from your reliving-memory through this objective, calm analysis.
  6.  Ask yourself deeply what you can learn from this re-contact with your prior death. What might you have missed last time? What fears can you overcome this time? What might have been your reason for choosing to relive this particular death? Answers to these questions may help speed an improvement in present circumstances.
  7.  Why do you suppose your previous death required this revisit? Was it particularly traumatic? That’s usually a result of great emotional distress surrounding your departure. Did you leave a loved one behind? Was it sudden and unexpected? Were you murderously angry? Guilty? Terrified? Have you been carrying the wounds of this past-life incident for too long and determined that you were ready to face it with a new attitude?
  8.  Relax. Just knowing that you are reliving a prior death has, if you believe it sincerely, already put your present-life energy “out of phase” with the past. In other words, you are no longer ignorantly regenerating that old energy. You have stepped aside from it, so the impact of the old energy is lessened and your new mental perspective has gone to work pulling the gems from the ashes of your past, so to speak. Your awareness of past lives takes the venom out of the replay.
  9.  Express gratitude for the healing you are experiencing.
  10. Write about your experience to crystalize it in this dimension, where the first cause occurred, and to finalize the healing and the learning.

Of course, ultimately we will all die again—and be reborn again. When the day for our departure from this life actually arrives, it will have resonance with our prior death experiences. But with all you’ve learned in the present about consciousness, energy, higher-dimensional worlds, and your own evolutionary history, from life to life, your fear will be reduced, your mind will be linked to higher Minds who’ll help you find your way, and your passage will be smoothed by familiarity and love.

As they say, practice makes perfect! 😉 Please feel free to share your stories and experiences in the Comments section below. I’d love to hear about them! And if you gained any benefit from considering this perspective, please share, tweet, forward, FB, and so on, so that others may benefit as well.

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