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2013 Cosmic Dancer Dance-in-Film Awards

Posted on April 16, 2014

If it weren’t for a certain television series, we American dance and movie fans would have dried up and blown away in 2013! This is why our announcement comes so long after film-award season. We’d been looking for dance movies in all the wrong places.

In 2012, we were blessed with so much wonderful dancing in so many movies, we had to split the annual Cosmic Dancer Dance-in-Film Awards into several categories, including a few “worst” awards. But unless we blinked, Hollywood released only one dance film in 2013 that met our original criteria for “English-language films.” And if a film in another genre featured even a single dance scene, it was so far under the radar that we couldn’t find it. We didn’t even come across terribly bad dance movies. Now that’s rare!

What to do? We broke the rules to find a winner. We went global.

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Reincarnation Songs: Loved You For a Thousand Years

Posted on April 4, 2014

Apparently, Joseph and I are being prepared in many ways by our Cosmic CoAuthors for the next book we’re going to write. This time, the two of us will co-author it. Yay!

Every time I turn on the satellite radio in our little electric Fiat, someone is singing, “Come to me, my sweetest friend.” I made Joseph listen to the song one day, when of course, it played again when I flipped the car stereo from our thumb drive to radio.

“Why do you think I keep hearing this song?”

“It’s about reincarnation! ‘We’ll go home and start again.'”

Doh! He’s right! That’s what we all do: go home to the higher worlds for a while, then come back and start again. I liked the song very much but only heard it during these rare radio ventures.

So this morning, after the second night in which I was visiting with my mother in her after-Earth experiences (this time we were sharing a vacation cabin and it snowed in the middle of summer and we were laughing about it), I woke up with this love song in my head. It was clearly planted there, because I didn’t think I knew it well enough to bring it back.*



Joseph, meanwhile, woke up this morning with the other ubiquitous love song in his head. It’s also about reincarnation (or vampires ;-). “Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years; I’ll love you for a thousand more.”



It’s going to be a beautiful book!

UPDATE Saturday, April 5: Okay, now they’ve got me. They know I’m paying attention, so it was time to step things up! Joseph and I were lying abed talking this morning and out of the blue, the melody of the following song dropped into my head. I couldn’t hear the words, but I thought it might have been in a movie.

After a little while, my teasing CoAuthors dropped another hint: Working Girl. While we got up, got dressed, did some Energy Medicine, I tried to sing the tune to Joseph (tch, I’m not a singer!). I told him, “No worries; after a while the lyrics usually surface.” Sure enough, an hour later a few words started to come in, enough for Joseph to finally recognize the song and add another line. Google got it right away. Enjoy!

Oh, and you can probably guess why my Cosmic CoAuthors wanted us to hear these particular lyrics, which I’ll append fyi. As Joseph pointed out, we weren’t talking about anything related; we don’t own this song; we hadn’t heard it anywhere in oh, I don’t know, years?? (But that is certainly one of the all-time great movies.) This is a call to all Violet Life Colors! In fact, the whole rainbow! Don’t lose heart!

LET THE RIVER RUN by Carly Simon

We’re coming to the edge,
Running on the water,
Coming through the fog,
Your sons and daughters.

Let the river run,
Let all the dreamers
Wake the nation.
Come, the New Jerusalem.

Silver cities rise,
The morning lights
The streets that meet them,
And sirens call them on
With a song.

It’s asking for the taking.
Trembling, shaking.
Oh, my heart is aching.

We’re coming to the edge,
Running on the water,
Coming through the fog,
Your sons and daughters.

We the great and small
Stand on a star
And blaze a trail of desire
Through the dark’ning dawn.

It’s asking for the taking.
Come run with me now,
The sky is the color of blue
You’ve never even seen
In the eyes of your lover.

Oh, my heart is aching.
We’re coming to the edge,
Running on the water,
Coming through the fog,
Your sons and daughters.

* In Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be, I talk about how often this happens to me and how you, too, should pay attention to what arises during this fertile “hypcognic” state. These morning songs often contain very important information, or maybe a jolt of Infinite Love to smooth your day.


Another Case of Astral Obsession Prompted Gun Violence

Posted on April 3, 2014

Yesterday at Ft. Hood, Texas, another man killed 3 people, wounded 16, and then took his own life. Sounds like old news? It is. A similar event too place in 2009 at the same location. That prior shooter is now on death row.

I do not wish to dwell on this subject, but I feel obligated to point out the consistency of these events, in which an individual–often under the influence of so-called psychiatric drug therapies–becomes extremely violent, shooting others and/or themselves. Others become suicidal, and may take family members with them in their self-destruction. These crimes are repeated as new “victims” (the physical perpetrators) fall under the influence of similar, or the very same astral beings, souls who are so destructive that they are currently unable to reincarnate to work out their downward fall into this violent state, so they prey upon the unsuspecting Earth individual who has let down their mental guard. They take over or “possess” the mind of the perpetrator, and that unfortunate soul has no idea what they are being influenced to do. Or they believe the thoughts that pushed them were their own.

In two prior posts, here and here, I explain how obsessing (or possessing) astral entities are very likely to be involved in these copycat crimes. They are given access to a subject’s consciousness by various breakdowns in the natural protective energies with which we are all surrounded. I suspect it’s happening more frequently in modern times because of the influence of psychotropic drugs used on people who already have suicidal and/or violent tendencies.

If you read the news items carefully, you can often detect that likelihood although the connection to these drugs is routinely under-reported because of corporate influence and fear of lawsuits. But the use of such drugs is not a requirement for these repeat instances. Often these crimes are committed by people who would never have considered such a thing, and they leave family, friends, neighbors, and the general public baffled. In some way or other, their mental “back gate” has been left standing open, inviting this horrendous negative influence.

In today’s story, the man was a war victim. You can read all about it in the New York Times here.

I post these items in the hope that soon the world will become wise to the interdimensional nature of consciousness, and take measures to help and protect individuals who have become susceptible, whether through drug therapies, or their own mental breakdowns. When we as a society learn the energy principles by which we connect to one another in harmonic frequencies, through our thoughts and deeds, such crimes will become a matter of history only. I look forward to that day!

For more on this subject and how to protect yourself and your loved ones, read my book, Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be.

UPDATE, April 9, 2014: News stories today include this paragraph, which underlines the likelihood that this perpetrator had been prescribed anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety drugs. It also claims, typically, that they had nothing to do with the shooting. Here’s the careful wording: “Lopez did a short stint in Iraq in 2011 and told medical personnel he had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The 34-year-old was undergoing treatment for depression and anxiety while being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder, base officials said. Fort Hood officials on Friday, however, said his mental condition was not a “direct participating factor” in the shooting.” Later stories confirmed that he was prescribed drug therapy while at Ft. Bliss.