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Ernest L. Norman
Ernest L. Norman, Visionary Scientist (1904-1971)

Who Is Ernest L. Norman?

Posted on November 9, 2016

One of my blog readers from India recently asked, “Who is Ernest L. Norman?” I thought I’d share an expanded version of my reply here, since he’s such an important figure in my life, my writing, and my future:

Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Cosmologist

Ernest L. Norman (born November 11, 1904; died in 1971) was an author and visionary scientist who described in his books an inter-dimensional (multi-dimensional) science of life that was far ahead of its time, in terms of accepted scientific knowledge during his lifetime. He wrote seventeen to twenty books (depending on how you count them), most of which are still available via online sources such as The primary text of his science is The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation. The most popular place to start reading his work is The Voice of Venus.

Since his passing, many new scientific discoveries have validated his cosmological hypothesis of a universal energy that carries the intelligence of life from dimension to dimension, thus supporting and creating life on Earth and elsewhere continuously, regeneratively, in multi-dimensional forms.

My Most Important Teacher

Ernest Norman is my primary source of knowledge about the universe and the life I am living, my first and most important spiritual teacher. His premise of life and its purpose, which I have studied for 41 years, has never failed to prove itself out in my daily observations of energy, life, healing, nature, and society. My studies and research into the biofield anatomy, energy healing, past life awareness, energy psychology, and most recently, biofield tuning are all supported and underpinned by Ernest Norman’s cosmology.

His theories, among many other things, encompassed a more sophisticated view of reincarnation: how it works bio-energetically, the purpose of personal evolution through repeated incarnations, the science of consciousness that supports it, as well as how we can overcome its burdens personally and improve our future outcomes. He was the first to describe what we now term the human biofield, although he called it the “psychic anatomy,” and extended his description of its function into multiple dimensions and infinite existence.

Posthumous Validation

In his books, he also takes up many of the “mysteries” or dilemmas we face in the modern world by explaining and unraveling the energy principles involved, based on this back-and-forth flow between dimensions, and the eternity of information storage and replay that this flow supplies. He favored a scientific explanation for everything, yet the scientists of the world during his lifetime did not recognize his work because he did not possess their credentials. He was a self-taught prodigy.

Quantum studies, and new concepts such as the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis or Electric Universe theory, now validate and support many of Ernest Norman’s “interdimensional” energy concepts, although his work has yet to be fully explored. That will come in time, I hope. Every week I learn of some new, credentialed researcher or area of endeavor that has “discovered” what I began studying in his books forty-plus years ago.

So I still re-read them! They are “evergreen” in that sense. They contain much treasure yet to be discovered. For me, they work to instantly re-awaken my universal awareness and ring in a more expanded connection with Infinite Intelligence.

Accessible Legacy

Though extremely private and humble,  this great thinker attracted a small group of individuals who discovered his books during his lifetime. His wife, Ruth E. Norman, managed to self-publish them when that was an unknown thing to do, in the 1950s through 1980s. She also established a nonprofit educational foundation that gave students of his work a place to study during her lifetime (she died in 1993). Although I never met Ernest Norman personally (I didn’t stumble across his books until 1975), I became her student, and she served as my second most important spiritual teacher in this lifetime. I remained close to her until the time of her departure from Earth. At that time, others took over her spiritual school and have since turned it into something that no longer resembles the place I studied, so I remain an independent fan.

Many others have been fortunate to discover Ernest Norman’s unrecognized genius. His books are available from used booksellers online because a grateful, anonymous donor had them printed and distributed widely. If you Google him, you might also find various groups that have sprung up in his honor, each of them sharing some bits and pieces of his work online, and all of them interpreting it differently.

An Infinite Perspective

I think the best way to learn about his cosmology, and its great benefits when applied to personal well-being, is to read it in his own words and test it out in your daily observations. His universal concepts have certainly changed and improved my life dramatically, influencing my choices and my fortunes. I cannot recommend strongly enough to my blog readers that they investigate, not the groups that are attempting to interpret, but the actual works of this incredible author. Your own life could take off like the wind, as mine did.

As with Tesla and other pioneers, Ernest Norman’s name may not be recognized publicly for decades to come but you might zoom far ahead in the comprehension and smooth sailing of your own life, if you take a little time to consider his “infinite concepts” and experiment with them in your daily encounters with the craziness of this world. It’s not so crazy after all, when we put it under his microscope and expand our view to include our existence as multi-dimensional, eternal, intelligent Beings on a journey of self-development.

IKEA Catalog with garden flowers in background

The Fight to Live Naturally – or – I Refuse to Let IKEA Design My Life!

Posted on August 12, 2016

“What’s not on the menu?” This idea crept into our household, Joseph’s and mine, from an article we stumbled into on Facebook and devoured together.

What is society no longer offering you? How has your life been shrunk down into compartments designed by Others? Are you only choosing what’s on the menu? Or are your mind and spirit looking beyond, drawing from the vast infinite wellspring of options that we used to see more clearly—until Internet design took over and limited our choices to a menu devised by software developers. What’s not on that menu? Do you ever wonder?

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Leap! said my watercolor oracle … and I leapt

Posted on May 27, 2016

"Leap" watercolor oracle Copyright 2016 Lianne Downey High-res version

“Leap!” said my watercolors.

“Where?” said I.

But meanwhile, we leapt.

Now, nearly six months later, the watercolor is finished and we live in a different house with a new housemate. We’ve tried on several different modes of employment these past few weeks (certified biofield tuners, caterers, corporate consultants, educators, researchers, personal biofield compatibility consultants) and we have new friends and associates, less furniture, and fewer cumbersome belongings. My heart is full, my head is clear, and I’m so looking forward to the next step. Or leap.

I used to be afraid of horses. But I’m glad this one came to my rescue and appeared on my paper just as I splashed on those complementary colors in a burst of freedom. I never dreamed I could make that faint horse-leap come to life, but it did. Enough so that all could see what I perceived in the swirls and shifts of color.

And for weeks on end, the “spear” in my hand was nothing but a blank spot. Finally, I can see what I clutch in my hand, piercing the brightness before me, so blinding I still cannot see the future. But this pointed jewel of light guides me ever onward, while the trusty steed beneath me powers my journey.

Once again, my watercolor oracle has come through to guide my life, displaying insights my brain is too clumsy to find on its own. The water and paint respond, somehow, to beams of light-intelligence flickering into my life and make them appear before me, teaching, guiding, revealing all that has been hidden. The only requirement is a massive dose of trust. I am not a painter, and yet I am. I paint my life with these energies unseen every day. The colors snag them from the Inner Realms and bring them out where I can see what is unfolding, as I skate along the light frequencies of life’s intricate patterns.

Ridgeline view from the Subtle Energy Retreat
Ridge line view from the Subtle Energy Retreat

Touching the Sounds of Silence at the Subtle Energy Retreat 2016

Posted on April 26, 2016

Close your eyes and listen. Are you one of the fortunate few who hear only a peaceful silence? Or are you like most of us, constantly surrounded by the cacophony that is life in the 21st century? So we seek for silent places in the world when we can: the dark woods, out on the ocean, lost in a tomb-like room we might have created in our homes for “retreat.” You think by now I’m going to say that Joseph and I ventured off to a silent retreat, right? But the annual Subtle Energy Retreat held at Blue Sky Ranch in the San Diego foothills is anything but silent.

Ideas and conversations and presentations and excitement and exotic musical tones echo and reverberate for three days. It is a cacophony of the loveliest kind, where thoughts merge and hearts expand and ideas get born and refined. Motion and light converge with the ever reverberating movements of sun and dust and wind and stars and a full moon—and let’s never forget Ivan the Raven circling overhead, watching and guarding the presentation tent and the lunch patio.

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Glowing firefly trapped in Mason jar
Thanks to the wonderful for this image. Save the fireflies!

5 Ways to Fix an Unhappy Past Life Relationship

Posted on August 26, 2015

Knowing someone from a prior lifetime is no reason to stay in an unhappy past life relationship. Here are five ways to fix it, or finish it!

I often write “Dear Abby” type replies to people who comment on my most popular article on the Internet who have found themselves stuck in relationships that are making them unhappy. My article is about identifying past life lovers, friends, and enemies. Thankfully, that in and of itself begins to answer the question. They have come together to rectify some past life issues that have left them feeling unbalanced. But it’s never quite that simple.

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