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Why I Don’t Practice Lucid Dreaming

Last night I dreamed Joseph could pass through a solid red-brick wall—repeatedly—without harm and simply to get to the other side.

The night before, I dreamed that an aristocratic Venetian man slipped a white rose into my pocket in the public square and later came to my humble apartment with all his friends, who brought meats to cook which I’d never seen before. He was ready to sweep me away from my poverty because he loved me and would marry me despite our class differences.

How did I know he was Venetian? He was tall, well-fed, and dressed in layers of cape-like clothing. Upon awakening, I reasoned that I’d seen such clothing before somewhere—Amadeus? La bohème? Or Austrian, I thought.

And then I realized I’d never been able to see the man’s face in the dream—a mask! So I Googled Venetian masks and learned that they wore them all the time, all levels of society, in all circumstances, for many eras of their history, not just at the now-restored Venetian Carnival.

I also read that this mask-wearing was common in “one of the most rigid class hierarchies in all of Europe.”

The man in my dream was dressed exactly like the illustrations I found. Was this a past-life memory of mine? I’ll have to think about it, use all the tactics I teach in Speed Your Evolution for validating past-life information.

Meanwhile, don’t talk to me about this popular fad of trying to cultivate “lucid dreaming,” i.e., a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming (or make yourself aware). A few days ago I read someone’s 10 Ways to Cultivate Lucid Dreaming list. Oh my gosh! If you were successful at it, you would allow your limited, switchboard-designed Conscious Mind to control your dreams! You would cut short all that access to your Infinite Self that we enjoy every night! You could seriously harm your waking life by denying yourself those long hours of blessed freedom to be your more complete self.

I’d never paid much attention to the subject of lucid dreaming, and had no prior research or lessons to guide me. But I mentioned it to Joseph and sure enough, he’d tried it when he was a teenager and was indeed able to “wake himself up” within a dream and decide what to do next. Tragic, I thought. Because his conscious-mind ideas could only take him as far as his waking self could imagine—and that is so confined!

Sure, he could make himself fly or make things appear and disappear, or guide the action in other ways. Or, with his similar experiments with astral travel, he could fly down the street to visit his girlfriend (at great risk to his sanity, I must add, but that will have to be another blog post). But—could he discover his higher abilities? Could he see into his past lives? Could he be delivered of Cosmic Inspiration from his spiritual teachers, who might be of all varieties, natures, and levels at various times in his life? Could he gain the help he needed during his limited, waking life, to break through problems that his Conscious Mind could not solve? Could he experience views and vistas and abilities that his Earth-based thinking could not conceive?

This idea of controlling your dreams is born of frustration, no doubt; a need to control the seemingly out-of-control events of one’s life. In truth, they reflect what you’re carrying in the largely concealed aspects of your true, infinite Mind, but until you learn the mechanics of your computer-like, interdimensional design, until you know more about your higher-dimensional Psychic Anatomy, you’re likely to view life as chaos. Principles of frequency and harmonics still being unknown to you, you might not realize how you are attracting and repelling experiences in your daily life, or creating new problems or solutions that will remain with you as part of your Cosmic Consciousness for all time, unless you personally do something to change that information embedded in your energy Self.

Only during sleep do most people connect with those larger, wiser, infinitely-linked portions of their true Self. No limitations to bind them! No restrictions of Earth- mind, which are necessary for us to experience a lifetime on this planet without quickly abandoning it. In other words, if we knew all that we KNOW in our higher selves, we might not stay as long as we need to stay to gain the lessons we’ve come to learn.

But at night, we can access all of our interdimensional resources: our own higher selves, our Cosmic CoAuthors, Teachers, Guides, Angels, Light Beings, Star Centers– whatever or whoever you wish to consult or visit. Put my Conscious Mind in charge through a cultivated practice of so-called “lucid dreaming,” and look at all that I would be denied!

So, no thank you. I do not wish to learn or pursue this popular tactic. I prefer to open myself to the Universe each night, guided by the frequency of thought I maintain throughout my day. I will go where I most need to go to further my learning. If I’ve dropped my frequency during the day through some emotional upset or exposure to the lowest of the low, then I might learn the hard lesson of a nightmare or two, or have other unpleasant experiences that will “jolt me awake” to mistakes I’ve made during the day. Or to my ignorance of these principles of frequency relationship.

I’m so grateful to have learned of these things, and I am certain my night-school, dream-teaching sessions with my Cosmic CoAuthors have helped. How many of their classes would I miss if I tried to direct my dreaming with my least-capable portion of Earth-mind? It may seem like my intelligence resides in that thought-stream of waking life, but that’s only a fragment of me, designed like an iPad as a viewing screen for collated information that comes from my deeper and more profound resources.

We all have spontaneous intrusions of our Conscious Minds into our dreams, of course: a moment where suddenly you remember your waking life, perhaps, or realize that you’re flying and you can’t do that on Earth. Maybe you’ll carry on and enjoy it for a moment before you wake up. That’s common enough.

But to cultivate that state time and again seems foolish. You’ll deny yourself the spiritual refreshment dreams are designed to provide. Once you’ve gained the larger picture of yourself as an interdimensional Being, learning how you reincarnate repeatedly, how your higher self is formed and grown and becomes useful to guide your activities on Earth—then you begin to see that life here is like the old-fashioned, deep-sea diving, where you’re cloaked in a heavy suit and helmet (your flesh body). Your nightly dream state is your opportunity to gain an infusion of fresh, higher-dimensional, life-enhancing air. Those nocturnal  sojourns keep you going, providing elements of your fullest Life that your Conscious Mind simply can’t encompass. Don’t take that away from me!

Joseph, by the way, has since learned a far better way to use his interdimensional Mind. He left “lucid dreaming” behind with a flourish and probably hadn’t thought of it again until I asked him the other day. And if nothing else, he would no longer consider purposely waking himself in the middle of the night in order to trigger such folly as lucid dreaming! What a way to teach yourself the practice of insomnia! Yikes. We older folks know better than that. A solid night’s sleep and unfettered dreams are treasures to respect and enjoy, vital to both physical and spiritual health!

Have you tried cultivating lucid dreams? How did it work for you? Did you find any benefit in it? I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences! Please share in the comments section.

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