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Why Creative People Commit Suicide/Become Addicted
The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

Like the trees of Pandora, we are all linked harmonically to an energy pattern, a network of thoughts, emotions, deeds, and souls. When one of us falls, especially one of our beloved ones, we turn our heads and cry out, “How? Why? What went wrong?” (Fair journey, Robin Williams. We love you.)

But the explanation is right before our eyes: Our most creative contributors, those who see the future, the past, the ironies, the insights, and the aspirations, they are the open-minded spirits who use this network of information, the infinitely streaming macrocosm of Intelligence in all its manifestations, to bring to us the visions of what can and could be.

Robin Williams was no exception. He possessed the ability to reach up energetically and to open up his mind to a stream of bubbling wit and sparkling insight. He swam in the oceans of laughter and sank beneath the waves of despair.

We know he was fighting, now, and from all we as bystanders can see, the fight was long-lasting and fiercely conducted. But what was he fighting? Mere manifestations of his own mind? Hardly.

Why would his channelship (for that’s what it was) cease when the subject matter, the emotion at hand, turned to a darker, sadder tone? It did not. Like so many before him, his brilliant skill at bringing through other and higher tones of laughter and joy also connected him to the despairing, dampening, and ultimately, destructive rungs of life in the universe.

Psychic channelship is a two-edged sword. I say we are all connected, but it’s not a chaotic proposition. We choose where we connect and with whom by what we carry in our minds. As a dance instructor told us last week, “It’s simple; but it’s not easy.”

Creative Expressionaries

Writers like me, and all “creative expressionaries,” as my spiritual mentor would call them, use this state of open consciousness to bring through our best work. We are given credit by the world, but the truth is, we never work alone. The danger is that the open-linked habit we’ve developed can serve very quickly and easily to “link” us to the wrong sorts of astral influence. The kind that is damaging, not healing or entertaining. The voices that say, “You’re no good; you don’t matter,” versus the quiet ones that inspire and lift and if they spoke at all, would say, “You are loved; you are family; you are one of us. The Universe needs your unique self.”

From all the evidence we know, Robin Williams, like the host of his fallen creative comrades whose names I need not list, suffered from the dark side in rising and falling bouts of depression, reinforced and strengthened by his astral companions, who zeroed in on any negative thought expressed.

The explanation is right before our eyes.

Such lost spirits do not care what damage they do. In fact, they likely do not realize that their earth-incarnated host is being harmed by their presence. They merely express, sounding a continuous note of despair—the one that sounded them right off the planet when they, too, were influenced to take their lives in an act of guided desperation. Or perhaps they died in some other way, but they have been unable to break the destructive patterns they carried with them from life. They are caught, trapped, and swarming around our planet, looking for a way back in.

Our protection from their influence can be broken down by our own thoughts. Like attracts like. This is the dark side of the so-called “Law of Attraction” that no one wants to discuss. Our anger, despair, greed, jealousy, fury, boredom, guilt, and so on bring like-minded astral companions into our mental realm.

Most of us quickly cast them, and their negative influence, aside. We bounce back up to the top of the sea of energy in which we swim by shifting our thoughts to a more positive tone. Hence, we attract more positive spiritual associates and, more often than we realize, skilled Helpers who can keep us afloat because we’ve made the first effort. We have chosen a better frame of mind and state of life. Otherwise, they wouldn’t interfere. These Helpers’ more evolved view is one that allows us space and time in which to learn and strengthen our own psychic skills.

If you fear subastral, destructive influence, remember that help is only one positive, uplifted thought away.

People who commit suicide, or who even entertain the thought, are instantly joined by harmonic association to those residing in subastral realms who have already done so. Their mental weight is heavy, because they no longer have a choice. Their energy bodies have been damaged by the act against themselves. So many of them are lost, no longer knowing where they are or anything other than to constantly repeat the energy of the act of taking their lives. However, they are unable to carry it out in physical reality, and so they are drawn by harmonic energy-links to someone who is considering it.

Loving Thoughts Bring Higher Help

Many films have depicted—including one starring Robin Williams, What Dreams May Come—that it is possible to break that pattern, find some healing assistance, and get yourself out of the subastral darkness into which you have fallen after taking your own life.

Beacons of Light Beings may pierce through the smog of confusion and can gradually, slowly, with tender loving care, lift the consciousness of the suicide victim and take him/her to a place where healing can begin. Prayers and loving thoughts of friends, family, and in this case, fans can help provide the positive link and energetic power to reach them.

Of course, when the suicide victim’s energy body that supports life on earth is fully repaired, in higher worlds designed for this purpose, they will have to reincarnate and face the same challenges. They will likely choose to do so, in the desire to become whole again, now that they understand their purpose for living as sparks of Infinite Intelligence, growing slowly into fully functional, celestial Beings through trial and error on earth.

Perhaps those you know who have fallen into a suicidal depression have been there before. Perhaps they are trying to strengthen their resistance and resolve, and make a more constructive, life-sustaining choice this time.

Robin Williams … possessed the ability to reach up energetically and to open up his mind to a stream of bubbling wit and sparkling insight. He swam in the oceans of laughter and sank beneath the waves of despair.

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell details life on the islands of Micronesia, where suicide has become a common solution to the slightest of emotional insults. Survivors (those rescued in time or whose attempts failed) have described how they were approached in dreams and visions by boatloads of prior victims circling the island, encouraging them to join the suicide gang. This is not fantasy or imagination at work—it is a true, interdimensional energy principle of life. “Dead” people are never dead in spirit. And restless, unhappy spirits who cannot find relief from their repetitive patterns or satisfaction of their addictions will and do seek out earth individuals who can act out their needs.

Gently Removing the “Demons of Addiction”

In Robin Williams’ case, it’s clear that he already fought the demons of addiction—and with understanding, that becomes much more than a metaphor. It is the reason addictions are so hard to “cure,” as he experienced. Even the powerful anti-depressants routinely prescribed may numb and suppress the emotions of the patient, but they do not “cure” the influence of the astral spirits who cling to this individual.

The unwanted visitors may leave their victim during brief bouts of “sanity,” or after painful bodily experiences such as electroshock, insulin shock, sprays of icy water, foul-smelling or painful rituals, cutting (self-inflicted shock/pain treatment), or other events that the spirit finds uncomfortable. Once the trauma or pain subsides, if the patient repeats the thought trains or ingestion of addictive substances, the spirits will return to that individual to vicariously experience these physical elements. With the association and bond already formed, it becomes exceedingly difficult for the victim to resist the influence of astral spirits who want him to drink again, take a drug again, or kill themselves (again).

In the spirit or astral worlds, the non-physical state, they can no longer satisfy their cravings or needs, whether for expressing an emotion or carrying out a deed or fulfilling an addiction. They need a willing, physically incarnated victim to do their bidding. People of too-open mind, who are unaware of this principle of harmonic attraction and do not practice selectivity, can easily fall into their trap.

Soon after, the victim’s behavioral choices are weighted down by this astral influence. Their personality might change drastically, or veer wildly from one extreme to another, much to the alarm of friends and family. And the victim, meanwhile, feels helpless to change. They are fighting, not only their own inclinations, but a chorus (in many cases) of voices urging them to continue along the dark path. And no one has taught them how to resist or disconnect, because the notion of “spirit possession,” which was once an accepted part of human psychology, as recently as the lifetime of William James, was largely cast off during the twentieth century when drug therapies gained dominance.

Sadly, the astral spirits calling the victim down the wrong road are often associated to them from prior lifetimes. Or from the present lifetime—for instance, a deceased relative or close friend who died with an addiction, or who committed suicide.

If you know about this energy principle, these are the individuals to whom you can most easily speak (mentally or verbally), explaining to them that you cannot help, but many Light Beings and family members who surround you both can help them find what they need. You might need to explain that their presence is doing you harm. Lovingly and gently. Urge them into the Light.

Choosing the Company You Keep

Of course spirit communication works through all dimensions, in either positive or negative directions. A positive, life-affirming attitude and constructive thought train are our protections. To continue a healthy, highly creative life, we must meet everyone on the “high road,” including our astral friends. What we attract at this higher frequency, through harmonic association, are all the positive, life-affirming forces in the universe: friends and family and healthy-minded associates who reside in more light-filled realms of the afterlife. And if we direct our minds even higher, there we find our most inspiring and healing and helpful influences.

Many creative expressionaries are easily capable of reaching both high and low. Myself included. But without instruction, without a societal understanding of this principle of connection, we must learn the hard way. We must fend for ourselves. I was fortunate at a young age to encounter a series of visionary texts that have guided me, steady and true, through the minefield of learning to use and not abuse the natural psychic communication that life presents. We all possess this functionality. We are not all trained to detect or use it fruitfully. In many cases, we’ve been set behind the wheel of a Ferrari with no instruction whatsoever. We quickly crash and burn, then reincarnate after, hopefully, some celestial period of training in the ways of the energetic universe, to try again. Trial and error. Thus we grow as spiritual, eternal, creative Beings.

The evidence of cutting we’ve heard about, and the descriptions of “under treatment for depression,” the addictive battles and lack of treatment success, and even the outrageously inspired and inspiring gifts of our beloved entertainer—all point to a brilliant mind learning the powerful skills of inter-dimensional communication. With so much LOVE to guide him now, I trust he will find peace and healing and support to carry on with his work.

Meanwhile, I hope his manner of passing will open up a clearer dialogue about this ancient science of spirit possession, but with modern knowledge and visionary influence to, once and for all, clear away the misunderstanding and regain insight into this too-common problem. For now, please refer to these books for more information and guidance:

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  1. Anthony Warfield Anthony Warfield

    This is one of the most well spoken Articles you will find about suicide. It is not conjecture. Lianne happens to have a mind she’s worked on for quite some time …that can be an extroadinarily gifted clear channel. I’ve known her for awhile since some heavy duty Metaphysics Study with Ernest L. Norman when we were young. Anyway, get your “fill” here boys and girls, this is no bullshit. Very inspiring, true information to ‘gander!’ Some of us know about the closeness of despair. But it’s all in your ‘thoughts’, ..what?, who? you let talk in your head sometimes.

  2. Thank you, Nicholas, Douglas, Tom, and Tracey! Not a lot of conventional “thinking” went into this. I heard the first line and sat down to write it out before I forgot it. The rest came pouring out, a collaboration/inspiration from my Cosmic CoAuthors.

    Someone once said they were put off by the tone of confidence in my writing voice about such beyond-Earth topics. That’s how you can tell when these concepts are being conveyed to me by people who *truly* know them, my Cosmic Teachers who now reside in higher-frequency realms. They know; I am learning.

    Thank you all for your support!

  3. Tracey Tracey

    What a great article! I love how you explain interdimensional concepts in an understandable and articulate way as it relates to a very misunderstood problem in our society.

  4. Tom Youngholm Tom Youngholm

    Very well thought out and presented.

  5. Nicholas Sauer Nicholas Sauer

    Fantastic! Loved it, timely and true. 🙂

    • Douglas Taylor Douglas Taylor

      Well done Lianne, it sure makes sense to me. Great article!

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