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Who is Ernest L. Norman?

One of my blog readers from India recently asked, “Who is Ernest L. Norman?” I thought I’d share an expanded version of my reply here, since he’s such an important figure in my life, my writing, and my future.

Ernest L. Norman (1904–1971) was an author of seventeen books, a visionary scientist who outlined an interdimensional joining of science and spirit, a “theory of everything” that was far ahead of its time in the 1950s and 60s.

His books contain gems still to be discovered, answering so many of the big questions, yet much of what he predicted is now accepted as conventional science. Meanwhile, his most extraordinary ideas have not been disproved. I would bet those will one day join accepted science on Earth as well, both because he has been correct so many times thus far, and because in my own life I’ve validated his “energy principles” over and over again.

Among many other things, his teachings encompass a more sophisticated view of reincarnation: how it works bio-energetically, the purpose of personal evolution through repeated incarnations, the science of consciousness that supports it, as well as how we can personally overcome karmic burdens to improve our future lives.

Visionary Prodigy

Ernest L. Norman approached the “mysteries” and dilemmas we face in the world by explaining the interdimensional energy principles that drive all phenomena. He described a back-and-forth flow of energy-information between dimensions, and explained the eternity of information storage-and-replay that this flow supplies. Unfortunately, scientists of his time would not give him a chance to present his work because he did not possess their academic credentials. He was a polymath, a self-taught prodigy.

In his early years, he accomplished some amazing feats, including a conversation on a rainy afternoon in Utah during which he explained to a complete stranger how to build a cathode ray tube (which had not yet been “invented”). That young man turned out to be Philo T. Farnsworth, who capitalized on the information and built one, soon patenting the invention that led to the first television devices.

For forty-five years of my own life, Ernest Norman’s explanations have proven accurate and life-saving in my daily encounters with the world. I have freed myself from health, social, and career crises using his energy principles, and also from psychological traumas that date back to previous lives.

Evergreen Textbooks for the Future

Ernest L. Norman wrote seventeen books, most of which are still available as new or used books, but newly illustrated Collector’s Editions are on the way from Jolibro Publishing in Spring, 2021.

The first to become available will be The Voice of Venus , Book One of a series called The Pulse of Creation. It’s a wild and beautiful tour of other planes of existence known historically as the Seven Shamballas. The Ascended Masters who conduct the book’s psychic tour explain how these higher planes exist and why, and where and why you fit into the big picture. I love those books!

Once you learn of these higher centers of the afterlife, you may find yourself visiting them in dreams, where “night classes” are held for truth seekers on Earth and other planets.

Every week I learn of some new credentialed researcher or area of endeavor that proves what I began reading decades ago in this man’s books. I still read and learn from them. He predicted, accurately, that his books would be for future generations because they were overshadowed and inspired by Advanced Minds working through him to enlighten humanity. They are evergreen in that sense. When I re-read, they always show me something I missed before. But I believe that all books are living creations, so the consciousness behind them, which is always either evolving or devolving, matters greatly. Therefore if you have a choice, read the best, written by the best. How could I find anything better than these, then? And I have not.

Never Wanted to Attract a Following

Though extremely private and humble, a man who never wanted to create a following or establish an “ism,” as he called it, Ernest L. Norman nevertheless attracted a small group of individuals who discovered his books during his lifetime.

His wife, Ruth E. Norman, managed to self-publish and promote his writings when that was an unknown thing to do, from 1954 through the early 1990s. She established a nonprofit educational foundation and school that gave students of his work a place to study during her lifetime. Although I never met Ernest Norman personally (I didn’t stumble across his books until four years after his death), I became her student in 1975. She served as my second most important spiritual teacher, enhancing my life through her example of how to apply and live the energy principles I’d been studying through her late husband’s books. I remained close to her until the time of her departure from Earth in 1993.

Speed Your Evolution!

As with Tesla and other pioneers, Ernest Norman’s name might not be recognized for decades to come, but you can zoom ahead. Consider his universal energy principles and test them out in your daily encounters with the craziness of this world. It’s not so crazy after all, when you put it under that microscope and expand your view to include your existence as a multi-dimensional, eternal, intelligent Being on a journey of self-development.

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  1. How could I not know about this man??? I am so grateful to you, Lianne, for bringing his work to my attention. I am going to search and see what I can find. How exciting! Should you have any suggestions please feel free to share!

    Thank you!
    North Canton, OH

    • Oh, I’m so glad, Helen! Thank you so much for posting your comment! Happy reading! (Let me know if you have any trouble finding his books). You will never regret it! 🙂 — Lianne

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