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Tuning *MY* Human Biofield

Eileen's book coverEileen McKusick’s exciting new book represents the pioneering forefront of the new bio-electric science that will soon profoundly affect how we go about healing the human body.

Joseph and I were fortunate to snag healing sessions (two for me, one for him) from one of the innovators in this field, sound therapist Eileen McKusick, author of the recently released Tuning the Human Biofield.

I won’t speak for him, but I will say that I was stunned, illuminated, and profoundly affected by the results of my bio-tune-up. My life is taking a dramatic turn for the better as the effects are still resonating with me. I’ll give you some details in a moment, but first an overview of the principles that made this happen.

Remember, I am an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) practitioner and I frequently write about the human energy anatomy from both the EEM and the Ernest L. Norman (ELN) perspectives. One treats primarily the local energy systems (EEM); the other affects the entire interdimensional human biofield, what we might term the Extended Biofield (ELN calls this the psychic anatomy).

The moment I saw Eileen’s book, which unbeknownst to me was the first day of its release, I knew (a) I had to meet this author and (b) I wanted to book an appointment for her tuning-fork facilitated sound therapy. That is so rare for me! I am uncomfortable with even the most highly skilled EEM practitioners working on me, and was never able to relax into someone’s Reiki or other healing touch therapies. Moreover, Eileen lives in Vermont and I live in San Diego, opposite ends of the country. Nevertheless, I knew I would meet her. I was absolutely confident. And within days, I discovered that she was coming to San Diego imminently!

Quick work and I had an appointment, despite Eileen’s hectic schedule of speaking and attending conferences. She would be staying at the home of Cristina Smith, who has facilitated so many of my happy Subtle Energy community experiences in San Diego in recent years (Lessons from the Labyrinth). I felt no fear, reluctance or resistance to this kind of sound treatment—only excitement to become part of the future-science on this planet, which will do so much in the future to alleviate human suffering.

How It Works

I hope you’ll read Eileen’s book, which I had only begun by the time my appointment came. I’ve now finished it and highly recommend it. But as I entered the healing room at Cristina’s house, I had read all her concise summations of leading-edge research into the human biofield, right up to the part where Eileen describes her own work with tuning forks. So I really didn’t know much more than I saw briefly on a YouTube demonstration of how she moves various ginormous ringing, resonating tuning forks through her clients’ energy fields.

What I did and do know, however, is that our energy bodies are where we store information from our life experiences. Through my studies of ELN’s work, I have mostly focused on and written about past-life energy-information, which is stored in a super-high-frequency or higher-dimensional form—something like a highly efficient, indestructible DVD that is our eternal Self.

The energies on this “DVD” reconnect via harmonic resonance as events and circumstances play out in our present lives. This is because we are electromagnetic beings, oscillating in and out of harmony with our surroundings, our thoughts, everyone else’s thoughts and actions, everything we encounter. And that “everything” around us also pulses with the electromagnetic signals of Life, whether plant, animal, rock, or human. What we do and say and think and experience sets up an electromagnetic resonance that oscillates out into the world, and back into our own energy bodies.

You are energy—but energy that moves and records and interacts as intelligently as any of our human-created electronic devices.

The new sciences of the human energy biofield are gradually proving the existence and functioning of these electromagnetic signals throughout and beyond the physical body. Indeed, if you look closely into quantum physics (can anyone actually do that?) and other leading-edge theories, you see that you are not anything solid at all. You are energy—but energy that moves and records and interacts as intelligently as any of our human-created electronic devices. (Indeed, that’s probably how we got the ideas for them!)

So our old experiences, whether from the present lifetime or past lives, can play out into our present lives any time we “trigger” them with a set of circumstances that resonate in harmony with the past. It happens as easily and naturally as if we’d clicked Play on a screen. No, it’s easier than that. We don’t need to consciously do anything. You’ve heard people talk about how our subconscious programming can influence us without our direct, conscious knowledge? Like that: it’s an instantaneous, constant influence from all of our past and present life experiences. Not in chaotic form, but in regulated, harmonic patterns of connection. Like music.

It’s autumn, so you pick up an apple and crunch into it. Immediately, your life is flooded with every association you have to biting into apples, past and present. All of this information has been energetically recorded into your Being, or as we will now say, your Extended Biofield. That is your personal Blueprint. The unique-as-a-fingerprint code of You. Lots of us have happy memories of biting into apples. Some of us may have associated this with experiences not so pleasant. These will all inform our reaction to that apple we are eating at this moment.

It’s this principle that I recognized in Eileen’s work with tuning forks. Unlike my past-life therapy work, Eileen focuses on the electromagnetic energy fields close-up to the body, or as she has discovered, extending out to about six or seven feet in all directions. The energies are like tree rings of information, related to various times in our lives, with the outer edge of the field associated to the time of gestation and birth into the present lifetime. How does she know that? From years of experience and anecdotal proof, well documented and explained in her book, and correlated with the work of other researchers.

This close-in field, like the Extended Biofield in higher-dimensional, super-high-frequencies, contains energy-information about our life experience, but so far as Eileen and her tuning forks detect, this location of energy-information relates mostly to the present lifetime. You might say it’s the bio-blueprint recording people often think of as their subconscious. The new biofield science is beginning to document, codify, and locate this information in a spatial area around the body.

My sound therapist has compiled an impressive catalog of these experiences, based on her work with dozens of clients, and the work of her students. In Eileen’s practice, old experience-energies forming blocks or shocks that hold you back in your present life can be “entrained” by sound-energy from a resonating tuning fork, which will naturally recalibrate them to a more coherent expression.

Subjectively, it feels as if they are being dispatched back into the aethers where that old experience can never bother you again, but in fact, they are more likely oscillating in a new, improved form in your close-in biofield, then working their resonant magic to connect to and recalibrate all the harmonics reaching up into your Extended Biofield, where any past-life traumas that resonate in harmony will also be affected and, hopefully, rendered harmless.

As I said, Eileen is a pioneer and she knows it. She is working now on research to take this study out of the realm of individual, anecdotal experience toward a more pure (read “acceptable”) form of scientific method. There are hindrances, however, because our current science runs into the dimensional barrier. We don’t have sufficient instrumentation to detect and measure the higher frequencies of what’s also sometimes called the Subtle Energy field surrounding the body. But we have a lot more than we used to. I have high hopes for the future of these studies.

My Anecdotal Contributions to Science

For now, we must rely on reports like mine and dozens of others who’ve ventured into this new territory with their own bodies, minds, and spirits.

She asked if I’d had a difficult birth, and then marveled over the amount of fear surrounding it.

At the far edge of the field resonating with my right knee, Eileen’s large tuning fork hit an area of massive distortion. I must admit that as I lay on the massage table, I could not focus on the sounds during my first session. I know about this distortion from her comments and Joseph’s, who sat in the room with us. My mind was filled instead with the scenes and memories triggered by the areas she contacted. (Her book diagrams what she has consistently found in her clients in specific, “geographic” areas of the biofield.) This, she told me, was the area related to my birth experience, about six feet away from my body because of my age. She asked if I’d had a difficult birth, and then marveled over the amount of fear surrounding it.

Oh man! My mother was terrified. She often talked about the abortion doctors were urging her to have. She’d almost died giving birth to my older brother, and he, too, almost didn’t make it. Throughout her pregnancy with me, after refusing the abortion, she must have experienced mortal terror—and Eileen’s tuning fork encountered it all. In fact, so much fear surrounded my caesarean birth into this lifetime, Eileen spent most of my 90-minute session working on this area, repeatedly combing through the field, attempting to dislodge the—what can we call it? Static chaos? Mortal paranoia?

Meanwhile, she talked to me of the experiences associated with the energy. Her work is part psychology, part intention, part physical sound, part subtle energy manipulation, part past-life therapy, and so on. How can you separate mind, body, and spirit at this energy level? She told me that she has discovered that the paths laid at birth are the ones we walk throughout life. She found so much resistant fear to move forward in this area of my biofield that she could hardly believe I had written and managed to publish books, or accomplished anything at all in my life.

Hah! I told her that for the past year, since the publication of Speed Your Evolution, my own evolution as a writer had slowed to a crawl. No wonder, she exclaimed.

Eventually, that energy budged, and she had just enough time to explore some other parts of my biofield. On my left side she discovered something she called a silver-platinum energy. I blurted, “Oh! Those are my Cosmic CoAuthors who are working with and through you now to help me.” I heard the tuning fork ring loudly in response. I saw their psychic Light-presence flashing in glowing orbs throughout my treatment. That is how I have managed to move forward in my life, I know. I have had LOTS of help!

But in the days that followed that first treatment, after just a little sluggish detox quickly dispatched by sedating my Triple Warmer (resistant to change) acupuncture meridian (the benefits of knowing EEM), my life suddenly surged forward! I felt fearless! I made and kept two appointments to meet with new working partners and set out on new ventures. Within three days! I did feel the fear start to close back in on me by the following week, but my years of working with past-life healing came to my rescue and I knew enough to push back; that it would be easier to dispatch that fear now. It was simply an old thought-habit. And sure enough, it vanished again. I’m still speeding ahead in my work.

Before Eileen went back to Vermont, Joseph also managed to book an appointment and I returned for my second session, as profound as the first. We are still reeling from the rapid changes and improvements and fluidity of decision-making in our lives. This mutual experience probably amplified the effects, because Joseph and I are energetic polarities to begin with. Eileen had revealed traumas dating back to our earliest youth, long-forgotten incidents that were still deeply affecting our lives in the present.

I know that the healing treatment resonated far back into prior lives in my case. In fact, I could enunciate past-life connections with my mother that had caused us both to share that death-defying birthing event in the present life, things I had recognized from my prior self-studies. But what I hadn’t addressed was the energetic residue of the present-life gestation and birth trauma. Her fears had become embedded in my being, and reinforced my own.

Duh, of course! It makes sense to me now! We record our present life in the same way we recorded our prior lives, and the energy principles of connection and replay remain the same. Even as a young child, I was terrified at the idea of bearing children and vocally and often swore to adopt if I ever chose to become a mother. So in my energetic housekeeping, I will now be working from the present moment backward, not just looking at past lives. At the same time, I must keep my focus on the forward motion of progress.

My first session had also addressed and helped to dissipate the damage to my biofield from an early rape experience (which had been a suppressed memory until a psychic reading first revealed it, and family contacts later verified it). Eileen ran into this energy disruption and described it as if my reproductive energies had “exploded outward.” After she worked on this area, and by my second visit with her, she found the “exploded” energies now softened, returned to their place, and “happy.”

I will add that during the second session, Eileen also gave me startling additional insight into the roots of my fibroid condition (huge benign tumors in my uterus since 1993) from another part of my biofield. It involved her awareness of the attachment of “three and a half” unborn children, which stunned me into serious silence for a few moments as I recognized the truth of it from past-life flashbacks I’ve had. Three past-life incidents came to mind: I had died (1) in childbirth, (2) from an abortion attempt, and (3) when I was pregnant in a carriage accident.

“I love you; I release you…”

Was I capable of holding on to these souls, as a mother desperately trying to complete her job? Were these babies/beings still attached to me? Yes, said my lifelong studies of interdimensional energy. Such is possible, a connection/bond between souls that becomes unhealthy and lasts over the course of lifetimes. But those studies also taught me about thought-form bodies, which my desperate consciousness might have created, still capable of haunting me lifetimes later. Which were they? I do not know, but the bottom line remains the same.

I did as Eileen suggested and “went with” first the incredibly dissonant sound that made me cringe, and then the silver misty energy she lifted up above my chakras as the tuning fork and my consciousness helped to release and redirect these spirits, or thought-forms . Later, at home, I did my best to reinforce the message with, “I love you; I release you,” for each of them.

I felt such change in this area, I will be interested to know how it might affect physical flesh in the future—if not in this lifetime, then in future lives. I know I will not suffer this ailment again, which my doctor once suggested I should write about since I have never felt surgery to be an appropriate treatment. I may do so one day, or perhaps I have just said as much as I’d like to. It’s not good to focus on the past except to discharge, realign, or recalibrate the impact on your energy body.

Speaking of doing what I feel like doing and no more, that was my assignment for the week to counterbalance other energies in my field, holding me back. “Can you ever get things done that way?” I asked. Absolutely, assured Eileen, who pointed out that she raised two boys, finished her advanced degrees, and ran a business and healing practice by following this policy. Okay, you convinced me. I tried it. And it’s working beautifully!

My newly freed consciousness will be expressing the benefits of my “tune-up” throughout my new work. I am looking forward to a future session with the tuning forks, and to a class in which Eileen will attempt to clone herself! Seriously, she is teaching others to do as she has done, until that time when new instrumentation will allow more precise energy treatments to be performed on the human biofield.

This, I sincerely believe, has already begun to unfold as the medicine of the future, long predicted by scientific visionaries. I am so grateful to serve as an early recipient! Thank you to all who made it possible!*

Author’s Update, February 23, 2015: 

I am happy to report that the fibroid tumors that had given me so much trouble for nearly sixteen years are now a non-consideration for me. I have not yet returned for an ultra-sound exam, but they are visibly smaller. I’m able to wear belts for the first time in years! I rarely think of them, and certainly no longer consider this to be an issue of concern. That is a huge change! I am so grateful to Eileen for her healing expertise and assistance.

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