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Why Creative People Commit Suicide/Become Addicted
The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

Like the trees of Pandora, we are all linked harmonically to an energy pattern, a network of thoughts, emotions, deeds, and souls. When one of us falls, especially one of our beloved ones, we turn our heads and cry out, “How? Why? What went wrong?” (Fair journey, Robin Williams. We love you.)

But the explanation is right before our eyes: Our most creative contributors, those who see the future, the past, the ironies, the insights, and the aspirations, they are the open-minded spirits who use this network of information, the infinitely streaming macrocosm of Intelligence in all its manifestations, to bring to us the visions of what can and could be.

Robin Williams was no exception. He possessed the ability to reach up energetically and to open up his mind to a stream of bubbling wit and sparkling insight. He swam in the oceans of laughter and sank beneath the waves of despair.

We know he was fighting, now, and from all we as bystanders can see, the fight was long-lasting and fiercely conducted. But what was he fighting? Mere manifestations of his own mind? Hardly.

Why would his channelship (for that’s what it was) cease when the subject matter, the emotion at hand, turned to a darker, sadder tone? It did not. Like so many before him, his brilliant skill at bringing through other and higher tones of laughter and joy also connected him to the despairing, dampening, and ultimately, destructive rungs of life in the universe.

Psychic channelship is a two-edged sword. I say we are all connected, but it’s not a chaotic proposition. We choose where we connect and with whom by what we carry in our minds. As a dance instructor told us last week, “It’s simple; but it’s not easy.”

How NOT to “Not Look Old”

Cosmic CoAuthors work with us in such subtle ways, their influence is almost indetectable. Almost. They nudge and encourage, silently dropping ideas into our minds, leading us in and out of learning situations with gentle hints. Only later can I detect their unmistakeable fingerprints, usually by realizing, “Hey! That was no ‘coincidence!’” It happened to me again yesterday.

I’d been drawn to a library book about how not to look old, probably because I just passed my sixtieth birthday last month. Yikes! Maybe I should be concerned? Dress differently? Wear different makeup?

This coincides with my recent loss of thirty pounds, and my sudden overpowering need to clear clutter from every drawer, closet, box, and garage. (The first “coincidence,” in fact, was at a local author event, where I “randomly” chose a seat next to the author of a book titled If Clutter Could Talk, shortly after I began this cleaning adventure. I recommend it.)

3 Golden Measures for Lasting Romance

Want to experience a lasting romance? The most beautiful, long-term, and successful partnerships in the world boil down to 3 Golden Measures:

1. Mutual Respect
2. Shared Goals
3. Balanced Give-and-Take

How do I know? Because we are energetic beings, and we operate based on universal principles of energy. A partnership becomes an energetic polarity exchange, successful only when energy flows smoothly back and forth, from one partner to another.

In fact, we thrive only when we develop these smoothly functioning polarities with many people in our lives. It’s so important that I’ve devoted an entire chapter of Speed Your Evolution to “Building Polarity Relationships.”

This is one case where “two out of three” isn’t good enough for long-term romantic success. A relationship of any kind—whether romantic or not—needs all three legs to stand upon.

You can try to limp along with only two of these qualities,  and many do. But for complete happiness, shared growth, and maximum development of Consciousness during your present lifetime, you need all three. That’s true whether the partnership is for business or pleasure.