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5 Ways to Fix an Unhappy Past Life Relationship

Knowing someone from a prior lifetime is no reason to stay in an unhappy past life relationship. Here are five ways to fix it, or finish it!

I often write “Dear Abby” type replies to people who comment on my most popular article on the Internet who have found themselves stuck in relationships that are making them unhappy. My article is about identifying past life lovers, friends, and enemies. Thankfully, that in and of itself begins to answer the question. They have come together to rectify some past life issues that have left them feeling unbalanced. But it’s never quite that simple.

3 Golden Measures for Lasting Romance

Want to experience a lasting romance? The most beautiful, long-term, and successful partnerships in the world boil down to 3 Golden Measures:

1. Mutual Respect
2. Shared Goals
3. Balanced Give-and-Take

How do I know? Because we are energetic beings, and we operate based on universal principles of energy. A partnership becomes an energetic polarity exchange, successful only when energy flows smoothly back and forth, from one partner to another.

In fact, we thrive only when we develop these smoothly functioning polarities with many people in our lives. It’s so important that I’ve devoted an entire chapter of Speed Your Evolution to “Building Polarity Relationships.”

This is one case where “two out of three” isn’t good enough for long-term romantic success. A relationship of any kind—whether romantic or not—needs all three legs to stand upon.

You can try to limp along with only two of these qualities,  and many do. But for complete happiness, shared growth, and maximum development of Consciousness during your present lifetime, you need all three. That’s true whether the partnership is for business or pleasure.