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Why I Don’t Practice Lucid Dreaming

Last night I dreamed Joseph could pass through a solid red-brick wall—repeatedly—without harm and simply to get to the other side.

The night before, I dreamed that an aristocratic Venetian man slipped a white rose into my pocket in the public square and later came to my humble apartment with all his friends, who brought meats to cook which I’d never seen before. He was ready to sweep me away from my poverty because he loved me and would marry me despite our class differences.

How did I know he was Venetian? He was tall, well-fed, and dressed in layers of cape-like clothing. Upon awakening, I reasoned that I’d seen such clothing before somewhere—Amadeus? La bohème? Or Austrian, I thought.

And then I realized I’d never been able to see the man’s face in the dream—a mask! So I Googled Venetian masks and learned that they wore them all the time, all levels of society, in all circumstances, for many eras of their history, not just at the now-restored Venetian Carnival.

I also read that this mask-wearing was common in “one of the most rigid class hierarchies in all of Europe.”

The man in my dream was dressed exactly like the illustrations I found. Was this a past-life memory of mine? I’ll have to think about it, use all the tactics I teach in Speed Your Evolution for validating past-life information.

Meanwhile, don’t talk to me about this popular fad of trying to cultivate “lucid dreaming,” i.e., a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming (or make yourself aware). A few days ago I read someone’s 10 Ways to Cultivate Lucid Dreaming list. Oh my gosh! If you were successful at it, you would allow your limited, switchboard-designed Conscious Mind to control your dreams! You would cut short all that access to your Infinite Self that we enjoy every night! You could seriously harm your waking life by denying yourself those long hours of blessed freedom to be your more complete self.

Kidnapper: A Case of Astral Obsession

I don’t want to dwell on this crime excessively, but it’s such a clear case of astral obsession (destructive entity influence) that Joseph & I felt we needed to speak up. It is not “coincidence” that the kidnapper who killed the 16-year-old’s mother and brother and fled with her into the Idaho wilderness was performing copycat actions of his own father, who had committed suicide 15 years to the day that his son was shot and killed by FBI agents as they rescued the son’s victim, Hannah Anderson.

This story began here in San Diego, so perhaps we’ve heard more details. Here’s a link to the local CBS news story, breaking the information that the kidnapper’s own father had similarly threatened a 16-year-old girl at gunpoint in 1989, wearing a ski mask and carrying a sawed-off shotgun.

Just as in the current crime, the man in 1989, who had been seeing this girl’s mother, wanted the 16-year-old to come away with him. She escaped, and thankfully he did not kill her boyfriend as threatened. But the next day his son—the very same perpetrator of the current crime—brought her a message at school that his father would be waiting for her after school let out. She quit school that day, changed her name, and has been living incognito ever since, now working as a nurse. So similar to his son’s present-day copycat crime!

Local newspaper archives proved the woman’s  story to be accurate, and that the current kidnapper’s father was subsequently arrested for the crime, as well as for beating two people with a baseball bat. Then, 15 years ago, he committed “drug-related” suicide.

Aside from the hell his son must have grown up in, we have facts that tell us it is very likely that the father influenced his son’s crime in the present by superimposing his will over his son’s from the other side. In other words, his son was possessed, or the term we prefer (because the “victim” of this is not permanently owned), obsessed. He may also have been influenced by the same subastral forces that influenced his father.