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Sleight of Mind: It’s Real

I just finished re-reading my own book for the first time in paperback. Wow. My Cosmic CoAuthors certainly persuaded me to share things I wouldn’t otherwise have shared, and to sound more intelligent than I otherwise would have! Exactly like the hypnosis subjects magician Keith Barry talks about in this Huffington Post article.

The story includes a link to his 2004 TED talk and demo, but I found his remarks about using hypnosis during performances even more vital. He confirms every warning in my Future-Life Therapy chapter (19),  which provides an “Interdimensional View of Hypnosis.” The Irish magician claims to have hypnotized more than 3,000 subjects, leading him to some important conclusions we should all consider.

Barry writes: “In the last seven years, I have come to respect the power of the subconscious mind and its ability to take new instructions from an outside source. How does the subconscious mind work, is it independent of the conscious mind, is it programmed by experiences or instructions? Many questions come up, but the one answer is common: if you can access the subconscious, then you can reprogram it, period!”

Contrary to popular misconception, he underlines my point that you can indeed induce a subject to perform acts “against their morals or their beliefs and without their permission.”

But in a companion article, neuroscience writer Katja Brose says something I completely disagree with.

“Your brain is not like a computer that records and stores away every input.”

When you read Speed Your Evolution, you’ll understand how wrong she is. But that’s not too surprising; very few people to date comprehend the workings of the psychic anatomy, the higher-dimensional energy structures of human existence that do indeed behave like a computer, recording every input.

What Brose might have meant was that our conscious minds do not take in every input in a form detected by our waking state of mind. But our Infinite, interdimensional design provides so much more functionality than that limited “switchboard” of consciousness that we call “conscious awareness.” We are magnificent recording devices, and our mental function extends far beyond present measurable capacity, well into fourth- and higher dimensional states, where thoughts, actions, and beliefs remain indestructible.

In my book, I explain exactly how our experience becomes encoded in various parts of this blueprint structure, the psychic anatomy. From there, it remains a functioning, viable, working source of “software” that operates all your future bodies, including the one you’re living in during this lifetime. As you die, experience life between lives, and come back again in a new body, much of that information remains unchanged, unless you make those changes yourself or enlist help to repair or change that encoded energy structure. Speed Your Evolution is all about how to make that happen, and how to make it happen more quickly.

So the energy storehouse of your psychic anatomy provides the Intelligence behind your DNA, the epigenetic source material for your body, if you will. And it is within this psychic anatomy that all your past and present-life experiences reside, pouring into your present life as harmonic triggers set this process in motion.

What appears on the surface of your switchboard/conscious mind then becomes a stew of information derived from your own storage cupboard, dating back many lives. It has no expiration date, and it seems as real and current as anything you know. From this cupboard of stored data, we derive all of our reasoning, belief, and decision-making in the present moment.

What does color our psychic recordings, however, are the emotional contexts of any given situation, thus giving some experiences more or less weight, depending on how they made us feel.

Barry talks about directly accessing the subconscious portion of that psychic anatomy, while admitting that the functioning of the subconscious remains something of a”mystery” to conventional science.

It’s your subconscious self that houses elements of your present-life experience, from what happened just before you were born, right up to five minutes ago. Beyond that, other parts of the psychic anatomy contain deeper memories from previous lives, as well as higher-frequency gems of wisdom distilled from your experiences. Your psychic anatomy also forms a higher-frequency portal that allows an inflow of energy from the Infinite Creative Intelligence (what many people call God or Allah). Depending on how long you’ve been living your many lives, any aspect of this combined Intelligence may be spontaneously accessed to spill out at any time into your present life, depending on what triggers you’ve encountered.

Usually, we’re not fully aware of all this activity until it reaches our conscious mind, like a broadcast signal reaching your TV screen in order to become visible. By then, the information is all mixed together and its origins generally obscured from our awareness. It has become our “thought” which will inspire any action we perform based on it. Most people think of this end result as their “mind,” or “me.”

But to become hypnotized, a subject voluntarily “suspends” the activity of the conscious-mind reception that ordinarily makes us feel awake and aware (to whatever degree we are). Under hypnosis, the closed circuit connection with the psychic anatomy storehouse is broken. In my book, I explain how that suspension allows anyone free access to all other elements of an individual’s mind-energy systems. This is where and how ideas are planted. And when normal, conscious function returns, implanted instructions or ideas are acted upon as if the subject had created them all on their own. They will believe the planted thoughts to be their own, and some research indicates that they will believe them more firmly than their own, self-generated thoughts!

It’s a scary business. Once you put yourself into the hands of any form of hypnotizing suggestion, no limit on what can be built into your interdimensional, eternal self, without your conscious knowledge or participation. But you will believe it to belong to you, this new thought or instruction! Moreover, it will remain a part of your operating software system permanently, through all future lifetimes, unless you do something to change or dislodge it. Or unless you are re-hypnotized and a new, replacement suggestion is implanted.

Advertising, politicking, sales persuasion, stage or street magic performances—they all use this sneaky, subliminal method to access to their viewers’ minds. Although they probably don’t understand how the true, interdimensional mental function rolls out for human beings, they have discovered which tactics will provoke the desired results.

Yes, of course this trickery can be used to reinforce positive change, such as a suggestion to stop smoking or overeating. But other, less dangerous methods are preferable, largely because the hypnotized state makes a subject vulnerable to unseen, astral, and psychic interference from ANY other source that resonates in on the same frequency, not limited to the hypnotist’s own subconscious storehouse, but up to and including that influence, along with both physical and nonphysical “bystanders” who tune into the proceedings.

Sleight of Mind? It’s up to us to learn how it works, and to protect our mental province at all times!

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