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Power Secrets of Love

NOT MANY PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT “PAST LIVES.” Instinctively, they sense that they are not this single existence. But given the problems they’re facing right now, they really don’t want to know about problems they faced centuries ago. And who can blame them?

But what they don’t realize is that they have Power. The Power to elicit immediate, permanent changes in the stickiest, most difficult areas of their lives, and to make those changes continuously, over time, until they’ve recreated themselves into someone they would prefer to be. The elusive pearl, Peace of Mind, awaits only their courage to know who they really are, where they’ve really been, and what they’ve really done.

Me? I don’t want to know either.

I never set out to study past-life therapy. It came upon me when I was least expecting it, this sudden flashback to another century. With it came floods of tears and remorse. And relief. And upliftment. And healing. And an open doorway into a much better life, which I eagerly walked through!

Did I look back? Well, yes. At that time, my first past-life flashback, I didn’t know any better, and for a time, I got suckered back into the old relationship, the old habits and patterns. It took me three more years to break free at last, but through that experience, I learned. Now I know better how to take a quick look back, recognize the truth in it, and let it go, whatever the destructive elements may have been that I was carrying around like so much mental/emotional baggage.

Now I am ever so grateful to know about the continuity from life to life, and the sojourns between lives that have given me the education to pursue this course I’m on. All my life decisions, especially the toughest ones, are influenced by this knowledge that I am not one lifetime but the sum of many, and that my present life will indeed affect all my future lives. It’s no longer something I read in a book. It’s burned into my circuitry by my own experience.

I suppose the people who become interested in past lives are those who’ve had some experience that alerted them. A déjà vu, perhaps. Or meeting someone who seems oh-so-familiar. Or hating a person, place, or thing on sight, without rhyme or reason in the present lifetime. Or beginning a relationship that seems as natural as picking up your fork again after you’ve laid it down to reach for your glass. Yes, there it is, that steak I was devouring a moment ago—et voilà, you call this sensation “falling in love” or “love at first sight.”

In Cosmic Dancer, I toyed with that notion of where love relationships come from, whether parent/child, brother/sister, or girlfriend/boyfriend. I (or my CoAuthors) wanted to show the interdimensional building blocks of every relationship we have with other human beings.

If you look down into the basement of these connections, you’re likely to find many things that might shock or startle you, or warm your soul with a happy glow. Or both. More likely both! But few people are brave enough to want to know. It’s a shame. Because if you clear out that basement of a few things, the relationship magically begins to glow with a clearer Light. Love deepens, understanding blossoms, hearts soar—all the love clichés set in motion!

You know how it feels when you’ve finished a project, but failed to clean up the work room? Ugh. A heavy burden every time you see it. That’s what happens when you fail to recognize and clear away the past-life debris that’s gone into creating a loving relationship with another human being.

But when you finally clear off the debris, your heart lifts and you feel a new surge of creativity!

We work hard at building those connections. It takes a lot of trial and error, mostly error, before we gain a certain unity, partnership, and harmony with another individual. It takes many types of association with one another to build that “polarity” that provides a free-flowing regeneration of love between us. If we leave the debris of those old associations untended, it can trip us up in our present life. We stumble into some of that old clutter from a past lifetime: maybe a bit of leftover Jealousy, or some Guilt over something we failed to do and or something we did and shouldn’t have done. Perhaps a tad bit of Resentment for something we thought we should get and didn’t.

Everyone asks, “How do I find out what I did in my past lives?” It’s all around you! You just have to sensitize yourself to it, or be willing to believe it.

For instance, this overheard remark from an angry bride-to-be about her groom-to-be who decided to go offroading in the desert after he picked up the table favors & tossed them into the back of his truck: “I could just stab his eyes out!” Heard to say it repeatedly, in fact.

Or the woman whose aging husband was causing her some trouble: “I wish he’d just die!”

Ouch. They were completely unaware, of course. Insensitive to the subtle replay of old associations surfacing from the depths of their psychic anatomies. And if you told them, they’d never believe your implication that such an event may have actually happened in the past, when their association was not a supposedly “romantic” one between members of the opposite sex. If they understood what type of energy, and event, they were reinforcing with those words, they’d be more than horrified.

Yep, that’s how energy remanifests itself, and how your past lives are intricately and importantly and vitally intertwined with your present life. So to say that you’ve got too many present-life problems to deal with the past lives is simple ignorance of the interdimensional facts. What’s gone before is actually creating what’s going on now in your life.

But it’s never too late to clean up that kind of debris from your many-lives-long relationships. And the results? Ahhhh … peace. (At least until you stumble over something else that needs rectification. But by then, you’ll know what to do and it will be quicker and easier.)

Remember, it’s all energy. Energy you’ve shaped a certain way. You can reshape it into a better form, now that you know better ways to be and live and express toward others.

How? First you need the courage to learn about past lives. Start there. The rest will come to you—if you really, really want to know and feel you are ready to make improvements. It will only cost you a tiny smidgeon of self-satisfied ego. A paltry price for peace of mind and a happy life, don’t you think?

Start with your desire to grow, and your desperate courage to find the root cause of those problems that seem as if (a strong illusion!) they came from some external circumstances in your present lifetime. If you can muster that courage, then you are ready to learn the truth about who you are, who you have been, and who you can become. You’ll find that truth in no time at all, in ways that may astound you. Best of all, you’ll experience what it’s like to become master of your own destiny: to know, deep in the gut, that you and you alone have created your problems and that you, therefore, can un-create them.

That is true Power.
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