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About Lianne Downey

Authors Joseph and Lianne Downey
Authors Joseph and Lianne Downey

My Mission Statement

I am an author, explorer of new horizons, teacher,  researcher, and perennial student.

I believe that if more people gained a multi-dimensional view of life, the world would change. Wars would cease, prisons would empty, mental illness—from depression to schizophrenia—would disappear. Compassion would flourish and no one would fear death anymore. Or shun the joys and learning experiences of their earth life.

This is why I’ve become an “inter-dimensional journalist.” In my fiction, I might take you with me into higher dimensions. In my non-fiction, I often relate what I’m told by the Wise Ones who teach me. At all times, I do not work alone! If my attunement is clear—as it always aspires to be—we will both learn something new; you, as my reader, and me. I am amanuensis—secretary to the Infinite Intelligence that flows through us all.

Thank you for linking your Cosmic Consciousness with mine!

What This Blog Is About

These are my observations on life through an inter-dimensional prism. You’ll find articles about human biofields, energy medicine, life colors, immortality, cosmic consciousness, past lives, inter-dimensional realities, and contemporary issues—all in the context of a universal, infinite perspective of life continuous.

I am the author of two works of visionary fiction, Cosmic Dancer and The Liberator. My non-fiction book, Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be is a workshop in a book designed to help you build your intuition, your past-life awareness skill, and a stronger connection to your own “higher resources.” As with all my work, I wrote these books in collaboration with my Cosmic CoAuthors, which is how I refer to the Lighted Ones with whom I have studied for many lifetimes. (Perhaps you have too?)

My Qualifications

I earned a degree in Mass Communication from the University of California at Davis, after studying theater, film, and journalism at Michigan State and San Diego State universities as well. This led to my career as an arts journalist in the 1980s, writing for two major metropolitan newspapers and a variety of magazines.

I began my study of inter-dimensional energy science while at San Diego State, when I stumbled into the books of visionary philosopher Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971). His cosmology dramatically changed my perception and hence, influenced all of my adult years.

After years of study and psychic awakening, I wound up teaching (with my husband Joseph) subtle energy science, including past life awareness and healing, energy medicine, life colors, polarity relationships, and so on. I’ve appeared on radio and television, and written many articles on these topics.

In the mid-1980s, while writing for The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Edition, my reincarnation articles and TV appearances talking about past lives ran afoul of their conservative editorial staff. When they tried to muzzle my public discourse about esoteric topics (so as not to reflect on the Times), being young, I walked out in a huff. I shrank into obscurity as much as possible after other news sources made a big deal out of their prejudicial treatment. For decades, I kept my interests close to my chest, waiting for the world to catch up. Thankfully, it has!!

* * * *

I would love to hear your own story of spiritual exploration and growth. You can either leave a comment on one of these pages, or contact me directly through the form located here. If you post your story as a comment, others will gain the benefit as well. Plus, my Cosmic CoAuthors often step in to help me answer online questions. Their answers amaze me!


  1. I read with interest your article on past lives encounters.
    I have just left someone I was dating for the last 2 months with a faint sense-knowledge of having maybe been murdered by him in a past life.

    He has been the sweetest with me though, I cannot understand if I only look at the reality of this life, why I am afraid of him though he has told me a few stories of problems at work where he was a bit of a bully and another time in a Knight of Columbus initiation when he was young where he attacked the leader, and though he was 16 then (now 60) he showed no signs of remorse or regret, he feels justified as he did not like what they had done to him (put him in a small room with 60 other men, like sardines to test their characters).

    Also when we were making love, if ever he would put his hand on my throat I would panic and remove it and even him had observed it and commented on it. My dog was also sometimes aware of something and would cowered under my chair at his house, then other times greet him happily.
    So did I. i kept going from profound love for him to fear of what he might do.

    Anyhow, I stopped dating him stating that our lifestyles and values were incompatible (which is true) and have been in some fear ever since though it’s not that he did anything bad to me at all. I sleep with the lights on. Changed the codes on the doors.
    I am happy that I had planned a trip to Japan, leaving tuesday for 6 weeks so that will give me time to relax and perhaps he will forget about me.

    Anyway, any input of yours would be welcome. How to be sure of something we cannot prove?

    • Dear Hélène! I am so sorry I missed your comment here! In my defense, I’ve had my head buried in a new novel I’m writing and this poor blog has been neglected. Let’s get right to your question: “How can we be sure of something we cannot prove?”

      I snuck off and looked at your Gravatar bio. (For those who don’t know, click her photo and it will lead you to it.) You seem like a woman who knows how to listen to and follow her inner guidance, with great results! Wonderful! This time, though, it was a warning, and yes, most likely a past-life memory of a rather unpleasant history.

      First, the energies of the previous life drew you together (this is common, and it can feel like “love”), and then the energies of your previous experiences together began to surface (also a common pattern). Would history repeat itself? You cannot control the other individual; all you have is your instinct and that, you must trust. I hope your trip to Japan has been beneficial in giving you even better perspective, and in allowing the energies of the past to die down. Please do not risk your safety, if any tiny voice inside tells you to stay clear. Don’t hesitate to contact law enforcement if it ever becomes necessary.

      And this goes for all of you out there who are reading this. I have received similar questions from other women. What else do we have to go by? We must trust our inner wisdom and Advisors, however you define that. Whether it’s another human being, or a location, or an object, or a trip–whatever it is, if your gut tells you, “This isn’t right,” take another look around. If you can pinpoint something easily remedied, then do that. If not, and you still feel uncomfortable, trust yourself and take appropriate measures until you once again feel safe.

      So many extremely important things in this life on Earth cannot be “proven” in the generally accepted definition applied to that word. Those of us with a larger bandwidth in operation, like you, Hélène, know that doesn’t make them any less important to our survival and our ability to thrive during our time here.

      Very best wishes to you! I’d love to hear how it all turns out. 🙂 And thank you for taking time to share your story. It can help so many others.

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