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Update, Aug. 6: And now it’s #3 in Reincarnation and #8 in the Energy Healing category! I am so grateful!

I keep wanting to post new things on my blog, about my current weight-loss, for instance, or photos I took yesterday touring around San Diego. Or the dragonfly totem I communed with last week. And I will, I promise! But right now it seems that the new book’s birth announcements keep pouring in and I cannot resist sharing this one: My book has reached #21 on Amazon’s list of Hot New Releases in Reincarnation! And #29 in Energy Healing! And it’s up to #188, which is page 16 of 100 pages listing all books in the Reincarnation category, whenever they were published  I’m so grateful!


I was clued in by another author and had to go searching for these obscure lists. The one pictured is buried beneath Books/Religion & Spirituality/New Age/Reincarnation. As I said to Joseph, reincarnation isn’t exactly “New” Age! But we’re grateful anyway, and I hope more people will find their way to it because of these listings.

Apparently my current Soul Pursuit involves my year-long dedication to writing this unexpected book, cutting myself off from all other projects and a lot of other things in life, and now, following up on its birth process and helping it to find its readers. I have a few hints of what my next Co-authored project might be, but so far, nothing I can pursue full-time. I’m just along for the ride, as they say.

And what a fun ride so far! I’m trying not to hold my breath until the first reviews come in. I’ve poured heart and soul into this book, not to mention a lot of personal stories, so I suppose I should also put on a bit of psychic armor? We’ll see … sigh … we’ll just have to wait and see … (She drums desktop nervously.)

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