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Eating: An Act of Love?

A friend called and asked me to ask my “CoAuthors,” as I’m currently calling them, why her hair is suddenly falling out in large quantities. She’s also psychically/intuitively gifted, and we often share our skills with one another since it’s so hard to be objective with oneself!

In a previous call, she’d mentioned that she hadn’t been eating much at all for the past two weeks, being mostly on the run and too busy. Candy bar here, salad there. 

We both thought that many people could benefit from the insights given by my CoAuthors about our struggles to nurture ourselves effectively, myself included!! My friend generously agreed to let me share this with you. Here’s what I received for her when I asked:

“Self-care, self-love, self-nurturing vs. self-denial, self-hatred, personal destruction.

“Please tell your friend that she has been doing well of late in her self-analysis, but could profit mentally, physically, and spiritually from taking measures to practice the Love principle on herself. She needs to lessen her dependence on external forces in favor of exercising her inner force of Love, directing it first into her own physical being, all the cells of her body. 

“How does a mother nurture a child? First, with love, and then in an extension of that love, with the food of love from her own body, manufactured as a product of that deep, psychic, spiritual bond with Infinite Intelligence and with the child in her arms. In other words, she uses her body as a tool, a conduit to provide the child with a source of Infinite Sustenance until that child completes its transition into the so-called physical world and can better tolerate the fuel provided on your world that is necessary to maintain the physical body in good health.

“As you know, many in your modern generations were denied this special nurturing experience of Love—Infinite Love channeled through the mother’s psychic and physical energy systems. Hence, you were bereft of this love, and have been left in a confused state with regard to your relationship to the fueling of the body with sustenance regenerated from the Infinite Creative Intelligence, the Source of all life, or Love, or God, however you are able to conceive that radiant source of life-energy.

“Those who were forcibly bottle-fed, those weaned too soon, etc., etc., have missed an important primary lesson about the true Source of their physical cells, the nurturing Force keeping them alive in this world. A confusion which, in your present society, began at birth and has been further complicated by lack of knowledge of the source of life in all of your teachings of both science and religion, with a very few rare exceptions.

“Now, as she approaches the time when she will live in a higher dimension, freed entirely of a physical body, and its need for the type of energy-fuel required on your planet, your friend, yourself, and all others face the prospect of needing to draw your sustenance directly from the Infinite Wellspring. You will need to know how to perform this ultimate act of self-love and self-sustaining, self nurturing.

“As you already know, the body is a representation of the astral or psychic body. It is your tool for learning the important survival skills that you will exercise in future evolutionary states of being. It has been designed with amazing flexibility, survivability, and forgiveness, if you will. You can subject it to many errors in judgment over a long period of time and it will adapt and survive—although not thrive—particularly during your younger years of learning on your planetary home. Were it not so, your lives would be of very short duration, indeed.

“However, as your time grows shorter, the time arrives when you begin to harvest the results of your life experiments. Study these results carefully, learn from them, and make course corrections if you can—right up to your last moments on Earth, for these corrections may be the culmination of lifetimes of experimentation and learning, and you will carry those treasures alone into the higher worlds, long after that particular body in which you now reside has ceased to exist!

“Love it, you must, if you wish to experience the Infinite Love of which it was and is entirely constructed, designed in the pattern of all that you know, express, and are, in all of the dimensions in which you currently exist.

“Cause and effect, dear ones. None of us escapes this most important principle of life.

“With our own most Radiant Energies to guide you, we will sign off from this transmission as,

“Your Brothers and Sisters in Spirit.”

I was also told to ask my friend, “What is hair made up of?” Protein, of course. You can’t grow it if you don’t supply that.

After I read this communication to her, my friend admitted that she really hadn’t eaten meat for years, not since her divorce decades ago. Because who wants to cook for just one person, right? So she ate pasta for every meal, starving herself with insufficient proteins.

Why don’t we think of these things for ourselves? Ah, but we do. Sometimes, however, another part of ourselves blankets that truth quickly before the flame is seen. And it’s that “other part” of ourselves that makes up the deeper challenges in this life. We all have our reasons! And our excuses! And our self-destructive impulses for a variety of misinformed conclusions we’ve made about ourselves. We could go on and on and on all day and not begin to cover the variety of ways in which we blind ourselves to our higher input. ’nuff said.

Onward and forward, comrades! With our Swords of Love and Light and Truth! We will conquer our lower selves!

Love to you all —
Lianne and Friends in High Places
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  1. I found this so interesting and helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this very important transmission!

    Blessings to you in your stellar work!

    Marie Pokora

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