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Lianne DowneyI would love to connect with you! Share your stories and comments at the bottom of this page. (You’ll find interesting ones there already.)

Here are a few other places we can commune while my website undergoes some reconstructive surgery. Sorry it’s a bit bogged down meanwhile! New version coming soon.


  1. Jane Handa Jane Handa

    Lianne Downey

    Your facebook page is not working and this site is loading very slow as well. I can’t find any info on your book. Also, do you have any newsletter or mailing list I can subscribe to?

    • Hi Jane — So sorry you have run into this problem. My site is about to undergo a complete revamp and updating which should fix the problems you’ve noted. I’m well aware! I will add your email to the list I am developing. In the meantime, my Facebook page should be working and you can send messages to me there as well: Lianne Downey Author

      If you can’t view them here, my books are available on Amazon, as well as other book retailers online. Search under my name and it should display all titles. Thank you for asking! You will also find them on my publisher’s new site,, which will be complete in a few days.

      The neglect of my personal writing career is because I have been completely absorbed for the past two years in my new position as President of Jolibro Publishing, which has just released its first new title, The Voice of Venus: Collector’s Edition by Ernest L. Norman, in hardcover, paperback, and eBook, to be followed by all four books in that series (The Pulse of Creation) series. All are or will soon be available from booksellers around the globe.

      I hope to get back to my own writing soon, with some exciting new books in the plan! Thank you for your patience and for your inquiry.
      All the best,

  2. Hello ma’am.

    I had a dream 3 days ago and I still can’t get over it . Can you please help me? So, I dreamt that I was in a party with some unknown friends and they were nice to me. We were enjoying ourselves when suddenly I saw a guy in his 20s was starring at me. He was wearing formals and he was way too handsome. He had dark shining eyes, pale skin, jet black hair , fit model body and very tall. He came up to me and I touched him I felt a very strong connection with him and I felt a strong jolt running through my body. I immediately knew he was my soulmate . When I asked him if he’s my soulmate, he didn’t say anything and vanished in the party crowd. I followed his strong cologne perfume and found him in an empty room and then he suddenly grabbed me and kissed. His eyes were mysterious as if he had a lot to say but couldn’t as if he’s waiting for me to reach him. I tried to talk to him but he didn’t say anything and when I woke up I forgot his face but the feeling was very real as if all the events were happening with me in real life. His perfume and that jolt . I don’t know what all this can mean . I never even saw him before but is he my future soulmate or am I just overthinking for nothing? Please help me.

    • Hello, Samantha! It seems your question got lost in the pandemic! But here I am now, fascinated by your story.

      I wonder if you’ve met this individual by now, here, on Earth, in what we call “real life”? Of course, I can’t give you the answers to these questions you ask, but I can congratulate you for taking your dream-life seriously! We can learn so much from our dreams, though they are designed specifically for our own interpretation. No one else can tell you what one of your own dreams means. Sometimes they are a puzzle that you might not solve for years or even decades into the future. I can only recommend that you keep your notes about this dream in your own dream journal, and maybe come back to read it in the future, when you might have forgotten you ever had it. It might reveal its secrets as time unfolds.

      I can say some general things about dreams, however. Sometimes a person in our dreams is someone we know or have known or will meet. Sometimes not. It can definitely be a place we connect with souls we have history with, either in the present lifetime or previous lives. Will we meet them again, in the present lifetime? Perhaps.

      When you have those dreams that feel so real, as if they happened in your waking life, it’s very likely that you have had an actual experience in a dream-dimension where we are not limited by the life we live here on Earth, with our restrictions of time and space, of physical matter. Those dream experiences are very valid in that sense, where the encounters we have are based on our Eternal Selves, not just the earth-bodies we currently inhabit as we walk around on this planet. This is a very important thing to remember about yourself: You are more than a simple Earth body. You contain dimensional selves unlimited by time and space. Dreams are a realm in which our Eternal Selves are activated.

      Thank you for writing (and for your patience.) And by now, perhaps you have met someone very special to you?

  3. Becky Becky

    Dear Lianne,

    I’ve had an experience with an individual who has been a boss of mine, (twenty five years my senior) over the last five months.

    We have mainly worked at a distance, over the email etc. however my last few (very brief) physical interactions with him (mid May) left me very affected. I felt a surge of energy from him in the root chakra/solar plexus and feel I have been carrying that energy ever since.

    There’s feelings of pain, longing desire etc. but recently I’ve got the instinct that the energy is not so benevolent. I feel he’s possibly an energy vampire of sorts that likes to extract energy from a supply of ‘younger women’.

    My gut instinct when I met him wasn’t overly positive but the job opportunity was too good to pass up but now I feel I’ve come full circle and think I should have trusted my initial intuition.

    Any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    • [By now you’ve probably read my reply to you on another site, similar question, but I’ll repost it here for readers who might also benefit from your experience.]
      Hi Becky! All we have is our gut instinct, when it gets right down to the nitty gritty. Yours sounds like it is very active, and the only thing you can trust. Why would you question it now? I’m wondering.

      To me, it sounds as if you extricated yourself from an awkward situation and you should be happy about that and move on from there. [Have you? Your other post made it sound as if you had, yet you asked for my advice on the matter.] It’s okay to consult others now and then, but honestly? You shouldn’t follow anyone else’s advice if it conflicts with that gut instinct.

      But thank you for writing and for giving me an opportunity to remind myself of that, too. Because it so often feels easier to ask someone else for advice, doesn’t it? We all have to remember: this is how we govern our lives, using the inner mechanism that connects us to Wisdom, whatever you believe that to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Peace and good wishes to you! You’re doing just fine. And about the guy? You already know the answer. Trust it.

      • Becky Becky

        Thanks Lianne,

        My biggest lesson of all – trust myself.

        I’m currently moving into the ‘phasing out’ of this activated past life, it’s been quite the journey!

        I also bought your book on Kindle, it’s a wonderful read and has illuminated a number of things for me – thank you.


        • So glad to hear that, Becky. And thanks about the book — I’m wondering, which one? ๐Ÿ™‚ Speed Your Evolution (non-fiction workbook)? Or Cosmic Dancer (reincarnation novel)?

  4. Jennifer Jennifer

    Comment: Hi, Lianne –

    There’s a lot going on in my head-space lately. I recently visited a tarot reader who specializes in past life regression readings and I learned that I share past-life connections with the two most important men in my life; my partner of 6 years with whom I’ve shared 3 previous lives dating back to (supposedly) Atlantis; the second, a guy I hardly know (but feel so strongly connected to) with whom I share one supposed connection: we were once married and lived through the Great Depression together – I was a very obstinate doctor and he, in that time, was my somewhat disgruntled wife. I feel such a strong sense that I need to break away from the former and cling to the latter. However, I sincerely wonder if this is a healthy reaction; an impulse that predated the information I received from my reader. Her intuition led her to believe that, in my present lifetime, my partner and I are meant to adjust to living without each other and that if I feel so strongly to pursue the other man I need to do so on a neutral playing field so as not to create a storm. I understand this logic, but feel so incapable of letting my partner go even though I want so badly to pursue this new person; a person I was once married to. It’s all very exhausting and confusing, as I’m sure you’ve pick up on!

    • Hi Jennifer! I can see how this would be a challenging decision to make. However, I do hope you will make it with your own inner guidance and intuition. This is how we strengthen that ability, which we all have: to listen within and be guided by our own higher selves, and whatever spiritual associates we have who have our best interests at heart, our Teachers, Elders, Guides, Angels, or whatever you term them. I would not like to see you making your decision based on the influence of a psychic reader, no matter how gifted. In my book Speed Your Evolution I spend some time discussing how to evaluate the types of information that come through such channels. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not so much. I personally believe, from my own experience, that even if I make a bad choice, the attempt to find the answers within will ultimately develop my own discernment, and power up my own psychic skills for future use.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story here! I wish you all the best in making this choice! Own it! It is your life to learn and benefit from; may it be a wonderful, love-filled, enlightening journey for you! And feel free to come back and share any time. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll all be curious to know how things turn out. Love love love!

  5. Alice Alice

    I’ve been reading some of what you’ve written about past lives. Do we ever get a present life fulfillment of an encounter or experience we didn’t get to finish in a past life? Even if it’s just a pleasant, wonderful experience and not that we have unresolved guilt or trauma to work through with the person?

    My husband and I are very happily married. We’ve been together nearly 9 years and are expecting a baby! I recently had a dream unlike any other I’ve ever had. It was vivid, had a continuous time-flow (not jumping around like many of my dreams), and the emotions from it were extremely potent. Oddly, I didn’t look like myself at all, but knew it as “me.” I had very different coloring, and a specific name (Tiffany… not a name I have any connection to in this life). I was young, late teens or early twenties, and met a man. I was basically living on the street, considering prostitution.
    He “rescued” me from the street in a way, by hiring me as an assistant because he needed someone who wouldn’t be recognized or connected with him. He was in his mid-twenties, his name was Sam. We ended up going on an elaborate adventure together (road trip, business related) and it came to light that he was in terrible trouble with bad people. Like the mafia or a gang–definitely organized crime. I would drive through areas where he couldn’t be seen, or go into the store to make purchases, or ask questions. No one ever suspected me to be connected with him (I was just some kid), so I could help him try to resolve the trouble he was in without raising suspicion. I was his errand girl and assistant, but he never made a sexual move towards me, which surprised me.
    We eventually developed very strong feelings, but never acted on them. He was a perfect gentleman and his number one concern was that I not get tangled in his dangerous business affairs. He ended up getting killed by this gang, before we ever consummated our relationship, but after we’d revealed how deeply we cared for each other. I don’t believe I lived long after that, though the dream didn’t follow me to my death. I think I died of an overdose after never getting over his death. I was shaken with the grief and love I felt, and the “me” in the dream felt these things differently than I do now.

    The dream took place in the 1970’s, but I didn’t know that until I started describing the car featured in the dream to my current husband. He immediately pulled up a picture and said, “is that the car?” It was, down to the color. He said, “I’ve always wanted one of those classics. I don’t know why but I’ve always had an affinity for it.”

    I believe my husband now was the same man from the past life dream, and that our story ended in tragedy and unrequited love last time. Are we now being given the chance to live our “happy ending”? In the dream, we’d both come from troubled backgrounds, he in organized crime from a young age, me living on the streets, thinking about turning to prostitution before he “rescued” me. This life, we’ve had very fortunate circumstances, and come from families that are eerily alike. We understand each other so well, and we share a lot of nostalgic sentiments for something we can never quite name, but we both feel it in the same music and movies and experiences.

    I hope the two people from my dream are getting to live out the life they deserved with each other!

    • Dear Alice,
      What a beautiful story! And an excellent dream-recall of a past life, by the way. Thank you so, so much for sharing it here so my readers can find it. You describe perfectly the kind of circumstances that can draw us back together again. My husband and I have some similar stories in our history and we, too, feel like we are now living our “happy ending.” I am so glad for you both! For all three of you, in fact! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congratulations on the new family coming your way.

      I want to mention one little thing, though. You said, “Are we now being given the chance to live our โ€œhappy endingโ€?” In my view of the Universal Scheme of life, YOU are the ones who have engineered your happy ending. It seems that you are not young souls, so you have been able to make a plan before you were born: to meet again, and to live a better life this time around, including the happy ending. But it doesn’t sound like an ending at all! Sounds more like the two of you are just beginning a most beautiful partnership, bringing with you all the lessons you each learned from that prior life.

      And that, dear readers, is how evolution—personal growth and evolution—unfolds!

      My very best wishes to you and yours, dear Alice! I expect you will make excellent parents, and may your mental skills and inner connections with your Cosmic CoAuthors guide you always, just as they have guided you to remember this dream that they have shared with you of your past. Love love love!

      • Alice Alice

        Thank you so much for sharing your insight! I love the way you described that we are the creators of our own experience and chose to meet again. I am grateful for the chance to know more about this journey!
        Thank you again!

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