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Accio Wands! The Holidays Are Upon Us!

The holidays are upon us and it’s time for my favorite story: The Blue Wand-Bearers. I first read about this higher-frequency, energetic, universal, spiritual event when I was in my early twenties. Bringing it back to mind has become an important part of my annual winter contemplation ever since.

This completely non-denominational event is not an earth-based celebration, but it profoundly effects all living things on Earth. Those who benefit most, however, are those who open their hearts and minds at this time of year with a gracious thought toward the well-being of others, or a moment of awe, or a gasp of insight, or a sudden upwelling of L-O-V-E for all things great and small.

Gathered in ceremony in the higher planes where Light rules, countless Beings await Earth’s season of receptivity. To understand what they’re about, you must first contemplate who they are, and what their life’s purpose is.

Unlike us, they no longer live in physical bodies. For many, their transition to life in higher-frequency worlds came long ago, although some among this particular gathering are relatively “recent” arrivals. You would recognize their names, perhaps, because they, like you, previously lived and evolved on planet Earth (and elsewhere). They may have graduated completely from the need for physical incarnations, or they might simply be enjoying a lengthy hiatus in these beautiful, crystalline-appearing worlds of pure energy before they reincarnate again on a physical planet, undoubtedly to carry out some personal, spiritual purpose. Because if they are participating in this ceremony, they are not young souls. These are the Beings who provide the energy-fuel for our world and others like it by translating the Universal Source energy through their Mind-selves, stepping down the high, high frequencies of Infinite Intelligence (God energy) into forms that we on Earth find useful and life-giving.

Light Being

This by the way is our own spiritual potential, a higher grade of humanity that we are perfectly designed to attain if we so choose and apply ourselves to that objective.

Over my years of enjoying this story, I finally realized that even one such as I, lower on the scale of evolution, can play a role in this annual ceremony of Light.

First, and most importantly, by my awareness and receptivity, which doesn’t require any knowledge at all of the details of the event. We will receive from the higher dimensions, if we reach a peak moment of mental energy.

But secondly, if we consciously recall what’s taking place in the invisible or “subtle” energy fields of Earth and the humans who inhabit it during this lengthy winter solstice transition, we might become participants in this annual ceremony.

How do I know about it? I first learned of this event through a series of books called The Pulse of Creation, written by Ernest L. Norman. Using his inner vision, he fully described the event as his guides showed it to him. Since then, my own Cosmic CoAuthors have encouraged me to rewrite the story a few times, mostly to remind myself of it! I want to share a new version with you in 2014, as the season unfolds and Earth passes through the magnetic lines of force that link and join during our winter solstice, bringing us closer to the worlds of Light and quickening the Spirit within.

* * * *

Visualize this:

A magnificent, circular temple made of pure Light energy, which appears like faceted diamonds or radiant crystal to our inner sight. Stretch it as large as you can conceive, for this temple is now attracting visitors from far and wide throughout the universe. Gathering now are those who have any connection to Earth and its people, from all levels of mental development. (This is how we might get a ticket for the outer reaches, something like the groundlings of Shakespearean times, but we’ll have to remain distant, in protective energy-bubbles built by our guides for our safety.)

These luminous souls are gathering and arranging themselves concentrically according to their personal, radiating vibration or frequency, with the highest frequency oscillations closest to the central stage, we’ll call it. Otherwise, those of lesser development (us, for instance) would likely disintegrate in the POWER beams of those who have built themselves into highly efficient receivers and transmitters (transceivers) of the Universal Source-energy, the Infinite Creative Intelligence—what some would prefer to call God. So at the very center of this gathering will appear the Great Ones who will serve as generators for what is to come.

All around, like waves from a pebble dropped into a pond, the individuals arrange themselves in circular patterns stemming out from the central, crystalline platform. As in the best theaters-in-the-round, they rise up from the center as if standing on concentric platforms. They are divided into 33 sections, each section comprising a particular shade or color-frequency and forming a triangle with its point toward the center, as the numbers of individuals increase the further from the central platform they rise. At the point of the triangle, closest to the central stage, stands a Being who is nearly pure Flame, so brightly shines their inner Light. In fact, these individuals are standing behind what we might think of as energy generating devices which do indeed appear to us like steady energy-flames. They rise up from a crystalline base and connect to a circular faceted lens high above, oscillating continuously from one pole to another, from top to bottom and back again, thirty-three in number to correspond to the thirty-three individuals at the peak of each triangular section of participants now gathered in the temple. They are the spiritual leaders of each group, the highest frequency transmitters, and thus they stand closest to the central platform. The energy flames before them will help to step up the frequencies of their mind projections during the ceremony.

Spreading out behind each leader are individuals who glow with similar color shades of frequency, more than you can count or visualize, all of whom will participate in this annual event. They range from most capable, just behind the leader, to those of lesser development as you travel further back.

That is not to say all are not capable! Even we carry the potential to develop our mental transceiving abilities to serve humanity as a generating Source in some distant future, but that potential is as yet undeveloped. We will have to work and learn and earn our way to it, if we so choose. No one worships these spiritual leaders, therefore. They are wayshowers and examples, and well respected, a source of spiritual-energetic sustenance, but not worshipped.

Light Beings ChristmasNow as your sight clears, you begin to discern some peculiarities in this temple. For one thing, high above the central platform are additional crystal lenses, vortex-shaped with the points directed downward toward the stage, as we’re calling it for want of a better word. These vortical shapes, which look similar to your crystal chandeliers, are actually made up of hundreds or maybe thousands of crystal lenses that will play important roles in the upcoming ceremony. In fact, you can barely make out the glowing shapes of luminous Beings standing in an inner ring directly under these vortical lenses and now you can count twelve of them in this inner ring: twelve Advanced Beings, twelve distinct colors of an unearthly rainbow represented by the gowns or robes of these gathered souls, twelve crystal vortexes spiraling up above their heads.

As with the millions of individuals gathered behind them, all face the central platform, which now appears to you as a humongous block of pure crystal, but it is not static. It glows and radiates movement because it is not a third-dimensional crystal lattice but an energy construct that is alive and active.

High, high above this radiant block you see yet another vortex made up of crystal lenses, barely distinguishable because the light has become so bright, even to your protected eyes! Compared to the twelve others, the size of this lens configuration is stupendous, and above and beyond it—there seems to be no ceiling, but rather an opening that appears to open onto the entire Universe! Staggering. You pull in your energies a bit to try to conceive what your psychic eyes are showing you.

Your protective energy bubble, by the way, also has some peculiar properties. If you direct your attention to any one Being, or to the center stage, you are seeing as if standing right there on the spot. But in fact you are at some distance from the main activity and will remain so throughout the ceremony. You might say your “bubble” is more akin to a telephoto lens than to any soapy substance, despite its opalescent translucence.

Your mental hearing begins to pick up a sound, a sweet singing harmony emanating from the gathered souls. Their song rises and falls in unison but follows no recognizable melody. The harmonies are exquisite and pure, however, and tears spring to your eyes from the sheer beauty of it. Many of your holiday carols on Earth have been inspired by this energy-song, as some of your composers have shared a taste of what you are now experiencing, or brought it with them from their own higher-world visitations between lifetimes. Next time you hear the sweet harmonies of a caroling ensemble, remember this scene and you will find yourself transported! If you tune your mind, you can also see beautifully colored waves of celestial energy pouring down from the gathered crowd toward the center of the temple, through the leaders, into the flames to be stepped up in frequency, out again toward the Twelve Advanced Minds in the center ring.

Perhaps this is the time and place to mention that we, here, have no “time” or “place.” Those are factors of your third-dimension and whilst you live in such, it is nearly impossible to conceive the timelessness of our event, for it seems to take place during a particular time on Earth, during your winter solstice season, culminating on December 21. Do not trouble to try to match the two for now, timeless vs. time-defined; you’ll understand more about interdimensional communication after you witness the ceremony, for which you have been especially invited this year. We are translating our timelessness into your time language and conception, let us say, and leave it at that.

Now you notice that a thin wisp of Light has begun to form in a column between the central crystalline block and the massive vortical lens high above in the temple’s center, oscillating and growing larger as the gathering’s “song” rises and falls lyrically. Above the heads of each of the twelve advanced leaders, known by such terms as Archangel in the ancient traditions, you see a beam of penetrating light descending from the crystal vortexes above them, raw energy of the Infinite, and from their eyes they are re-radiating this energy toward the central block of crystal, where the columnar Light grows rapidly. Its oscillation speeds from top to bottom, appearing more and more like a radiant Flame, slightly rounded in the center, pointed where it touches the platform below and the chandelier-lens above. The brilliance is near blinding to you, and we have adjusted your energy protection to compensate.

We are using what we can of your language to describe these energy structures. To us, they are functional constructs to focus and direct the pure radiance of Infinite Intelligence. If you try again to peer into the central Flame, you will begin to see subtle shapes of two conjoined beings, Twin Flames, if you will. This polarity, these twin souls, are among the most highly respected, highly advanced Minds or Beings that we know. They have a particular interest in Earth’s affairs during your winter season, as do all those gathered in this expanded temple. At one time, thousands of years ago, they came to your planet during several incarnations to help it progress beyond each of its stages of limitation. Perhaps you do not yet realize that this is how your planet evolves and improves, slowly, slowly, but always with a generating spark of Light from higher worlds. Sometimes that Light comes in the form of an incarnated Being who can speak your language and broaden your realm of “possibility.”

Such was the case when one of these Two incarnated on Earth and became known as the one whose life and birth are celebrated by some during the winter season. Although these two have lived and taught under the guise of many spiritual traditions in different eras, that one incarnation in particular remains significant to vast numbers of Earth citizens who celebrate what they call “Christmas” in his honor. Hence, he leads our ceremony at this time, with his polarity or biune or soul mate, for the two have evolved to become as One.

Now you see his shape and countenance more clearly, since we have named him for you and given you some way to conceive his existence. Thus, with his beloved at his side, you see him reach out his hands and upon them begins to form a ball of Light, fueled by the love energies projected through all those gathered in the temple for this event. We say “through,” because it is the pure energy of Infinite Intelligence that each one is receiving, and reshaping and retransmitting to the best of their individual capabilities, directing this purity of love toward the ball of Light that has grown quickly to an enormous circumference. Even your thoughts and feelings are now adding to our ceremony, at their own harmonic, resonant level of attainment.

Suddenly, you have become aware of a steady stream of individuals moving toward the central platform, trailing in a line from some distant location. They are each clothed in radiant Blue, approaching the sphere of energy the Great One holds aloft. They carry a thin, gleaming wand, each one, and as they approach, they touch the tip of the wand to the sphere of Light-Energy. It ignites! Blazing bright! One after another, they light their wands and they pass on, disappearing from your sight. The line seems endless! So many coming forward to ignite these luminous wands with a smaller sphere drawn from the central ball of Light.

Healing Earth

Who are these individuals? And where are they going? You might call them angels; others would give them another name. But they are people like you who have lived on Earth and so have some concern about the fate of the people still there. They were known as saints or sinners, poets or workers, each in their many lives on Earth. Now they have reached this point in their personal spiritual evolution that they can serve as Light Bearers to your world. They will travel down into your lower frequencies, walking among the crowds and touching this Wand of Love into the minds of any and all who lift their thoughts during this most receptive, spiritual time on Earth.

Not only your Christian followers of Jesus hold these weeks sacred; all the ancient traditions and many religions on your planet ascribe some significance to the waning and return of the sun’s light during the December weeks. People pause in their rushing about and think inwardly for a moment. Their eyes are caught by the twinkle of colored lights, or the smile of delight on a child’s face. They think of their God or Gods; they dream not of sugarplums but of angels. They feel transcended by the music, the dancing, the family gatherings. At that instant of raising their thoughts to a higher frequency, we can reach them, and these Light Workers can imbue a greater spiritual strength, desire, and richness with their Wands of Radiant Love.

Oh yes, it is true that many fall into deep depression during this time of darkness, followed by the return of light on your world. That is yet another reason that we endeavor to touch all whom we can reach with our radiant, uplifting, healing energy. It only takes a moment, one thought of a more elevated nature. We expand that moment into many! For this Power of Love regenerates.

And now you see that here in our temple, the Power remains steady as each wand is lighted. The line of individuals has finally come to its end and the Sphere is lifted by the hands of the Great One, joined with his biune, and extended upward through the vortical chandelier-lens, expanded rung by rung out into the free space of the universe and sent directly toward the atmosphere of planet Earth, where it will also work its seasonal transformation, renewing and uplifting the energy shell of your world.

You, dear ones, can join us in this activity at any time you wish. And as you go about your way during the holiday season, remember that you, too, can become as the lighted Wand, imbuing all whom you meet with this radiant energy from which all things derive. You embody all that you know but also all that you receive from higher resources. Your shining eyes, smiling face, and warm thoughts will comfort and cheer all who come into your path, if you but remember us, for you will help to carry our love energy into the lower frequencies of your needy world.

 * * * *

Apparently, my Cosmic CoAuthors stepped in to finish this post for me. I am grateful! I hope you will join me in spreading what we can of this higher-dimensional Love energy this year! Accio wands and be ready!

Angel on Earth sphereNote: If you can help me identify any of the artists who have contributed to this post, please leave a comment. Or share your own artistic version of this cosmic celebration!

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