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The Fight to Live Naturally – or – I Refuse to Let IKEA Design My Life!

“What’s not on the menu?” This idea crept into our household, Joseph’s and mine, from an article we stumbled into on Facebook and devoured together.

What is society no longer offering you? How has your life been shrunk down into compartments designed by Others? Are you only choosing what’s on the menu? Or are your mind and spirit looking beyond, drawing from the vast infinite wellspring of options that we used to see more clearly—until Internet design took over and limited our choices to a menu devised by software developers. What’s not on that menu? Do you ever wonder?

This concept suited us so well because, for years now, we’ve been struggling to live our own kind of life: finding and eating food that really nourishes us, and caring about things mainstream society didn’t care about or know of, such as energy medicine, past lives, interdimensional consciousness, or biofield tuning.

Now Joseph and I are pursuing research that will demonstrate that the human body is a powerful electrical system, obeying energy principles that keep life flowing—but only if not interfered with by human product design that refuses to acknowledge the electromagnetic properties of our bodies. Products designed in our prior climate of ignorance cause breakdowns in our body’s internal messaging systems, and that is no longer a “woo” topic. It has become a health topic, in circles of people in the know.

What’s not on the menu? A better way of life designed—not by wizards of product development—but by Nature herself. These days, you have to fight for what is natural in life. And for your own freedom and creativity.

IKEA Explains It All for You

Case in point: Today I got slapped in the face by a fat, pretentious catalog that arrived in our mailbox because we rent a shared household in a pricey neighborhood. We are bombarded by glossy catalogs assuming that we have a lot of money and want to spend it on furnishings and other objects. This one came from IKEA.

I will say upfront that one or two experiences of this monstrosity, both trying to shop in the programmed store and trying to assemble and use its shoddy furniture, have put me off this highly profitable business forever. I detest this business. I also find their designs de-humanizing, sucking all the beauty out and replacing it with boxy, ill-fitting, drab-colored items of “practicality.” And now—in this fat presumptuous catalog—they have the nerve to try to tell people HOW TO LIVE in their own homes!

“Designed for people, not consumers,” the cover proclaims. Hah! They go on to disprove that slogan every page thereafter.

Suddenly, they’ve assumed that their customers have no imagination at all. (Perhaps like IKEA’s furnishings? Perhaps as a result of too many hours trying to shop in the rigidly routed aisles and departments that force you to follow a prescribed pathway until, by the end of the hours-long journey, you are systematically relieved of everything in your bank account?)

This clearly set me off. I’ve reached an age, and society seems to have reached a near-breaking point, where I am seriously concerned about young people. Having chosen not to raise children this lifetime, I now find that I view them all as children who need caring for, because the society in which they are attempting to survive is letting them down in so many ways. Me, I might be out of here in the next forty years, so not to worry. But these young people! Holy tamales, where are they going to find guidance?

Well, the IKEA people have it all figured out.

They have assumed the parental and grand-parental roles in our broken and corporate-run culture, and are informing their customers in these wealthy homes that surround me HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIVES using the most drab and depressing THINGS that lack of imagination could create.

Leave Your Imagination at the Door

For instance, the catalog informs us that, if you simply own the right pieces of hard-to-assemble couch materials, you can eat, sleep, lounge, store, and live your entire life around your sofa. Seriously! I read an entire page spread eulogizing the designers who came up with this idea.

I can just imagine the conversation that sparked this design fury:

“They’re all couch potatoes! We can’t sell them dining chairs or tables anymore! We all know they sit around watching TV, gaming, eating, and sleeping in their electromagnetically, artificially exhausted bodies, where? On the couch. So let’s design one with all the parts they need to live an entire life on the sofa. We’ll sell millions! It’s what they want! And then, we’ll convince everyone else that it’s the trendy thing to do and they will believe us because we will put out this cool catalog explaining how to live like we want them to live.

“Besides, we corporations and our government minions have sucked all the money out of the American middle class anyway, so they now live in crowded little quarters and don’t have space for separate rooms for eating and sleeping. They can’t afford them.”

No, I’m not getting off the subject and into political whining. The catalog of instruction actually says that. That our living quarters have shrunk, because within fewer than twenty years, 70 percent of us will live in crowded cities. No one can afford separate rooms for separate activities any more, they proclaim.

IKEA even devotes a full “chapter” in this catalog telling you how to sleep and with whom. Which is only a ruse to tell you how to buy their products, of course. They go so far as this, dipping into relationship advice that should have come from mom and dad:

“Moving in together is an exciting step in a relationship. But finding a way to unify your two different aesthetics—and furniture—is a challenge many have faced before you. The key to moving-in bliss?”

Wait for it. You’ll never guess.

“Textiles. Picking a two- to three-color scheme, and applying it to bedlinens, rugs and curtains ties together your two personal styles—without losing either.”

End of paragraph. How to have a happy life together, all according to IKEA. I’m surprised there isn’t a chapter on how to die in perfect, blissful décor, with matching carpets and accessories. Maybe next season.

What’s not on the menu? Your own creative inspiration, drawn up from the deep wells of consciousness and sparkling out into a clear stream of living as you choose. With the IKEA menu, you’ll never have to think or dream or ponder. Just pull out your wallet and fork it over. Or rather, your iPhone or other banking device.

Time to Fight Back!

We can expect much more of this kind of insinuating advertisement. That’s how we landed in this sinking boat anyway, by allowing ourselves to eat, sleep, drink, marry, fornicate, and consume media in ways that very-controlled media has encouraged us to desire. Our funds have underwritten every bit of the trashy stuff and nonsense that is flying in our faces now.

So Joseph and I fight:

We oppose bad foods by seeking out actual nourishment—and that gets more difficult to find every day.

We sleep in total darkness like our ancestors did, because that’s how our bodily system was designed, to keep the circadian rhythms flowing with Nature’s light and dark. But the neighbors insist on installing glaring lights that shine out into the scary night filled with drug-addled (prescription and otherwise) derelicts who’ve succumbed to the constant light and motion and need those drugs to survive, if not thrive, as their bodies break down from the strain.

We can’t live without devices now and remain functional on the planet, so we’ve colored our computer and phone screens orange in the evening, like the sunset. To avoid the drug trap and preserve our natural immunity, we turn off the electric lights and read and wash by candlelight after 9 p.m. This makes our internal systems happy and glad to perform their melatonin and serotonin dance, saving us from those profitable drugs that never quite make people healthy. Fingers crossed. Finding darkness at night has also become increasingly difficult.

More recently, we’ve been doing all that we can to mitigate and reduce our exposure to human-designed, artificially produced electromagnetic fields (EMF) in order to keep our internal messaging systems functioning in harmony with Earth’s own magnetic signals. Recent research has revealed that we are more like birds, fish, and mammals than previously believed in the need to keep tuned to the planet beneath our feet—if we can find its signal these days. With each week that passes, this becomes even more critical to good health, because the proliferation of these artificial endocrine disruptors … well, you know.

We city-dwellers are surrounded 24/7 by EMF radiations of interference that break down our inner communication systems. Even our country cousins are at risk from the appliances in their kitchens and at their fingertips day and night. So, we shut them down and walk outside, putting our feet in the grass to discharge the excess and literally ground ourselves, picking up the Earth’s biorhythms that are so naturally soothing and health-giving. We stay clear from the transformer on a nearby pole, and gamble that no cell phone towers will be erected close by the home we’ve chosen.

But Our Future Looks Bright!

Joseph and I have developed a company to help remedy all these problems. What’s going to be on the menu soon? If we have any influence at all:

  • New products designed for compatibility with human electromagnetism, aka biofields
  • New protective devices to counter harmful EMF interference in the meantime
  • New homes designed for biofield compatibility which breathe in harmony with the same pulsed energies that Nature—and our bodies—thrive within.

Maybe because we feel like we need to become parents to this troubled world, we have developed our business, Jolibro, to research human energy systems and publish the results of that research where and when we can. We’ve signed our first contract with a global corporation as product development consultants. We’ve become certified biofield tuners, and we’re participating in and guiding new research into the biomagnetic fields of the human body, or biofield.

We realize that the solution to the IKEA problem and so many others like it will be education, and the acceptance of all the new science pouring in from the frontiers in support of our work, and the work of so many who see the importance of redesigning our world with this new knowledge.

As the world’s population bulges, we don’t envision shrinking further into the sleek and practical—the reduced and functional—but expanding in harmony with the expansive qualities of Infinite Intelligence, which put no boundaries on human accomplishment. We believe it’s not too late for global rescue from our previous collective ignorance. It’s happened so many times before, from blood-letting and barber surgeons to mercury potions and bare-wired household electricity. And we’re happy to take up a small role in society’s latest rescue from itself. *

* * * *

P.S. As for IKEA shoppers, a page in the middle of their catalog gives the secret to surviving their dominating ways. The title on this page, and I am not making this up, reads, “Looking for beauty? Head for the door!” Amen. If you can find it in their maze, run and don’t look back!

Here’s the mind-altering article on how the Internet hijacks your life, from one of its designers.

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