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Month: April 2014

2013 Cosmic Dancer Dance-in-Film Awards

If it weren’t for a certain television series, we American dance and movie fans would have dried up and blown away in 2013! This is why our announcement comes so long after film-award season. We’d been looking for dance movies in all the wrong places.

In 2012, we were blessed with so much wonderful dancing in so many movies, we had to split the annual Cosmic Dancer Dance-in-Film Awards into several categories, including a few “worst” awards. But unless we blinked, Hollywood released only one dance film in 2013 that met our original criteria for “English-language films.” And if a film in another genre featured even a single dance scene, it was so far under the radar that we couldn’t find it. We didn’t even come across terribly bad dance movies. Now that’s rare!

What to do? We broke the rules to find a winner. We went global.