Last post, I talked about my concept of an interdimensional universe, in which we inscribe everything we live in this 3D world in an interdimensional energy configuration, which I’m calling the “psychic anatomy,” as I learned from the writings of Ernest Norman.

This becomes a blueprint, like self-created software, that powers all future lifetimes, constantly feeding information into our present existence, even if it’s a flawed or destructive influence. (Simple examples: an old battle wound that remanifests as cancer in the present lifetime, or as a birthmark, or as a passionate emotional connection to the instigator of that wound, or theirs toward you, or all of the above! The possibilities are infinite!)

In my last post, I called this “indestructible” energy. That’s not entirely accurate. More importantly, the patterns of information in your psychic anatomy are indeed changeable—by you! But as none of us live separate from all else, the actual process of making such changes involves a lot of energetic input and assistance from higher dimensions. I can’t begin to tell you in a blog how that all works! But I’ve experienced it.

Skimming over my 35 years of intensive study of interdimensional science, which I still don’t fully understand and probably never will as far as I can foresee, let’s just say I was completely surprised to find myself studying my own past lives. I never went looking for that! But once I began to grasp this clever little fact about “permanently inscribed energy-information,” which I had created and stored with everything I’d ever done in countless lifetimes, a scientific concept of reincarnation became “permanently” embedded in my conscious thoughts. Inescapable truth.

Then, after a long series of experiences with past-life recall and subsequent healing, the idea of having lived before was no longer just a theory. Real and true and provable and proven, in the only way anything ever can be: through my personal experience.

So when I view anything at all in my life, I’m viewing it through a lens that is shaped by a wide concept of myself as an interdimensional, eternal, energetic being. Everything I do matters that much more. Everything I do creates and shapes energy-information that becomes a permanent part of me, like writing on Facebook! 😉 And some things I’ve done in the past have really screwed up my present. That’s life, right? Nothing new about that, and over time, we gradually evolve into better ideas and better ways of relating to the universe.

But by studying the interdimensional nature of consciousness, I learned a fast way of speeding my personal evolution. I don’t go walking around looking for past-life connections in every tiny thing (don’t laugh—I know some people who do). But if a problem starts to dominate my life and interfere egregiously, and if I go ferreting around to find out what the past-life connections are,

  • (a) I get lots of help and the information manifests in myriad ways if I’m willing to recognize it, and
  • (b) if I hit upon the true original cause and accept it, and
  • (c) if I’ve set up all the right interdimensional connections and done my homework between lifetimes in preparation, then
  • (d) I can experience a rather dramatic healing, during which the energies inscribed in my psychic anatomy are changed so that the offending past-life incident no longer affects me in a negative way.

It doesn’t completely go away, mind you. Only the pattern of information is changed, rendered harmless. I will need to know of my past mistakes and traumas because they are part of the learning I came here to acquire. But the fangs are pulled; I can view whatever it was objectively and it no longer causes me harm by interfering in the energetic systems that support my body and my consciousness in daily life.

Et voilà—many people call that “past life therapy.” A more modern description would be that it’s an advanced form of Energy Psychology.

That’s why I had to bring up this subject of past lives, which few people want to know about. (Most folks sense that it might not be pretty.) Although past-life healing has been one of my most significant and life-improving Soul Pursuits, several lesser branches of this interdimensional energy science are more commonly recognized in the present day and therefore of more interest to the general reader.

I’ve been asked to write about my experience and training in two of those branches: Eden Energy Medicine and sooner or later, I’m going to have to rail on and cheer about its cousin, Energy Psychology.
They are both precursers to the full study of the psychic anatomy (although I studied them last, after I already knew how vital they are). They provide basic knowledge every kid on the planet should be taught at a young age! Both are magnificent assets in the field of self-healing. Although they function more at the surface level of your present physical lifetime, EM and EP can lead you deeper, in your understanding and in your healing. But that’s a subject for a future day!

So until we chat again, may all your life experiences provide wonderful, positive, constructive energies for you to draw upon in all your future incarnations! Or at least the hard-won wisdom which results from all your traumas, tragedies, and other learning experiences.