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What’s a Life Color, Anyway?

Posted on February 6, 2012

I’m often making references to Life Colors these days, so I’ve been thinking I should explain but hadn’t figured out where to start. This week a Facebook friend from Camborne, Cornwall, England, gave me the perfect opening.

I got myself in trouble, you see, by mentioning in a public conversation that someone was an “Indigo Life Color.” My friend leaped in and asked to know more. I tried to put her off to another source because I don’t do “readings,” but she’s such a delightful person, I relented. Here’s what happened:

[Popping up in a Facebook thread:]
Carole Atkins: I didn’t know that you can read auras Lianne, could I ask what you see in mine please? x

Lianne: Uh-oh, Carole. Busted! I don’t read auras, I can read Life Colors, but we usually use several methods: looking visually, written test, muscle test, and the individual’s own inner knowing to confirm. Here’s a really good website for more info, and one of our own “Life Color gurus”: * You can take her quiz there, and I’ll go look at your photos and see what I can see and I’ll post it on your page. (Indigos are pretty easy for me to spot, so [Susan] and [Sam] were easy to do “long-distance.”)
[* I sent her to Pamala Oslie, author of the books we use in our classes, Life Colors and Love Colors.]

Carole: A fun-loving Yellow!

Lianne: (a little while later on Carole’s FB wall): Who could miss that gorgeous Yellow Life Color? 😉 I just wanted to look over some photos to see if I could see it, but it radiates right out from your entire personality. If there’s a secondary color, I don’t see it from here. Of course, there is an ocean between us!

This is why you are always filling our lives with fun and love and laughter! [She posts the best and cutest and sometimes naughtiest jokes.] But you’re a very sensitive soul and probably FEEL energy and emotions physically, with the hands, in the stomach, etc. You’d rather not be in the room with negative energy, right? Or you avoid conflict if you can? Those would be Yellow traits. Remember, it’s up to you to confirm if I’m right or not. You also might need your alone or personal time to recharge, especially in nature. And are you good with your hands? Ever been a teacher or leader? (Maybe you should be – you’re good with people that way.) On the downside, Yellows sometimes have trouble with overdoing things, as in addictions used to numb that physical sensitivity.

Be sure to read about Yellow Life Colors at That’s the short version she’s posted online; I highly recommend her books if you can find them where you are. The descriptions are longer.

This study of Life Colors, which Joseph and I fell into by “accident,” has improved our lives so much, and our understanding of others, that we’ve even taught classes in how to see Life Colors for yourself. It’s a PHYSICAL, visible emanation of energy reflecting a person’s basic energetic frequency from the higher worlds down into our visible, third-dimensional spectrum. Not really hocus-pocus. It’s still a generality because we are all unique, but it is based on the science of energy. Hm, and Yellow Life Colors will “feel” more than “see” it. If you were here, I would muscle-test you to confirm what I see intuitively (I’m a Violet) and you would like that because it’s a touch thing. 🙂

Lianne P.S. This is also why you love music, fairies, and animals. You keep our hearts light!

[At that point, I didn’t remember that she’d become a Reiki practitioner, but that’s a wonderful Yellow Life Color occupation: hands-on healing.]

Carole Wow, thank you Lianne. That does sound like me. It quite surprised me, because my favourite colours are purple, violets, blues and deep green, which I thought indicated that I operated at those levels. But I will look into the colour yellow, you’ve got me interested x x x

Lianne Well, we always add colors to our auras and operate on those levels, too. So those are some of yours! I’m all Violet, but Joseph is a Yellow-Violet, so I often “add” Yellow when I’m around him. I add other colors, too — like Green when I am doing the bookkeeping (which is rare because I really don’t like it). It’s a fascinating study. I looked to see if I could find any of that Violet in your pictures and I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t add it at other times. Plus, lots of Yellows add other colors to fit in and “behave,” as they were instructed to do as youngsters, because Yellow is very fun-loving and playful, and that can get them into trouble. 🙂 They often add a shade of Tan.

The Life Colors are the ones that never leave us. The added colors can leave us, but sometimes we add a color and it just stays because we added it for a purposeful reason in this lifetime, albeit unconsciously. Mothers often add Blue; or mothers of Indigo children will add Indigo. If you are a combined Life Color like Joseph, born that way, I can’t tell the second color from here, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. This was just a guess! So don’t hold me to it! I’m still guessing when I say I’ll bet you add those colors you mentioned. I sense a bit of them when I read the things you post, mostly the blue-indigo-violet shades/personalities. But remember — the whole Rainbow is available to us all!

Oh, “adding” a color merely means taking on a frequency/personality for a time. You can do it consciously, but mostly we do it subconsciously and it goes away when we’re not around that other Life Color or when our purpose for doing it is finished. I hope this isn’t too confusing! Hard to explain from a distance.

Lianne again (after more consideration): Hm, yes, Blue wouldn’t surprise me. Could even be a second life color. Read about it and see what you think!

Carole Wow, Lianne, you are such an interesting lady. Bet your books are brilliant. Yes I was a scamp as a child, so that bit made me giggle and I still get into trouble!x x x

[When people call you “interesting,” you have to wonder if they mean good-weird or bad-weird. I’m pretty sure Carole meant good-weird here. 🙂 Some time passed and then she posted on my FB wall.]

Carole Lianne, just to say that I did the aura test and you will never believe it, but I am both yellow and indigo! So well done x x x

Lianne Was it the same score for each? I suspect you add it, or added it because of your son or daughter. Not to say anything about your age, but this Life Color didn’t start appearing on the planet until the 1980s. 🙂 Which is why Indigos are so fascinating to we Violets.

Carole  Lianne do you mean that my son Matthew who passed away would influence my aura? His passing, taught me to search, which is why I am deeply spiritual today.x x x

Lianne Your time with him, if he were an Indigo, would easily provide you with a habit to add Indigo to your aura while communicating with him, being with him, thinking of him, etc. I’ve energy-tested many Moms of Indigos and they all added Indigo to their auras in these situations, unconsciously. Otherwise, they’d never understand these children, who are so unlike other children of ages past. 🙂 Much more precocious, sensitive physically and emotionally, etc. etc. etc.


What this really means is not so much that you consciously “add” anything, but that you “tune” your antenna to that Indigo frequency and then you begin to radiate it out into what’s visible around you as a result of aligning yourself with it.

Remember, color is just an indication of frequency on the visible spectrum, like tuning up the dial of a radio in the old days. 🙂 That tuning up to the Indigo frequency can become a mental habit, and sure, it could remain with you today! Especially if your daughter is also an Indigo or has that as one of her life colors. (No, I can’t really tell from the pictures I saw, but it looks quite possible. You could have her take the test.) It’s very likely that you still retain that color for both reasons–you got used to it, and you associate with Indigos somewhere. I will say that, although I’m not a mom, I do add Indigo frequently, and especially if I talk to or think about someone who is of that frequency.

We are actually just little radios, sending and receiving, receiving from the Infinite and sending beacons back out, receiving from each other and bouncing wave forms back and forth. We tune our dials to whatever channels we want to receive and broadcast. 🙂 But we all have our basic Life Frequency, you could call it, and that’s what we most comfortably oscillate at. That’s what we came in with. I do love this subject, though! It fascinates me, and I still consider myself to be just learning the basics of it.

Lianne And yes, Indigo is a deeply and uniquely spiritual personality/color/​frequency. It is a primary feature of the Indigo life.

Carole I think my daughter Claire is an indigo, she is very special. ‘Little radios,’ that made me chuckle x x

[Of course it would; Yellow Life Colors laugh so easily! That’s why the planet needs them. But in fact, the planet needs every Life Color to fulfill our rainbow, no one more or less than another.]

* * * *

In classes we’ve taught, Joseph and I have led nearly a hundred people in the process of discovering their Life Colors. It’s not always a straight-forward proposition. We see so many different colors/energies in a person’s aura, having different functions and meanings, that determining which of those colors represent the Life Color(s) can be tricky!

Pamala Oslie’s quiz provides one piece of the puzzle. We also use personal interviews, muscle-testing, what we see visually and/or intuitively around the person, and the individual’s own inner knowing for confirmation.

Sometimes these resources provide different answers; especially when a person thinks of themselves one way, but actually their true Life Colors differ from the false image they’ve had of themselves. Often this is something they learned to be, or thought they should be, such as something a parent instilled in them that actually went against their grain, defying the personality they were born with. They’ve taken on this alternate persona/frequency, usually to please the people who mean most to them. And this added frequency shows up visibly as a color in their aura, an “added” color, but still it can dominate and suppress their natural expression.

These are the most fun cases to solve, because the self-discovery involved in learning about one’s Life Colors is usually a joyous and liberating event! Your basic life frequency, your true persona, is visibly apparent, even in the third dimension! (And I consider this practice for living in a higher dimension, where all is visible.)

Joseph and I sense Life Colors differently. We both can see them visibly because they are radiating in the visible spectrum of this dimension. (Part of our class teaches others how to see them, or at least gets everyone to try.) I also receive them through intuitive guidance, which directs my focus to particular colors. Joseph has developed muscle-tests to determine which colors are “added” and which are genuine, non-changing Life Colors. (You can consciously add a color, and consciously remove it. But you cannot remove your Life Colors; they reflect the real you, your true energy body which responds only to long-term, permanent evolutionary change and development.)

Yes, while using my intuition to see Life Colors, I have been flagged down by “others” oscillating in the individual’s aura. They seem as if they’re using the opportunity, while the person has opened their mind to higher concepts, to come in and let it be known that they’re still alive and well and very present! They flash their colors at me, and a little bit of questioning usually reveals their identity and association with our student. (Some of this happened with Carole; during our Facebook conversation, she felt someone come into her aura whom she described as a very loving and happy presence.)

In the past I’ve spotted the “gatekeepers” used by a spiritual medium, as well as parents, grandparents, and so on. But when I ask to please be directed to see the person’s Life Colors, they appear, close to the body and different from other flashes of light and color in the aura.

We taught ourselves about Life Colors after energy healer Donna Eden pronounced ours in a workshop we were taking, in a book she signed for us. We’d never heard of this before! So we did some research, reading Pamala Oslie’s Life Colors and Love Colors and listening to Donna’s “Life Colors” CD. We found an out-of-print book by one of the first intuitives to identify Life Colors, Nancy Ann Tappe, and we read books specifically about Indigo Life Colors.

Then we honed our sensitivity to Life Colors by standing on a balcony in a movie theater and trying to see them among the crowd below, comparing notes with each other. Practice really helped! (Indigos, by the way, invariably felt our probing and turned up to look at us. Always.) And we’ve continued our study and research among dozens of volunteers.

During this Soul Pursuit adventure, we discovered that Joseph had taken on his father’s Life Color (Logical Tan) at an early age, which made him very uncomfortable in his own skin. With this insight, he was able to let his own true colors shine, so to speak, and has been happier ever since! (He’s truly a Yellow/Violet combination.) I watched the visible colors around him change as he re-adapted to his own natural expression, and now he almost never adds that color/personality which wasn’t his to begin with. If he does, he knows how to consciously remove that energy/color. And it works!

In our classes and consultations, we’ve found people in entirely inappropriate fields of work, again from the influence of others. And we’ve solved a few mysteries here and there, such as why being around other people caused illness or exhaustion (typical of Crystals and Indigos), or why life-threatening adventure was like bread-and-butter to a few hearty souls (Oranges).

Yes, do try this yourself! But learn as much as you can before you go out to read others. Joseph tells people to look for light around people’s heads first, and to believe that it is not an optical illusion. He even uses this skill at work. Although those who can see auras more fully may see the Life Colors in a different way, we generally find them close to the body, like faint washes on a watercolor painting. Knowing someone’s Life Color can make all the difference in your relationships, if you’ve studied the human rainbow of personalities.

We highly recommend that you incorporate the study of Life Colors—your own and your loved ones’—into your toolbox of life. That’s why we call this one of our “Survival Skills for the 21st Century.”

But remember:
It’s not the color that creates the personality,
it’s the soul’s personality
reflecting through the energy body
that radiates out into the third dimension
as visible color.

Four Fabulous Days with Energy Healer Donna Eden

Posted on October 14, 2011

GREAT NEWS!  An extraordinary experience this past weekend has convinced us to teach Survival Skills for the 21st Century™ again in 2012. Our class includes a variety of essential techniques. But what spurred the decision, after a four-year hiatus, was our attendance at a rare, four-day Donna Eden Advanced Energy Medicine class.

Called “Energy, Intuition, and Eden’s Way,” it was held at the incongruous Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. Following are pictures, thoughts, and anecdotes from this exciting weekend.

Donna, if you don’t know, is the author and pioneer of Eden Energy Medicine with her husband and co-author David Feinstein, Ph.D. They are also leaders and pioneers in the hot new field of Energy Psychology.

We began our studies with them in 2002, prior to their implementation of certification programs. From 2004 through 2008, during our stay in Michigan, we taught basic courses in EEM to the general public (in addition to other Survival Skills), as well as maintaining a private practice. Since our move back to San Diego, we’ve focused on our publishing ventures, but we wouldn’t survive ourselves if we didn’t use a myriad of EEM techniques every single day! It has saved us sooo many times …

In addition to the few photos we managed to take, I wanted to capture my random observations of the rarified atmosphere inside one of Donna and David’s workshops before they evaporate in the cold light of the external world.
I wish we’d taken more pictures throughout—for instance of the sea of two hundred-some advanced practitioners spread out on blankets, chairs, and massage tables for the most intensive parts of this hands-on class. But of course, our own hands and minds were very busy at that moment.
I was also distracted by watching the colors dancing in Donna’s aura as she treated someone on a massage table, while at the same time teaching into a microphone so she could be videotaped for posterity. During the short time I had to focus on it, and with the limitations of my vision, I saw a huge column of turquoise shooting out the top of her head, straight up about three feet or more. (Joseph also noted this turquoise color at another time; she’s known to be a Blue Life Color, so perhaps this is her unique shade of blue.) This turquoise energy moved and danced around her head as she alternately gave her energy to the lucky soul on her table, and to the students following her instructions throughout the crammed hotel ballroom. There were other colors as well, but yellow also glowed in and out prominently.
The energy closely surrounding her never remained calm (as you might guess from her animated way of being). But far out in her extended aura glowed a radiant band of Gold that stretched further than I could trace it in my conscious awareness. It circled around that central activity in a relatively static, misty golden oval, with fine rays shooting off into infinity, looking very much like the energy cloak of saints you might see in a classic painting. I’m just sayin’ … and you know I’m not one to worship these visionaries like Donna who fortunately grace our planet from time to time. I’m just sayin’ she visibly works with some of the Best and Brightest in the universe, being one herself. J I’m so fortunate to know her!

I’ve seen one other aura of Gold like that in my limited experience of gazing at auras.

(Note: Ruth Norman’s aura was so extensive it wasn’t something you looked at, and at the time I had not yet practiced looking at visible auras. No need. Hers was something that first hit you about a mile from her house and requires a book to explain. It’s called Biography of an Archangel and I channeled it in 1989.)

I’m speaking of one I saw years after that, on a massage therapist, just a guy we met by “coincidence” who wanted to build a massive healing center in Northern Michigan so badly, he’d even had the plans sketched and hoped to raise funds to hire another visionary: architect Eugene Tsui. At the time Joseph and I had held similar dreams, which we immediately relinquished when we met this more appropriate man, so that we could focus on our publishing ventures. Wherever you are now, Roy, we wish you well! (I did mention that these are random thoughts, right?)

Donna also talked about her tendency to think and work in circles instead of lines, which I truly loved hearing. I’d been trying to explain that to a co-worker on a particular project recently. Joseph has pointed out that I always move in circles, coming back again and again but rarely going directly from Point A to Point B. For example, I’ll say, “It’s time for us to leave,” and then go off and do six other things before I actually go out the door. I thought that was normal. He says it’s circular.
We circular thinkers and doers follow a spiral pattern through life, which mimics how energy travels in higher-dimensional realms and how it steps down into this third-dimensional world, where energy then travels, not exactly in a straight line, but along a sine wave, rippling up and down like the waves on the ocean.


Since these are very personal musings on the weekend’s experience, I’ll mention another of my tendencies which has been giving me fits of late. My face, at rest, shapes into a frown. I’d like to blame my early childhood but I know better; it traces back lifetimes, a very bad energy habit. It got worse when I worked as a book editor, so I don’t do that anymore. Joseph has made it his life’s work to keep me smiling and laughing, very successfully, I might add. So if my face doesn’t get the idea in this lifetime, perhaps I’ll do better in the next!

But Donna! I kept snapping shots of her on the last day, just to see if I could catch her NOT grinning.

Even when she’s listening to someone, her face rests in a grin! No wonder the room is so full of joy whenever she’s teaching!

What a wonderful role model for me, even if that were the only thing I learned from her.  But it’s not, of course—there’s so much more, don’t expect me to fit it all into this little blog post. But I have noticed myself laughing a lot more since the class ended, and even smiling when I’m all alone.

(The pictures may be a little blurry because she’s also rarely still.)
So if she’s always grinning, how can you tell when she’s really happy and excited, eh? Well, Joseph captured one version of that I’ll show you in a minute.
Now, a lot of people have been excited when they first saw a copy of my reincarnation love story, Cosmic Dancer, with that beautiful painting on the cover by Josephine Wall. But when Donna signed our copies of her books, Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women, and greeted us in a most wonderful way, I promised to give her a copy of Cosmic Dancer at the end of class because the one we mailed to her never reached its destination.
Of course, at the end of class she is besieged by people and she can’t dream of saying no to anyone, so her many helpers gently fend them off and lead her to a book-signing table where they try (unsuccessfully) to curb her enthusiasm somewhat, so that all have their turn with the special energy force called Donna. But she’d told us to do this, so I leaped out with the book as she was being dragged past and Joseph snapped pictures.

She said many nice, loving, excited things. I am still glowingly happy to report that we both got, not only Donna hugs this weekend, but Donna kisses and compliments as well. Very special.

And then there was the matter of the Crystal Energizers Joseph and I and a few of our Michiganstudents have been experimenting with for more than six years.
I won’t go into all the details of what they are and what they do—not here, not yet. Just to say that they have, in many cases we’ve tested with but a few noted exceptions, both prevented and cured a homolateral condition. We even had ourselves tested for lead exposure after six years of use. (We’re normal.) But we refused to tell others about this healing phenomenon we’d been led to “discover” until we had Donna’s evaluation.
So at our reunion the day before, after she pointed out that we have a lovely figure-eight energy pattern linking the two of us, we’d briefly explained to Donna that we needed her to see if, by using these crystals ourselves, we were in any way weakening our energy fields. She said to see her after class and she’d do some tests on us.
The opportunity came at the end of the third day. I don’t know how Joseph catapulted himself from working on me on a massage table at the very back of the room, over a football field’s length through prone bodies and obstacles, but he was suddenly up front, first in line after she’d asked for questions on any topic.
Donna remembered what he was going to ask when she saw him, but wise coordinators around her made them wait for microphones for the video recording and so everyone could hear. Joseph got his “15 minutes of fame” on Donna’s stage and explained what the crystals were doing for us and our students who’ve tried them. Donna tested him without the crystal and pronounced it this way: “I can’t say if they would work for everyone, but they are definitely working for the two of you! Because of your own sparkling, crystal energy!”
So now we’re full speed ahead on our book about using Crystal Energizers to keep mental and physical fatigue at bay, no matter what kind of electronic interference your bio-energy fields are exposed to. (And in this high-tech society, that’s a LOT!) It occurred to us that our energy fields might appear to be sparkling and crystalline precisely because we use these lead crystals in a very specific way. ??? Is that what she meant? Or did she mean they worked because we were already sparkly and crystalline? (We do many things to keep them that way.) Sigh. We still need all of you to try Crystal Energizers, so there’ll be more to come on this subject! They’re not something we want to sell but something we want to teach many people how to use properly. And then we’ll all find out the answer to our chicken-or-egg question.
Did I mention that Donna sees all the systems of human energy? No, wait, that’s a little too broad because we are infinite energy beings. Let’s say that, for sure, she sees the nine systems we Eden Energy Medicine practitioners learn to work with, and probably a whole lot more beyond that. I mean visibly sees. Many of us sense or feel energy, or intuit it, or are told of it by spiritual assistants. We can learn to see some of it eventually, and sense a lot of it, but I’ll venture that few if any of us see it in such detail at the present time (no limitations on the future, though!).
But Donna has always seen human energy fields since she was a child. No one told her not to, or that others didn’t see energy fields around people, by which she learned to govern her life. So I think her private practice as a healer began as a result of that seeing, and over the decades and many experiences you can read about in her books or watch on her videos, Eden Energy Medicine grew into what it is now, with the excellent and essential help of her linear-thinking husband/polarity and co-author, psychologist David Feinstein. Together, they’ve documented and teach methods that others can learn and apply. By using muscle-testing and other techniques, we’re able to help clients in a private practice, as well as ourselves through the many self-help techniques.
It was awe-inspiring and thrilling to sit in that ballroom with hundreds of highly-trained, skilled, gifted healers who’ve been studying with Donna for years, including many on this occasion whom she had not seen for a long time. Lots of them were also relatively new to the field, but they are now studying as members of the new Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (CP). Many others had already graduated from it and maintain private practices throughout the U.S.and beyond. Several in the room raised their hands as conventional medical practitioners (doctors, acupuncturists, and such like), plenty work as massage therapists and other non-traditional healers, and some few are psychologists, there to learn Energy Medicine to complement their studies of Energy Psychology.

I have always teared up every time Donna has looked into my energy fields, as I feel her energies connect with mine. Her Powerful energies, I should say. But I must admit that there were so many wonderful and extraordinary stories and examples and things presented and explained by Donna, David, their teaching assistants, and their students all weekend, that I found myself fighting back tears of joy and excitement time after time. (Joseph felt similarly, so I know it wasn’t just an excess of estrogen in the room!)

Such wonderful changes are in store for the world with all of these individuals on the job! They are extraordinarily wonderful people, these dedicated healers.
My first impression when we walked into that crowded room last weekend was, Wow! These people dress so beautifully! Color, swirl, flow, even some sparkle! Most of the students were women, but not all. On men, I saw feathers in the hair and pirate shirts, and Joseph wearing spiritual t-shirt art.

Elton John as energy healer? Definitely! The sign on the Hard Rock Hotel display case says he actually wore this outfit on numerous occasions. (This sort of memorabilia is everywhere in the Hard Rock.)

I love this kind of dressing! If you know me, you know I’ve always loved sparkly things, and when I met Ruth Norman, my tastes were only reinforced. Someday I’ll try to explain the psychic ways that particular Cosmic Visionary worked (and works) with my wardrobe. But this group puzzled me. I’ve known so many women of a certain age in conservative locales who dressed in ways my grandmother would call dowdy, and I knew that many of the women filling up the corridors of the Hard Rock Hotel with color and swirl last weekend came from such places.
(Random side observation: What a contrast with the clusters of young women arriving in the Gaslamp Quarter on Friday and Saturday nights, all in their tight, short, nearly-identical black nightclubbing uniforms, er, dresses, teetering on their dangerously tall heels, looking for some action! You know, in the 1800s, Wyatt Earp owned several brothels in the area; it was the red-light district, full of bars and brawls. It hasn’t changed that much, which makes the old underlying energy currents fully reinforced in the present, unlike the similarly historical Design District where I worked in San Francisco. There, the former red-light district was filled in the 1980s with trendy architectural firms and furniture showrooms, which did not regenerate that lower frequency as San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter does. But the Gaslamp celebrates its shady history, in fact. And it is quite truly and notoriously haunted as well. Looking at those young girls, you can’t help but think they’ve just reincarnated back to a familiar locale. Sad, huh? To think young women today are indistinguishable from the actual prostitutes who linger in front of the hotels in the area. The Gaslamp, you see, is connected to the waterfront location of the San Diego Convention Center, and the new baseball stadium. But back to our energy healers, so strikingly out of place here!)
Later Donna, also admiring the crowd, told a story of an early class she taught in Florida, when all her students showed up in sweats. By the end of the weekend, they had all gone out and bought what she calls “energy clothes,” flowing velvets and soft fabrics that move gracefully around the body.

The guy in the flowing pirate shirts piped up and explained that at an early class he was helping to move a table onstage, wearing his customary polo shirt and shorts, and Donna blurted out, “_____, we’ve got to do something about your wardrobe!”

Ah-ha! I thought. She’s encouraged them to dress this way!But now I think it’s more like this: Once Donna’s students start to think of themselves as the energy beings we are, and start to work with their hands and bodies consciously dipped into that energy, I think Donna’s example is only a part of the equation, as Ruth Norman’s influence was for me. They are dressing to express what they now know and feel about themselves and the sea of energy in which we all flow.
So what a feeling in that room! Electrifying indeed! And when we did an exercise together, all in unison, wow. I am SOOoooo glad Joseph and I chose to attend, when we thought we couldn’t afford it. We just did it anyway, and it was priceless.
We are still processing all the Advanced Energy Medicine techniques we were exposed to this weekend, and we’re still experiencing the results of the treatments we did on one another. We’ll do more repetitions this coming weekend, alone in our own crystalline energy cocoon without distraction in order to cement our understanding.
As for the Hard Rock Hotel. Well. We’re very glad we could come home and sleep in our own bed. We heard tales of loud rock music blaring at , since the hotel itself is considered a hot night spot for the hordes of young partiers, and the entire Gaslamp Quarter is much the same, especially on weekends. When Donna and David apologized for the choice, they explained that when they did their site visit, the hotel had piped in the mellow 1940s music Donna had told them she liked (instead of the rock and hip-hop we all heard last weekend). They chose the hotel for the room in which they taught, which had high, high ceilings and tall windows that let in tons of natural light. I took a picture that pretty much explains that, but Donna spelled it out: She always seeks a room with high ceilings because the energy released in the work we do rises upward before dispersing.
I suspect there’s more she didn’t say, but that I saw: her own aura when teaching rises very high above her. When she explained that she couldn’t sleep in any room without high ceilings, what she didn’t say that I could see was how uncomfortable that would be for her. Of course her auric energies (and everyone’s), being interdimensional, would extend right through any physical barrier, but if she felt confined, I could certainly understand why. Makes sense, doesn’t it? You can fit into those tight jeans, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable in something looser?

Next year, when the first-ever International Gathering of the Eden Energy Medicine community happens in San Diego (IGEEM), it will be at a lovely Hilton on the shores of Mission Bay. We hope to be there—and hope you will too! It’s a convention, a teaching extravaganza, a weekend of joyful connections, and it’s not limited to Eden Energy Medicine practitioners but open to all, with classes that go beyond that discipline into other fascinating areas, with Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston, Candace Pert, James Oschman, and Alberto Villoldo as keynote speakers. I only sound like an advertisement because I think it’s going to be very cool indeed, and I keep thinking of friends I hope will come to it.

Back to our own classes, Joseph and I came away from this weekend with one other green light of approval: to once again include self-help Eden Energy Medicine in our Survival Skills for the 21st Century™ series in 2012!
We love to do this because we know that not everyone wants to train to become a practitioner (our classes will not be part of the official EEM Foundations or CP series). But everybody can dramatically improve their health and well-being with a variety of simple EEM techniques. This is our chosen role in the EEM community: to reach the general public with a relatively inexpensive way to sample EEM for yourself. We hope some of you will go on to further study once you see how valuable it is.
Other Survival Skills we’ll be teaching as soon as we find the right location will include Eating Wisely in a Wicked World; Understanding Life Colors; Past Lives and Polarities; and a new class in finding your own interdimensional attunement. (Teaching location suggestions welcome!)
Meanwhile, we’ll be working on two new books, one of which will be all about the Crystal Energizers and another—well, you’ll see.
If you’d like to be notified about our books and classes, please send an email to info@cosvismb.comand we’ll add you to the list!
NOTE, Jan. 18, 2014: Instead of teaching in a classroom, Joseph and I published our “classroom in a book” instead. It is now available in both print and ebook form from booksellers throughout the world. It’s called Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be. Among many other topics, it explains the workings of the human Psychic Anatomy, the higher-dimensional energy system that travels with you from life to life, serving as a blueprint for your DNA, and linking to the nine energy systems that sustain your physical body, the ones you study in EEM. The book serves as a psychic-development workbook. You might even call it The Artist’s Way for past-life therapy, because we thoroughly cover the subject of past lives, and how you can heal your own past-life traumas, shocks, or blocks.

Are You Gender Neutral?

Posted on July 1, 2011

I recently caught a story on NPR’s website about a trend they termed, “The End of Gender.” The article pointed to evidence such as an androgynous Australian model who walks runways for both women’s and men’s fashion, parents raising a child in gender-neutral fashion to allow the fullest room for choice, and a J. Crew advertisement featuring a boy with pink toenails. Not surprised by this supposed trend, I instantly thought of at least three good reasons for it, viewed through my multidimensional lens.

1. More Indigo Personalities Populate Our Planet

My first thought? Folks might think there’s a shift toward a genderless society because there are so many Indigo Life Color personalities now populating the planet. One of the first ways to recognize these youthful additions to the planetary landscape is by their gender neutral, though still beautiful, appearance. How often have you encountered a youthful person of indeterminate gender in recent years? You do a puzzled double-take; boy or girl? Man or woman? Not sure. REALLY not sure. They’re probably Indigos.

Our favorite life-color expert, Pamala Oslie, says this about people whose basic life frequency becomes visible by an Indigo color in their auras, in the fascinating study of Life Colors:

“An unusual characteristic of Indigos is that they frequently appear androgynous. It is often difficult to tell if Indigos are male or female, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or asexual. It’s as if Indigos have both the yin and yang, male and female qualities within them. Their sexuality is not their primary concern however; it is their spirituality.”

2. Phyto-estrogens Are Affecting Our Bodies

Rampant excessive exposure to phyto-hormones, in our food and via pesticides, plastics, and other sources as yet unidentified, has created large numbers of visibly effeminate young and older men. Young men’s bodies are not developing in the ways they should, while girls are developing faster. I’ve even heard that more girls are being born than boys. Older men are also affected by this infusion of phyto-estrogens into their bodies. Impotence is on the rise (if you’ll pardon my phrase); Viagra sales are soaring.

Fifteen years ago, a renegade scientist wanted me to edit a book she was writing about the shocking loss of male virility on the planet. She claimed that while conventional science was largely ignoring the trend, shocking statistics were available among human and frog populations pointing to the damaging influence of environmental estrogens on gender expression. The editing partnership never happened but I’ve been paying attention ever since. The NPR story didn’t surprise me.

But perhaps the most important facts to consider about gender neutrality are evolutionary at the most personal level.

3. We Need to Balance Our Gender from Life to Life

Notice I haven’t mentioned homosexuality until this paragraph? It’s really another subject altogether, that of sexual preference, although the NPR story treats it as if it’s the same as gender expression. It is not.

In the universal scheme of reincarnation to which I subscribe, gender is a moot question. We all live as both genders in order to further our understanding of universal energy principles, of the dual-polarity Infinite Intelligence of which we are a part. No, I don’t mean the universe is a bi-polar crazy place (although it can seem that way). I mean it’s all a question of balance and flow between two poles, the plus and the minus. In electricity, the positive charge and the negative charge. In human gender, the male and the female.

So a series of lifetimes as a male on this planet has taught certain lessons. A series of lives as a female has taught different lessons. Put them together and you have a more complete universal human. That’s our objective as we travel from life to life, and spend our time between lifetimes as a soul whose “gender” is totally irrelevant.

But you can easily enough assume quite a few lives in a row as a particular gender for learning purposes, and then, between lives, realize that your gender balance is out of adjustment. So you choose to return as the opposite gender, but internally, you’ve developed a bias to the other gender. This can be confusing.

Gender vs. Sexuality

Gender confusion can, but does not necessarily lead to a homosexual lifestyle! That all depends on the individual, the strength of habits developed in previous lifetimes, the strength of spiritual awareness or even flat-out knowledge of one’s previous lives, and the relationships you’ve formed to other individuals in those prior lives.

Joseph and I have often wondered if we would have considered a sexual relationship if we’d happened to incarnate as the same gender, but we suspect we may have “been there, done that” in prior lives. Our point being that our relationship is so strongly developed, it transcends gender concerns. It feels as if nothing would keep us apart, particularly if the society in which we lived condoned same-sex partnerships (as in ancient Greece, for instance). We usually end this discussion by deciding we’d be terrific friends and the rest would be a choice that would all depend on so many factors, it’s not a question one could decide in advance. Love is love.

So sexual preference isn’t the issue I’m discussing.

No Outsider Should Ever Interfere

Gender choice is extremely important to an individual’s evolutionary development, to their learning experiences while on Earth. And for a more advanced or “older” soul, that choice was made in higher-dimensional worlds.

Parents who think they’re being liberal by raising a confused child in a forced “gender neutral” environment would merely make that soul’s present incarnation more difficult than it has to be. If that soul has already chosen a male or female anatomy, then that choice will promote their spiritual growth, which needs to be a product of their own free will. No outsider—not even a parent—should dream of interfering!

It’s important to understand one’s past life history. That concept should be considered in all discussions of gender bias and sexual expression. It’s sad that our society limits its reactions and assessments by basing them solely on the “here and now,” when we are beings who live so far beyond that limitation.

Perhaps if there is a trend toward a gender neutral society, it’s a progressive step toward a multidimensional perspective. In such a world, judgment might not be suspended, but it might be better informed.

Gender neutral? Yes. We all are.

And you are wise to be learning more about why, for your future self-determination and spiritual growth. Thanks for reading!


P.S. On a truly personal  and perhaps less serious level, every gender neutral public restroom I’ve visited has been a horrible idea. At least until men and women are both better trained in restroom courtesies! What do you think? I’d love to read your comments below.