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Easily Protect Yourself from Spirit Possession and Astral Obsession

Posted on February 21, 2015

[Originally published July 5, 2011]: We spent a lovely Fourth-of-July weekend enjoying our own uncrowded fairy garden, Joseph’s gourmet cooking, and seven consecutive episodes of the BBC series, Downton Abbey, Season 1, courtesy of Netflix streaming into our TV. We love that series, those characters, both “good” and “evil.” But as Joseph pointed out this morning, the last episode contained a brilliant illustration of a vital energy principle of consciousness: that of astral obsession, or some might call it entity attachment or spirit possession, or even demonic possession. That last term is a bit too melodramatic. The association of our minds with those of disembodied spirits happens naturally and often. The trouble arises when the spirits are of a destructive nature.

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Why Creative People Commit Suicide/Become Addicted
The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

Posted on August 13, 2014

Like the trees of Pandora, we are all linked harmonically to an energy pattern, a network of thoughts, emotions, deeds, and souls. When one of us falls, especially one of our beloved ones, we turn our heads and cry out, “How? Why? What went wrong?” (Fair journey, Robin Williams. We love you.)

But the explanation is right before our eyes: Our most creative contributors, those who see the future, the past, the ironies, the insights, and the aspirations, they are the open-minded spirits who use this network of information, the infinitely streaming macrocosm of Intelligence in all its manifestations, to bring to us the visions of what can and could be.

Robin Williams was no exception. He possessed the ability to reach up energetically and to open up his mind to a stream of bubbling wit and sparkling insight. He swam in the oceans of laughter and sank beneath the waves of despair.

We know he was fighting, now, and from all we as bystanders can see, the fight was long-lasting and fiercely conducted. But what was he fighting? Mere manifestations of his own mind? Hardly.

Why would his channelship (for that’s what it was) cease when the subject matter, the emotion at hand, turned to a darker, sadder tone? It did not. Like so many before him, his brilliant skill at bringing through other and higher tones of laughter and joy also connected him to the despairing, dampening, and ultimately, destructive rungs of life in the universe.

Psychic channelship is a two-edged sword. I say we are all connected, but it’s not a chaotic proposition. We choose where we connect and with whom by what we carry in our minds. As a dance instructor told us last week, “It’s simple; but it’s not easy.”

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Another Case of Astral Obsession Prompted Gun Violence

Posted on April 3, 2014

Yesterday at Ft. Hood, Texas, another man killed 3 people, wounded 16, and then took his own life. Sounds like old news? It is. A similar event too place in 2009 at the same location. That prior shooter is now on death row.

I do not wish to dwell on this subject, but I feel obligated to point out the consistency of these events, in which an individual–often under the influence of so-called psychiatric drug therapies–becomes extremely violent, shooting others and/or themselves. Others become suicidal, and may take family members with them in their self-destruction. These crimes are repeated as new “victims” (the physical perpetrators) fall under the influence of similar, or the very same astral beings, souls who are so destructive that they are currently unable to reincarnate to work out their downward fall into this violent state, so they prey upon the unsuspecting Earth individual who has let down their mental guard. They take over or “possess” the mind of the perpetrator, and that unfortunate soul has no idea what they are being influenced to do. Or they believe the thoughts that pushed them were their own.

In two prior posts, here and here, I explain how obsessing (or possessing) astral entities are very likely to be involved in these copycat crimes. They are given access to a subject’s consciousness by various breakdowns in the natural protective energies with which we are all surrounded. I suspect it’s happening more frequently in modern times because of the influence of psychotropic drugs used on people who already have suicidal and/or violent tendencies.

If you read the news items carefully, you can often detect that likelihood although the connection to these drugs is routinely under-reported because of corporate influence and fear of lawsuits. But the use of such drugs is not a requirement for these repeat instances. Often these crimes are committed by people who would never have considered such a thing, and they leave family, friends, neighbors, and the general public baffled. In some way or other, their mental “back gate” has been left standing open, inviting this horrendous negative influence.

In today’s story, the man was a war victim. You can read all about it in the New York Times here.

I post these items in the hope that soon the world will become wise to the interdimensional nature of consciousness, and take measures to help and protect individuals who have become susceptible, whether through drug therapies, or their own mental breakdowns. When we as a society learn the energy principles by which we connect to one another in harmonic frequencies, through our thoughts and deeds, such crimes will become a matter of history only. I look forward to that day!

For more on this subject and how to protect yourself and your loved ones, read my book, Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be.

UPDATE, April 9, 2014: News stories today include this paragraph, which underlines the likelihood that this perpetrator had been prescribed anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety drugs. It also claims, typically, that they had nothing to do with the shooting. Here’s the careful wording: “Lopez did a short stint in Iraq in 2011 and told medical personnel he had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The 34-year-old was undergoing treatment for depression and anxiety while being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder, base officials said. Fort Hood officials on Friday, however, said his mental condition was not a “direct participating factor” in the shooting.” Later stories confirmed that he was prescribed drug therapy while at Ft. Bliss.

Another Case of Astral Obsession: Navy Yard Gunman

Posted on September 17, 2013

He also used the same weapon as two prior attackers, and was also “under treatment” for mental disorders. I contend once again that current drug therapies are magnifying a patient’s susceptibility to this form of astral obsession. And even if not, we as a society must begin to understand the concept of astral attachments and their destructive mental influence! This was ancient knowledge, suppressed in recent centuries, but now more relevant than ever. Plus, with our more sophisticated scientific knowledge in the 21st century, we will find new ways to combat this epidemic that go beyond the traditional exorcism.

See my earlier post.on this subject.


Kidnapper: A Case of Astral Obsession

Posted on August 14, 2013

I don’t want to dwell on this crime excessively, but it’s such a clear case of astral obsession (destructive entity influence) that Joseph & I felt we needed to speak up. It is not “coincidence” that the kidnapper who killed the 16-year-old’s mother and brother and fled with her into the Idaho wilderness was performing copycat actions of his own father, who had committed suicide 15 years to the day that his son was shot and killed by FBI agents as they rescued the son’s victim, Hannah Anderson.

This story began here in San Diego, so perhaps we’ve heard more details. Here’s a link to the local CBS news story, breaking the information that the kidnapper’s own father had similarly threatened a 16-year-old girl at gunpoint in 1989, wearing a ski mask and carrying a sawed-off shotgun.

Just as in the current crime, the man in 1989, who had been seeing this girl’s mother, wanted the 16-year-old to come away with him. She escaped, and thankfully he did not kill her boyfriend as threatened. But the next day his son—the very same perpetrator of the current crime—brought her a message at school that his father would be waiting for her after school let out. She quit school that day, changed her name, and has been living incognito ever since, now working as a nurse. So similar to his son’s present-day copycat crime!

Local newspaper archives proved the woman’s  story to be accurate, and that the current kidnapper’s father was subsequently arrested for the crime, as well as for beating two people with a baseball bat. Then, 15 years ago, he committed “drug-related” suicide.

Aside from the hell his son must have grown up in, we have facts that tell us it is very likely that the father influenced his son’s crime in the present by superimposing his will over his son’s from the other side. In other words, his son was possessed, or the term we prefer (because the “victim” of this is not permanently owned), obsessed. He may also have been influenced by the same subastral forces that influenced his father.

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