Joseph and Lianne Downey

Exciting News!! Joseph and I are now Certified Biofield Tuners!Biofield Tuning from Eileen's website final-2-623x640-292x300-150x150

We are certified by Eileen McKusick and the Biofield Tuning Institute. We are using this new skill to further our research into the human electromagnetic biofield that serves as a blueprint for our life on Earth. (Read more about the extended human biofield in my book, Speed Your Evolution.)

Use the contact form on this site to reach us if you’d like to know more. And watch for a new page here soon, explaining how biofield tuning, using specially designed tuning forks, can assist in your quest for personal health, vitality, coherence, and excellence.

My Mission Statement

I am an author, explorer of new horizons, teacher, publisher, transformation counselor, researcher, and perennial student–and biofield tuner!

I believe that if more people gained a multi-dimensional view of life, the world would change. Wars would cease, prisons would empty, mental illness—from depression to schizophrenia—would disappear. Compassion would flourish and no one would fear death anymore. Or shun the joys and learning experiences of their earth life. This is why I’ve become an Interdimensional Journalist.

In my fiction, I take you with me into higher dimensions. In my non-fiction, I relate what I’m told by the Wise Ones who teach me. At all times, I do not work alone! If my attunement is high—as it always aspires to be—we will both learn something new; you, as my reader, and me. I am amanuensis—secretary to the Infinite Intelligence that flows through us all. Thank you for linking your Cosmic Consciousness with mine!

What This Blog Is About

These are my observations on life through an interdimensional prism. You’ll find articles about human energy biofields, past lives, energy medicine, life colors, immortality, cosmic consciousness, interdimensional realities, and contemporary issues—all in the context of a universal, infinite perspective of life continuous.

I am the author of two works of visionary fiction, Cosmic Dancer and The Liberator. My most recent non-fiction book is Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be. This workshop in a book can help you develop your psychic skills, your past-life awareness, and your connections to higher-dimensional inspiration. As with all my work, I wrote these books in collaboration with my Cosmic CoAuthors, which is how I refer to the Lighted Ones with whom I have studied for many lifetimes. Perhaps you have too?

My Qualifications

I have a degree in Mass Communication from the University of California at Davis. I also studied theater, film, and journalism at Michigan State and San Diego State universities.

But I have been studying a universal, articulate, interdimensional understanding of science since 1975, when I came across the books of the visionary scientist Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971). They dramatically changed my perception of life. After years of study and psychic awakening, I wound up teaching workshops in what we would today call “subtle energy science,” including past life awareness and healing practices, energy medicine, life colors, polarity relationships, and so on. I talked on radio shows and appeared on television talk shows.

In the 1980s, I had to quit my job as a theater and arts writer for The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Edition, when my public comments and appearances, speaking about reincarnation, ran afoul of their conservative editorial staff. They reprimanded and suspended me, insisting that I never again utter their name to an interviewer who asked what I did for a living. I hotly resigned in the midst of my managing editor’s rant. Disillusioned by such limitations and prejudices, I transitioned to book editor, researcher, and ghostwriter as the owner of Downey Editorial Services. (Meanwhile, other news media made much of this rights-infringing mess, to the further horror of my shy self.) For decades, I kept my interests close to my chest, waiting for the world to catch up.

Thankfully, it has!! (And I credit biofield tuning with helping me heal the energetic blocks and remnants of this present-life trauma.)

In 2009, my husband Joseph and I launched our own company: Jolibro. Our motto: “Change is an inside job. We help you get there.” Books, classes, and biofield tuning form our primary focus. But we’re also engaged in exciting research into man-made electromagnetic interference with the human biofield, and how that might be prevented.

* * * *

I would love to hear your own story of spiritual exploration and growth!! You can either leave a comment on one of these pages, or contact me directly through the form located here. When posted as a comment that can help others as well, my Cosmic CoAuthors often step in to help me answer online questions. Their answers amaze me!